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Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Can you believe that Christmas is only TWELVE DAYS AWAY?!?! If you’re anything like me, you might be in panic mode right now, trying to rack your brain for gift ideas and stocking stuffer ideas and frantically triple checking your Christmas list … but no need to worry because I’m here to help you!! Today I’m sharing some stocking stuffer ideas with you, it’s not too late to place your online orders but you’ll want to get them in as soon as you can because time is TICKING!!

Before we dig into the stocking stuffer ideas … have you also checked out my Christmas shop pages?? I have dedicated pages for Men, Women, Kids, Decor … AND Stocking Stuffers, so make sure to check them out (or share them with your spouse!!) because they are LOADED with great gift ideas!!

Okay, back to the stocking stuffers!! Below I’ve rounded up some of my favourite items at various price points, so depending on what you’re looking for, some of these ideas below would also make for great gifts under the tree, such as the Saje Diffuser, the Oh She Glows Box Set and the NEW Vegan Foldover Leo Clutch from Privilege … yup, it’s named after my little Leo!!! I’ve also included some no-fail staple stocking stuffers that EVERY girl has on their list like Chelsea King Scrunchies, Earrings, CANDY (helloooo sweet tooth!), Glo Minerals Lip Crayons, the list goes on!! Take a look …

Jillian Harris Stocking Stuffer Ideas

1. Scrunchie | 2. Earrings | 3. Candy | 4. Ear Muffs | 5. Clutch | 6. Lip Balm | 7. Necklace | 8. Dish Soap | 9. Diffuser | 10. Measuring Spoons | 11. Recipe Cards | 12. Candle Snuffer | 13. Candle | 14. Oh She Glows Box Set | 15. Lip Crayon | 16. Matches | 17. Selfie Light | 18. Heart Dish

There you have it!! I hope you found this helpful!! Have any of the items I suggested above made their way into your shopping cart?? If so, which ones did you go for??



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