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Surprise: The NEW Sweet Spot Preset Collection is Here!

Yes, that’s right, on top of The Justin Collection we have been working hard behind the scenes to bring you some additional new presets and today is the day! We’re so excited to officially introduce you to The Sweet Spot Collection!

If you’ve checked out my Instagram feed lately, you may have noticed the way that we have been editing our photos has really evolved over the last couple of years. A few years ago if you visited my Instagram feed you would have noticed that I was particularly fond of bright crisp whites. Now, I’m enjoying photos that have a little more warmth and are a little moodier.

With that being said, today I am so excited to share two brand NEW Jilly Presets with you, The Go-To and Illuminate which are both included in The Sweet Spot Collection along with two of our fan favourites, Rosé Love and Vintage Holiday!

The Go-To Preset by Jillian Harris

The Sweet Spot Collection

The Sweet Spot Collection includes two new presets, The Go-To and Illuminate along with our fan favourites, Rosé Love and Vintage Holiday! These four presets will surely transform your Instagram feed in no time.

Want to test them out yourself and see the transformation happen right before your eyes? Well, you can do that right here, right now! That’s right, we have added in a few images below that enable you to test them out and visually show you the before and after of each preset. All you need to do is hold down on the arrows in the centre of the image and slide your mouse to the right to see the before or all the way to the left for the after! Go ahead, give it a try!

The Go-To:

The Go-To preset was inspired by the fan-favourite, Rosé Love. While I was consistently using the Rosé Love preset on my feed I found that I was making the same minor adjustments every time, so with that, The Go-To preset was born!


The Illuminate preset is a twist on the Home Love preset (another one of my all-time faves!), to fit with my current editing aesthetics. The original Home Love preset was very cool and had green/blue undertones, whereas The Illuminate preset has a bit of added warmth, and you guessed it, pink undertones!

Jillian Harris New Illuminate Preset

Vintage Holiday:

Vintage Holiday is a twist on your classic black and white preset. Sometimes I find that black and white presets are too stark and too cold. This spin on the classic preset has a little bit of pink and warmth. It’s my all-time favourite preset for that desired “black and white” effect.

Vintage Holiday Preset in The Sweet Spot Preset Collection

Rosé Love:

Last but not least, Rosé Love is still one of my favourite presets and it’s mixed in my roaster of go-to presets. If you haven’t used this preset before you’re in for a treat, it will add a beautiful subtle pink hue to your photos. 

Jillian Harris Rosé Love Preset Sweet Spot Collection

Well, there you have it, a brand NEW preset collection to help YOU level up your Instagram game this Summer! Already have the Rosé Love and Vintage Holiday presets? Grab The Go-To and Illuminate presets for only $10 each! Plus, if you are new to our Jilly Digital presets and want to get your hands on each one, check out The Ultimate Shutterbug Collection, which includes our 18 exclusive presets!

Want to know more about the inspiration behind The Sweet Spot Collection and our tips and tricks on how to effectively use them? Rachelle (our photographer) and I sat down to chat about just that, watch it below!



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