Sweater Weather: My Go-To Knit

I had tons of requests and questions from my apple picking outfit post last week so I thought I would share it with you again … but this time as the main focus. It matches my entire wardrobe this fall and is so easy to wear. It pairs perfectly with my skinny jeans like you saw last week, all the way to my casual boyfriend jeans like you see today, and it even looks great with leggings. Change it up and no one will know that you’ve worn it multiple times in the week because it looks so different with each!!! Now that’s my kinda sweater …  I won’t be taking this baby off all winter long.

The best part is it’s on sale tomorrow in the Goodnight Macaroon flash sale for 50% off!!! Grab it before it’s gone and check out some of my other top picks while you’re at it…

Photo 2015-10-09, 11 22 36 AMPhoto 2015-10-09, 11 19 25 AMPhoto 2015-10-09, 11 22 01 AM

Sweater | Boyfriend Jeans | Phone Case | Larsson Jennings Watch | Bag | Booties

Check back this afternoon and find out what I paired it with when I was cold!!!






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      1. Can I just say the fact that you replied makes me adore you that much more?! Love your style & personality. Thanks for keeping it real 😉

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