Taking the Faux Pas out of Faux Leather

While I still have many leather shoes, boots & bags as well as a leather car interior…my recent switch to a more plant base diet has had me thinking – How can I reduce my animal product usage in my closet too? When I think of a ‘vegan purse’ my mind immediately goes to a patchouli-smelling, cross stitched tote bag (which is totally ok if that is your thing) but it turns our there are TONS of stunning designer hand bags out there that are FREE of animal products!! An added bonus…the quality is just as good, and sometimes even better!!

The more digging I did on the latest faux leather hand bags, the more I realized how popular faux-everything is becoming!! I remember the days when brands using faux leather wouldn’t advertise it because people thought it was ‘fake’ and not as good quality…but now brands are proud to say they are using faux leather. I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking faux is definitely the new cool!

Faux-leather-finds1. Pink Handbag | 2. Booties | 3. Cross Body Bag | 4. Wallet | 5. White Cross Body Bag | 6. Pink Jacket | 7. Moto Jacket | 8. Watch | 9. Tote Bag

What do you guys think of these finds??? All you need is a basic white tee and some ripped denim shorts to complete any of these looks!!

If you know of any other awesome animal-free brands, leave a comment below…I would love to expand my fab faux find list!!


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  1. These are really cute finds. For me it comes down to “the feel.” I have a faux leather jacket that hangs perfectly and has a great feel. I have yet to find a bag that I feel the same way about, so I’m still sticking to leather in that department. 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for putting this together. As a vegetarian I really appreciate your effort to lessen your dependancy on leather and animal goods. I too have been trying for a while to be more mindful of it. This post really inspired me that there are quality non-leather products out there. Thank you!!!

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