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The Bachelorette Isn’t For Everyone…Including Myself

To get on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette there is a three day screening process. There’s psychological testing, multiple choice tests, all types of tests, and it’s intense!!! I remember when I was on the show, after doing all of these tests a therapist pulled me aside and told me I should reconsider going on the show. From my previous experiences, relationships, and personality type I’m not good with rejection and I don’t experience heart ache well. It’s so weird because she was right. Still to this day my biggest stresses in life are rejection and heart ache. The stress it gave me after Jason let me go and after I broke up with Ed was next level. I was on an extreme downward spiral for the worst … I was gaining weight and then losing weight, to a point where I was 90 pounds and I was so sick. But I was WARNED that the show might not be a good fit for me … and maybe they were right? This show really isn’t for everyone…

I obviously have NO regrets going on the show … and am SO SO happy that I took that chance in the end because it made me into the person I am today. I made so many friends from it and so much good came out of it for me … but it came at a cost, an emotional cost. When you go on a show like this it’s emotionally traumatizing for most people and you have to be prepared for that and know what you’re getting yourself into.

Two On One Date On The Bachelorette

My point being is this Chad guy is not a good fit for the show. He may have been warned, I don’t know!? But the producers knew that he had this type of temper and this type of personality and yes they probably did decide to keep him around for great TV. Everyone is hating on him but for the most part, I just feel bad for him. This isn’t the environment for him and he probably shouldn’t have gone on the show in the first place. He’s obviously competitive and has some anger issues but when you’re under a microscope with all of these cameras around and a house full of testosterone … I remember feeling like I was going to lose my mind, but in a different way … I was breaking down. Sadly for him, he shows his in aggression. Having said that there is a reason they kept him on the show and it isn’t because JoJo’s in love with him it’s because she quote-un-quote had to keep him for good TV and I honestly just feel bad for him.

JoJo on Last Night's Episode Of the Bachelorette

Ok enough about that … and lets get back into the episode. I need to start off by saying how IMPRESSED I am with JoJo. Girl … you’ve really got your head screwed on right and you continue to blow me away with your optimism, your realness, your sense of humour, your beauty … lol I could go on but I won’t!! I am totally in awe with the way you have handled Chad in front of all the guys on MULTIPLE occasions. You are doing a great job at getting to know ALL of the guys … although I’m sure you probably already have your top 4 picked in your head. You’re giving everyone a fair chance and all I hope is that you come out of this with the man of your dreams on your arm!!!

The yoga date with Chase – wholy BALLS!!! lol I would feel so awkward … I mean I felt awkward watching it but they managed to really pull it together and turn it into a hot and steamy date some how!!!

The Bachelorette Recap ABC

DANIEL of all people should NOT be telling CHAD how to act … and comparing him to Hitler?!? WHAT … these guys are the true meaning of “meat heads” lol!! That was so hard to watch … were they serious? Did the show make them do that? I’m so confused… is it just me?

James I love you … I love that you play the guitar.. you’re gentle and caring and I think you’re a HUGE catch!! You’re date was amazing … BUT I don’t think you’re the one for JoJo!! And I don’t think she’s the one for you … EEEP SORRY!!!!


I loved how Jordan finally started opening up a bit and talked about his ex gf … kind of puts me at a peace of mind about their entire situation (who knows that ACTUALLY happened there???). But I am worried that JoJo MIGHT not pick him and she might feel like it’s too good to be true!? …. is it?

My front runners after last night’s episode of The Bachelorette and who I would pick for JoJo are … Rob, Luke, Jordan and Derek … who are yours!?!?!



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  1. Team Jordan,,, I love them two together.. He is hot, she is hot, and I think they will compliment each others personality. 🙂 Chad scares me.. His talking made me want to chop my ears off and as good looking as he cleary is… I wanted to wash my eyeballs out with bleach. #SorryNotSorry

    1. I wish I could like Jordan but the fact that he cheated on his ex with an actress and that he was dating someone right as he went on the show (he was at her house the night before he left for filming) gives me a bad vibe about him. Yes, I know there could be more to the story, but man oh man, there are just too many little stories about him floating around. Hmmm. (Same with Robbie…he was with his ex for three years, they celebrated xmas together, then mid january he’s signing up for the show?? Weird).

      1. Exactly, that is why I wish Jojo would see more potential and passion with Darek. He is a bit shy, but he has a kind heart and he is very hot 🙂

  2. To be honest, Chad’s sing song whistle all the time has me thinking of him holding that ax in the woods! It made me shiver, and not in a good way. When he said he needed to find Alex, my toes went to my throat! Why didn’t they put him on a boat and get him out of there? Why was he allowed to go back up to that cabin where everyone is at and even confront the other guys? He needs to be escorted by the police if nothing else to get the hint and if I were Evan I would be thinking of getting a restraining order as soon as I touched down back home! That last threat he made was just crazy!!!

      1. I believe you are not far off in that idea because why else would they allow him to go back and be roaming through the woods up to the place where they are all staying? That just seems as insane as all of the drama they are creating and as far as my humble opinion goes, this Chad guy has some real anger issues that need to be addressed! If he said he would go find him after the show is over, I quite honestly don’t put that past him. I think he’s a danger to others! I won’t pfffftt that the least little bit!

  3. I definitely like James T for sure– but I agree… he’s not right for her. He seems like he’s always the “best friend” type of guy. He’s someone that any girl would be so lucky to have though!
    I like Jordan, but not sure she will fully trust him. They are beautiful together and would make some pretty babies for sure.
    I really like Chase too–Their awkward date turned out great! I think he’s the realest. He would definitely be my pick!
    Evan needs to go. He is such an instigator when it comes to Chad. He’s trying to act cool in front of the guys and fit in, but it’s not working and it just makes him look like a tattle tale too when he goes to Chris. And get over the ripped shirt!! Geez!
    And Chad… wow. I’m embarrassed that he’s from my home state. I do think he has a chip on his shoulder (and maybe steroids in his bloodstream). I don’t think he’s fully over his mom’s death or dealt with it. Violence is not the answer though, Chad. The cliffhanger of him going back to the house had me feeling like it was about to turn into a scary movie though! I do feel bad for him, but he did cause most of the drama himself. Hopefully his threats are all empty and he can move on after the show.
    I don’t think Luke is really who she will end up with. I do think she’s attracted to him though. He’s kind of quiet for her.
    And Rob– definitely has chemistry there for sure. I could see him in the running.
    Daniel? Um, no.
    Wells is sweet, but I see him going home soon.
    Derek– not sure about yet. I do think he’s a runner for sure, but maybe not the one.
    Grant will go home soon. And Vinny too.
    I can’t wait for two weeks so we find out what Chad is up to back at the house!

    1. Agree…he is full of himself, but the other guys were jealous. They should have left him alone.

  4. I totally get where you are coming from with Chad and do feel for the guy and agree he should not be on this show, I share the same opinion that there are some people that are just not cut out for the show, I follow a lot of “Crazies” from past seasons on Twitter and for the most part they are good people who either are not made for the show or the producers found a good story line and ran with it instead of showing the whole person. However, when lives are being threatened that is where the line needs to be drawn making good TV goes out the window at that point.

  5. “The Bachelorette isn’t for everyone….including me” (not myself). And it’s quote, unquote. Not quote on quote

    1. LOL! Since Nicole brought it up, yes, it is quote, unquote, but that is for speaking. When you are writing, you can just “put it between quotes”!!!

  6. My favorites are: James Taylor, Luke, Derek & there’s something about James F. that I like too…hmmm

  7. Top 4 pick Jordan Luke chase and Robby. I love grant but almost something I don’t trust about him and can see he’s not the right fit for Jojo

  8. Luke is def my front runner for Jojo right now. Their date was truly magical and I felt that connection between them from the first episode. Followed by Robby, Chase, then Jordan. There’s some real good guys on this season. Stoked to watch!
    P.S: Jillian, you’re adorable and I’m happy you found love and have a baby on the way. You’re going to be the cutest Mommy! <3

  9. Honestly I think Evan and Alex deserve a whole lot more flack than they are getting! They have been SO immature, though that’s not an excuse for Chad. They just annoy me. Lol

  10. I love reading your Bachelorette blogs!
    I also mostly felt bad for Chad. Of course there’s issues with him but he was being provoked. I kinda liked it when he stood up for himself, he made some good points.
    My picks for the final guys are: Robby, Jordan, and Derek although I still don’t feel I have a sense of who they are still.

  11. So bang on you must be Canadian aye. I am happy you found the time and energy to post your review. It is crazy but so much fun to watch. I wouldn’t want one of my 3 grown sons appearing that is for sure. You sure turned out well thanks for sharing your take on the episodes.

  12. Chase, Jordan & Luke. I think any of those would be great for her. Does anyone think Chase & Jordan look very similar to each other?

  13. I like Chase. Sweet, happy, positive, easy going, great bod haha and that deep voice! Swoon 🙂

    1. Agreed !!
      Hopefully he is the Next Bachelor!
      Chase would do really well.
      He seems shy, quiet, reserved, mysterious, but he has a great spunky personality and he is quite sexy.

    1. Chad is rumored to be
      on BIP (Bachelor In Paradise) !!!!

      America undoubtedly is getting quite bored and tired of all the Chad Drama
      but unfortunately
      there will be more of it starting
      in August when the season premiere
      starts airing for the 3rd season of BIP

  14. How do you justify stating that “DANIEL … should NOT be telling CHAD how to act”? In a house filled with guys griping about each other, to see Daniel getting along with Chad is actually refreshing. I am proud of this fellow Canadian, making an effort to befriend someone who easily alienates others and isolates himself. True, the show is not a good fit for everyone, but also worth mentioning – didn’t Chad’s mother pass away recent to the taping? It’s difficult to tell how people will grieve, but it will certainly impact their behaviour. Regardless, I feel bad for Chad as well. It’s sad to see what is surely exploitation of a confused individual.

  15. Love your post! Thanks for sharing your thoughts(: After watching the episode I honestly feel so bad for Chad!! The way the other guys were treating him was inhumane and not right! Especially Evan&Alex, they are too much and need to go home! Chad simply asked them to stop picking on him but they just kept on attacking him and being rude. Sure he has his issues but who doesn’t!? I agree the show is defiantly not for him, but everyone attacked him and made him seem like some kind of monster. Chad’s comments were rude but atleast he had the guts to be honest. The truth can be ugly! I really do think he’s a good guy, but was in an uncomfortable situation with no love and support.
    That being said I’m team Luke all the way!!!❤️

  16. I can’t say enough how much I agree with you! I definitely see that this is more of a show than for JoJo to find love. Of course that means they need a villain. Somebody to get everybody talking + watch. I actually kinda feel bad for Chad. I give him credit for being honest + speaking his mind than sucking up to JoJo or telling her what she wants to hear. However, this isn’t the right environment for certain people and it was better that he went home. BUT I think Evan + Alex should join him! They both come off really insecure + immature.! I agree with Chad when he said it felt like the little guy trying to get back at the bully. Finally sticking up for themselves! 100 percent agree! It’s written all over them! I don’t see WHY she kept them around!

    I LOVED her date with Luke!!! Fun + Romantic!!! He’s my pick for the next Bachelor since I think Jordan will end up with JoJo. The way she acts with him + looks at him is completely different from everybody else! I think they look good together, but not feeling them having a lasting relationship. Something I don’t trust about that relationship…

    End rant. Lol Love your blog!

  17. Jillian! Chad HAS TO BE a paid actor. And not a very good one at that. Would the show stoop so low??

  18. I feel like I want to know more about Luke. He’s so cute, but that just isn’t enough for me ya know?! I looove Derek and James.

  19. I remember feeling this way about Michelle Money. I saw her on Brad’s season and thought she was mean. All of the girls in the house were seriously betrayed by her comments. They we saw her on Bachelor Pad and subsequent shows and we saw how supportive, kind and warm she actually was. That seems to be more consistent with her personality. I am not sure if The Bachelor was just not a great environment for her, or she saw her behaviour and took a long and very hard look at herself. Either way, the experience can bring out the best (Ali Fedowski) or the worst in any one.

  20. Luke, Jordan, Derek, Chase. Like you, I adore James, but doubt that’s really going anywhere. And I also feel bad for Chad. He is a bit of a douche, but those guys really don’t need to be getting in his face all the time! They know he’s a hot head, why not just steer clear of him?

  21. Luke, Jordan, James (the singer), and WELLS!!! I dont know if he’s the one for her haha but I think he is so cute. Also, I totally love how you give a different side to the episodes, revealing or shedding light on some of the unseen factors that we don’t naturally notice with the way producers have edited and such. (Like for instance how the music always changed to something kind of haunted whenever Chad was around, or how they played his creepy whistling while walking in the dark forest…. Probably wasn’t actually doing that??) BUT with that said I do think that what was coming out of his mouth and how he was reacting is a result of what is truly inside him. Like you mentioned above JoJo is handling all the tough and tense situations amazingly and we can see her true character come out through these situations when the heat is cranked. Chad on the other hand is not. He can’t blame a show or people for what is coming out of him. He and only he is responsible for the thoughts, actions, and reactions that come spewing out when the heat is turned up. As much as we don’t like it, these sorts of situations can sometimes be revealing of what our true colours are…. sometimes much more yucky than we ever thought.

  22. It is amazing The Bachelor/The Bachelorette has been on TV since 2002!!!
    While the show is still quite entertaining, sadly it is all about drama and focusing on that as the main draw for viewers. When Trista Sutter was the very first Bachelorette way way back in the day, it was fun to see the show focus on the romantic dates. Trista found love with Ryan Sutter on the show and they are still together – – loved when the show focused on ROMANCE (not on the drama).
    They need to come up with better group dates though because that Sex Talk Group Date was extremely awkward to watch (almost worse than the group date from Kaitlyn’s season when they were teaching
    a sex ed. class to students on Kaitlyn’s season).

    Realy hope that Jo Jo finds the man of her dreams.

    Top Five Frontrunners for JoJo from
    this season of The Bachelorette:

  23. Really hoping the rest of the season of The Bachelorette this time around focuses more on the romantic dates and less on the drama related to Chad/Alex, and Chad and the rest of the guys in the Bachelor mansion.
    The Top 5 frontrunners for Jo Jo so far are:
    3)Luke (perhaps going to be Next Bachelor?)
    5)James T.

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