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Style Advice from Justin!

I decided to dedicate this fashion post to Justin, my hunky other half!! I sat down with him to talk about his top fashion picks, style advice annnnd some not so serious questions about us. Enjoy, lovelies!

Oh, and thanks so much to the lovely people at Vancouver Urban Winery for letting us take over their space for our photo sesh. Don’t you think Justin’s looking quite dashing in these photos…I mean, more so than usual?? hehehe 😉


My interview with Justin:

Jilly: Who takes longer to get ready…you or me? 😉

Justin: I dont even think this is a question lol

Jilly: Would you ever consider wearing a matching outfit with me?!

Justin: Absolutely, as long as we took photos of it on our special day.

Jilly: What do you feel most comfortable wearing

Justin: Dark jeans, navy t-shirt and a loose fitting hoodie or cardigan.

Jilly: Christmas is right around the corner, what’s your go-to outfit for the holidays?

Justin: Christmas is always a fun time of the year to dress up. Dressing up with a pair of jeans, collared shirt and blazer for me will cover it all. Not too dressy but not too causal.

Jilly: What are 5 essentials every man needs in his wardrobe?


Solid color jeans
A bow tie
Navy suit
Leather watch

Jilly: Who (or what) influences your style:

Justin: For me it really comes down to what I’m doing that day. I’ll dress for the occasion.

Jilly: You love everything boats! What’s your opinion on boat shoes worn with socks? Yay or nay?

Justin: I’m usually always wearing flip flops and I would always hope that socks never meet flip flops, but when it comes to boat shoes you have to wear them without. Socks are for winter and here in Canada we get a lot of it, so in the summer I’d try to wear everything without socks.

Jilly: As the Scrub Captain, I have to ask…what are some nautical-attire must-haves?

Justin: I think the most obvious answer here would be to sport a Scrub Captain Tank Top and most certainly a pair of sunnies!

Jilly: Is there anything in particular that you’re hoping to find under the tree this Christmas? (ie: some helpful hints, please)

Justin: I heard theres a new Victoria’s Secret shop that just opened up around the corner…..need I say more?? (Cheeky, Justin…very cheeky!)

Jilly: This is for all of the ladies out there: Justin, what are some good Christmas gift ideas for men?

Justin: I think gift ideas for men need to be practical. The thought is awesome and the gifts are always amazing but when I get something that I know will be put to good use, it just adds another element.

Jilly: Will you be rocking an ugly Christmas sweater this season?

Justin: We are supposed to be getting our picture taken in ugly sweaters for the family christmas cards, so yes I will be.

Jilly: Thought I’d ask….do you think it was your style that first caught my attention, or was it your winning personality?

Justin: I’d love to say my winning personality but seeing as how you’re not going to learn my personality from “hi” I”d take it as my style is what caught your attention.


So there you go, lovelies! You heard it all from my main man annnd I’ve got to say, it really was his amazing sense of style that FIRST caught my eye, but he was pretty darn charming too! Haha.

xo Jilly

Photo Strip 1: Hoodie via Joe Fresh | Blazer via TopMan (similar) | Cord Jeans via Joe Fresh | Shoes via Steve Madden (similar)

Photo Strip 2: Hugo Boss Shirt from Privilege (similar via Macy’s) | Sweater via Joe Fresh |Levi’s Jeans via Macy’s | G-Shock Watch via The Bay

Photo Strip 3: Shirt via Joe Fresh (similar via Privilege) | Sweater via Privilege (similar) | Levi’s Jeans via Macy’s | Boots via Allen Edmonds (similar) | Happy Socks via Nordstrom

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