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My Summer Bucket List

Happy Monday loves! I know Monday’s can be a bit of a drag sometimes but I find they’re a bit easier when you get yourself excited for upcoming things you have planned or are PLANNING to do this summer so I thought it would be fun to share my personal summer bucket list with you!

This year I really want to soak up the summer with friends and family in our new home, we’ve waited so long to be able to really enjoy this so I am planning on taking it all in and keeping with the staycation vibe this year! Soooo below are my top 10 summer bucket list items that I want to check off … some I may even want to check off a FEW times this summer … such as number 4 and 8! Lol …

Jillian Harris A Week In My Closet

1. Throw a few epic parties in our new yard: I’ve been counting down the days to when we could FINALLY have people over to our new place and really ENJOY it! And the time has come!! Our first party of the summer is Sammy’s baby shower followed by Leo’s FIRST BIRTHDAY!!! OMG … I. Can’t. Wait.

Jillian Harris Packing the Perfect Picnic

2. Keep it local: I’ve always been so busy commuting to and from Vancouver that I never really had the time to explore my own communithy! People always ask me where to go in Kelowna and while I have my few go-to spots I feel like I haven’t had the opportunity to really get out and explore the Okanagan!!

Jillian Harris Summer Bucket List-1

3. Sleep in: This might be something that a lot of people do in the summer but I haven’t slept in in a loooong time!! I typically wake up anywhere between 5-6am with Leo, it’s kind of our thing … people offer to wake up with him but I get a serious case of FOMO if I’m not the one doing it!! LOL!! I THINK I might have to actually go away for a little staycation in order to check this one off the good ‘ol bucket list! Shucks hey?!

Jillian Harris Summer Bucket List

4. Skinny dip in my pool: Thanks to the crew at Latham getting the pool liner express shipped here I’ll be skinny dippin’ in NO time. No need to elaborate here! LOL!

Jillian Harris A Week In My Closet

5. Finishing our landscaping: I freakin LOVE getting my hands dirty and working on the hard … this might just have to be followed up with a late night skinny dip … LOL!

Jillian Harris - Earth Day-10

6. Make some serious progress on the Mamas for Mamas project: As most of you know we’ve teamed up with Sticks and Stones to give the new Mamas for Mamas space a much-needed refresh! Ps. If you’re looking to support an AMAZING cause you can donate online to Mamas for Mamas here!

Jillian Harris Summer Bucket List-1

7. Finish decorating my house: The never ending process … LOL! I find I put something down and stare at it for a bit then move it somewhere else … this is one process that can’t be rushed!

Jillian Harris Summer Bucket List

8. Take a nap outside under the cherry tree: Because … why not??

Jillian Harris Summer Bucket List-1

9. Go on a road trip with my mom: I’ve been wanting to take a little mother/daughter trip to Spokane for a while now so I think this summer might just be the perfect time to finally commit to it!

Jillian Harris and Peggy Harris on Mothers Day

10. Check out the Lavender Farm: Kelowna has a Lavender Farm and I’ve been here before but I never snapped ANY good photos!! I know … I can’t believe it either!! This year, I’m going and I’m comin’ in hot with my camera!! Stay tuned .. LOL!

What are some things you have on YOUR summer bucket list?? Do we have any of the same ideas?? Make sure to comment below!!



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  1. The topic of this blog post is so fun! ?
    My summer bucket list is to swim more, enjoy some R&R on my patio, and travel out of the province! Haven’t been out of Manitoba in 17 years! ? We have so many beautiful natural area, that it just becomes to easy to staycation right here. Even our honeymoon 3 years ago was in Manitoba! Lol

  2. Swim as often as I can (lake, ocean, pool, doesn’t matter), go berry picking, make smores, star gaze, fly kites, go for a dinghy ride, beach picnic and ice cream adventures!

  3. I’m looking forward to my 17 year old son coming to Surrey to visit – we were separated a year ago today when I relocated from Sask for a job. We have all kinds of exploring to do, and lots of concerts on our list!

  4. Hi Jillian!
    Love that black two piece swimsuit you’re rocking in the first pic! Any chance you could let us know where to purchase it?

    Thanks so much and happy summer!


  5. I totally have pool envy ? You have such incredible style when it comes to decor & fashion… & even food. I’ll just be sitting here daydreaming of the day when I can have you decorate/Reno my home LOL.

  6. I would LOOOOOOVE to hear any Kelowna suggestions that you *do* have as I’m coming up with my girls from Van for a wine trip next week! Any must visits would be so appreciated!!

  7. Hi Jillian! There are a few things on my bucket list… quite a few home renos, time with friends who I haven’t seen in a while, lots of biking and doing some landscaping. It’s a pretty busy bucket list but my psychie is much happier when I’m at peace with my surroundings. Lol Have a great summer! I love following you on all social media. ????

  8. Love reading your blog Jillian! Reading your summer bucket list made me smile as mine is so similar. We just moved into our house that we finished building 2 months ago, so I’ve been working on decorating and organizing. landscaping soon. So excited to have parties in our new home( first one being our younger sons first Birthday, who almost shares a birthday with your cute little Leo, i have 2 boys with August 3rd & 4th Birthdays…..was not planned that way…lol. Oh and I live in Spokane 😉 funny because we go on road trips to Canada quite often and I always tell my husband that we should check out Kelowna

  9. Hey Jillian,

    My husband’s 18U baseball team is going to the Valley of Champions in West Kelowna, July 14-16. I am tagging along to watch some good baseball, and hit the wineries. Do you know of a good wine tour company in West Kelowna? The field we will be at is called Boucherie Park. I was going to see about getting picked up from the field and then dropped off back off at the field or at our Holiday Inn hotel in North Kelowna. Any ideas?? Mission Hills and Quails Gate sounds great!

  10. Absolutely LOVE this post! A lot of your Bucket List items are the exact same as mine! I am so jealous you get to go the a Lavender Farm! I need to find one local to me in Vancouver + bring my son Grey with me.. who might I add, is very close in age to little Leo! Lavender is a hot commodity in our home so a Lavender Farm would be heaven! Can’t wait to read about your adventure at the farm!

  11. My bucket list this summer was small….but for me it was just “swimming in a lake”. We live around so many beautiful lakes, beaches and parks, etc…I just want to stay home and do day trips! So far I have swam 2 times in 2 different lakes! YAY me!

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