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Summer Sunshine: Our Pool Details Delivered

Last year we didn’t get to use our pool as much as we had hoped as it took us a little bit longer than we had expected to perfect the outside area and landscaping!! Finally this year we’ve been able to take full advantage of our pool and lower patio area as we start checking off more to-do boxes in this space!!

When we first purchased this home I was so excited about the pool but I did have some fears that it would be a money suck and end up being a lot of work. Well … it turns out that it’s been a REALLY great and super positive experience for us this far and I wanted to share a few reasons WHY with you today!

Jillian Harris Summer Sunshine Details on our PoolJillian Harris Summer Sunshine Details on our PoolJillian Harris Summer Sunshine Details on our Pool

1. It’s Nostalgic for Me

When I was younger my Aunty Patsy and Uncle Bob (Tori’s mom and dad) had a pool which meant that I basically grew up with one! I remember spending countless hours in the pool playing Marco-Polo, seeing who had the best cannonball and getting our popsicle fix in when we (finally!) took a break from the water. So, it’s no surprise that having a pool at our home feels like a little dose of nostalgia for me!

2. We’re Already Creating Memories

Just like I mentioned in the point above, I have SO many great memories from my time spent poolside as a child. So it’s awesome to see the same thing is happening around our pool Leo has already gone through (and passed!!) his swimming lessons in this pool … we have had a ton of family parties and get-togethers in the pool, etc. I know that Leo and his little sis and their cousins will continue to make these memories for years to come and I’m so excited to be able to be a part of this!

Jillian Harris Summer Sunshine Details on our Pool Jillian Harris Summer Sunshine Details on our Pool

3. We Were Able to Customize Our Pool

Our pool was over 30 years old when we purchased our home, it was built in the 1970’s and while it probably could have gone a few more solid years as is but it was in need of some serious TLC! Since there was construction happening ALL around it for months and months we decided to take the jump and totally redo the pool from the ground up while everything else was also under construction. Our pool was already a large one sitting at 20×40 so it didn’t make sense for us to make it smaller but we did make some adjustments!

We worked closely with the team at Latham to customize our pool to suit our lifestyle. We ended up decreasing the hopper (AKA the deep end of the pool!) and lengthened the shallow end for the kiddos! As you enter the pool we also created a custom designed step with an extended second step and we found it was the perfect height for Leo when he was wading in his floatie before he learned how to swim (this will be so handy again for our little baby girl!!). Pretty much anything we wanted to change or add to our pool, Latham was able to help us create it!!

I get A LOT of questions about the liner in our pool and trust me when I say that it’s SO HARD to choose a liner because there are so many great options but in the end, we decided to go with the Ultraseam Liner in the reef pattern!! Latham was able to custom design our liner to fit our steps and our “toddler ledge” for the kids!

We also added in underwater lights from Hayward that change colour, there are a variety of hues so we can pick which one we want with the click of a button! We actually used these for our gender reveal!! Plus, we added in deck jets, also from Hayward, on either side of the pool which gives off a really cool effect, not only do they look amazing esthetically … but they’re also great for keeping you cool while you’re floating in the pool!!

Jillian Harris Summer Sunshine Details on our PoolJillian Harris Summer Sunshine Details on our Pool Jillian Harris Summer Sunshine Details on our PoolJillian Harris Summer Sunshine Details on our Pool Jillian Harris Summer Sunshine Details on our Pool Jillian Harris Summer Sunshine Details on our Pool

4. We Have Peace of Mind When it Comes to Safety

Obviously, this is one of the main concerns EVERY single person has about pools (especially when you have little ones!!) so safety was top of mind for me. I knew we had to make sure the area was safe for not only Leo but Nacho too!!

We reached out to what felt like countless pool companies and luckily we were contacted by the team at Latham!! They were eager to work with us and were so knowledgeable and helpful. I remember voicing my concerns about the safety of the pool and they were determined to find us a cover that would put our mind to ease and work for our family.

So, we ended up choosing the Autocover (in charcoal) from Latham which was installed by CoverStar Canada. This cover is insane, it can hold up to 500 pounds!! Our entire family can stand and walk on top of this cover when it’s closed!! After having this cover for just over a year I still feel like it was one of the best investments we made for our pool. If you are in the financial position to own a pool, I would highly recommend looking into getting the Latham Autocover for your pool. It honestly helps so much knowing that if Leo or one of his cousins (or Nacho) runs outside and the cover is on that they are protected. There is no price tag for safety, in my opinion.

Jillian Harris Summer Sunshine Details on our Pool

5. It’s Less Work Than We Thought

I honestly thought this pool was going to be the never-ending chore for all eternity when we first purchased our fixer upper but thankfully it’s turned out to be QUITE the opposite for a few reasons!

  1. First off … let me talk (again!!) about the perks of the CoverStar Canada Autocover … I’m not lying when I say this cover is worth the moola! LOL! Not only is it worth it for the safety aspect but it also helps with the cleanliness of our pool! We put the cover on in October and we took it off in May … I was expecting to see lime green swampy water when we took it off but to our surprise, the pool was CRYSTAL CLEAR!! Literally, NOTHING had gotten into our pool the entire time it was closed for winter!!
  2. In the summer months, we don’t have to heat our pool! It’s set to 25 degrees and it’s always sitting at around 31 or 32 degrees because we have the charcoal cover which helps attract and lock in the heat! Justin always thinks the pool is TOO WARM! After Leo goes to bed sometimes we open up the pool cover just to cool the water down!! LOL!!
  3. We have the robot cleaner from Hayward Pool Supplies and it works like a CHARM!! We put the robot in the pool once a week and it cleans it right up for us!! All we have to do is bring our pool water in every two weeks to make sure the levels are correct and flush it once a week!!
Jillian Harris Summer Sunshine Details on our PoolJillian Harris Summer Sunshine Details on our Pool

I’m convinced the combo of the Autocover and the pool robot our pool maintenance has been reduced to 10x LESS than what we thought it would be! Worth it!! LOL!! Also, even or electric bills haven’t been that bad and I thought they would be through the roof with a pool!!

So all in all, I’m beyond happy with our pool experience so far and can’t thank the team at Latham enough for getting us on the right track from the get-go!!! Here’s to many more years of poolside memories and cannonball challenges.





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  1. We just purchased an inground pool and I’ve spent countless hours looking for the right outdoor lounging furniture and deciding what we’ll put around the pool (concrete or interlock). I just LOVE the look of your pool ! Would you be able to share the link to your furniture and the materials you used for the landscaping around the pool !

  2. In regards to your pool cover…do you put it on your pool every night? Does this take the place of putting up a fence? I ask because I would love a pool, but unfortunately we have a small yard and if we added a fence (in addition to our yard one) it would be a bit tight.
    Thank you!!

  3. It is interesting to read about your pool. I have often wondered from looking at pictures who did the work for it and what equipment/products you used when doing it. We just recently finished our pool and I am enjoying creating memories with our daughter. We have a Latham liner and Hayward equipment and are extremely happy with them.

    Unfortunately for us the pool company we chose to go with in Kelowna turned out to be awful and made or experience of putting one in more of a nightmare and not the dream come true I was hoping for. We experienced so many problems during the build with the company and their unprofessional behavior, and are still fighting with them to get he trampoline cover that was part of the pool kit we paid for and dealing with other problems with the pool that have come up.

    When I am in the pool I try and focus on the happiness it brings my daughter and family and not the frustrations we have had in getting to this point. There is nothing better than watching the huge grin on my daughter’s face when she is doing a canon ball into the pool!

  4. Woww I was shocked to read that your home was already in existence when you bought. I really thought you had it built because everything looked new and your decorating skills are extraordinary. ?❤

      1. Hi Jillian! Absolutely love your backyard. Beautifully done. Where did you get your pillows for your lounge chairs? What are they made of? Thank you so much. xx

  5. We are currently working on designing a pool as well. I am dead set on having a shallow like area similar to yours for kids too! I was wondering what your measurements were for the shallow area and then the next step down as well. From what I’ve seen in pictures it looks like you have the shallow area. One step down and then one more to fully enter the pool. I’m glad you wrote a post on it. I’ve sent my husband so many pictures of your pool already!

  6. Hi! Can I ask the size of your toddler ledge?? We are re-doing our pool at the moment and have 3 small children under 4.. and I love the idea of a toddler ledge. Thanks in advance!

  7. I love the look of your pool! We are building this spring and I think i’m going with the REEF liner only because of this post. Can you please let me know the stone coping you used? We are planning to do a mix of stone coping and concrete deck and your’s looks fabulous. Thanks!

  8. Hi there, Just wondering what pool coping you used? Looks like a stone coping and concrete patio. I’m looking to do this as well but I’m concerned with the colour contrast of the stone and concrete. Thanks in advance.

  9. Which hayward robot cleaner did you go with and how has it been holding up?? Are you happy with it?

  10. We are doing the same liner as you and love everytbing about your pool- can you tell me where your pool chairs are from?

  11. May I ask where you purchased your umbrella bases? I just bought the umbrella but noticed it needs a base. Thanks!

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