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OOO: Team Jilly is Off to Mexico!

HOLA!!! That’s right … we’re on our way to Mexico RIGHT NOW  and we are sooooo freakin excited!!! This time around Justin (and Shay’s boyfriend, Cam) are also tagging along with us!!

We are all really looking forward to getting some downtime in, we know that it’s right after the holidays but the month of December is one of our busiest months so we are REALLY looking forward to a week of poolside drinks, naps on the beach and working on some fun new goals for the blog and website for the year of 2018 … so, while we are soaking up the sun and brainstorming we are going to be a little bit quiet on the blog and social media until we get back BUT make sure to follow our adventures over on my Instagram stories!!!

Jillian Harris Team Jilly is off to MexicoJillian Harris Team Jilly is off to Mexico

This year one of our main goals is to bring you lots of quality information and to focus on buying LESS while focusing on investing in quality products that are less damaging to the environment and will last LONGER in your closet!!

Before we let you go for our week away though … we want to know what YOU want to hear from us this year!! PLEASE share your thoughts and suggestions with us below and we will make sure to review all of your suggestions together over a margarita … or two!! ??





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  1. I would love to see more lifestyle posts, maybe “A Day In The Life” series. If you feel like sharing, it would be great to know about the kind of help you get (housekeeper, nanny etc.). And more about your house and your home decor, I love your style!

  2. Hi…if it is possible…I would like to get more vegetarian recipes and fitness tips. I also love the things you get from Nordstrom and your decorating tips. Keep up the awesome work.

  3. Would love to hear more about supporting “Canadian” brands — especially companies that are actually designed and made right here in our wonderful Country!! Buying local is so important to our economy — our planet — and of course the bonus is the quality is exceptional!! As an owner of Sweet Kyla — designer and creator of baby bedding and nursery decor — I love hearing about other local brands and whenever I can I really try to buy local — I love supporting fellow entrepreneurs and I feel good knowing I’m buying quality that will last for years to come!! Sweet thanks for all your inspiration Jillian — we love following you and your fabulous team!!! Have an amazing vacation!!

  4. Would love to hear suggestions on places to buy higher quality items especially from local Canadian shops and small businesses! One of my resolutions is to buy less and higher quality items so look forward to your blogs!

  5. I would love to hear your thoughts on how to simplify life as a working mama. I happen to go to an office, but get to work from home one day a week. I am looking for tricks on meal prep, cleaning, and maximizing my time with my family. I’m really happy to hear about your plans for the year because my main goal this year was to buy less, and Instagram makes that hard for me. I am purposely taking a month away from IG so that i am not tempted to swipe up so much and enter my card information. It was getting out of hand. Thank you for all that you do. Enjoy the sun!!

  6. Hey team Jilly!
    Happy new year.
    You are my go to resource for literally everything!
    I absolutely love the fashion, the recipes and just life tidbits.
    This year, what I would love to get from you guys, is tips on pregnancy!
    I am newly pregnant and I have no clue what to do or even where to get legit information.
    There are tons of websites and some apps but I find that they are very rigid and slightly frightening.
    I would be super curious to hear from Jillian as to where she got her info or blogs or books she read… I’m totally clueless!

    Thanks and have fun in Mexico!

  7. I would love to hear about tips and maybe a guide to shopping for vegan clothing, accessories etc 🙂 I am trying to go this route but it can be hard sometimes !

  8. Any plus size clothing recommends and/or stores where to purchase please, more essential oil stories, and the same as you have been doing!

  9. More home design and decor stuff please!!! I also like most other lifestyle topics you write about however if I’m honest, you’re not my go-to for the fashion stuff. Now don’t take this the wrong way!!! You always look cute and adorable BUT I sense that it’s not a real passion of yours. Stay true to you! Also I would love to see some VLOGS!! I love your insta stories and having a bit of a longer version of that on YouTube would be awesome!! Some great mom vloggers that I love are:
    Emily Norris
    Aaryn Williams

  10. I would love Vegan + Whole 30 approved ideas… the Whole 30 makes me feel great but many of its staple recommendations are meat and eggs which I’m staying away from. I’d love to see both come together!

  11. Where is the blue suit from?! love 🙁

    Maybe info on the best local/online consignment stores, clothes swapping parties, dress rentals

  12. I love your idea to focus on buying less! Thank you for doing this! A source for design and style inspiration, without being focused on consumerism, will be such an amazing thing!

  13. Team Jilly,

    You guys are actually my favourite, and are seriously getting my through my own reno on my first home (eep!). Aside from the usual (and most fabulous) content that you guys always include, I’d love to see a FULL house tour from Jillian, Justin and Leo’s home. I’m using bits and pieces from the blog and Instagram stories to inspire the hoopla that’s going on over here in Burlington, Ontario! More collaborations with Tori would be amazing, too…I mean, what girl doesn’t love herself a tasty, healthy meal?! Lastly, keep it up with those holiday hosting tips! I so enjoyed reading your Thanksgiving post about the vegan Ukrainian meal–I’m Ukrainian and still deeply involved in the traditions, so I’m really looking forward to seeing what you publish for Easter.

    Enjoy those margaritas!

    Adrianna XO

  14. Continue to share your positive stories & thoughts that will influence & teach those that need to know. FYI I tend to purchase quality items, and will do a bit of research on bigger ticketed items.
    Love reading your blogs!

  15. I would love to know if there are any make up products that are made from natural ingredients that you would suggest. I’ve switched over to soaps, deodorant, bath bombs, face creams and lotions to those made by Rocky Mountain Soap Company just over a year ago and am really happy with those products. Now I’m curious about make up products – cover up, foundation, mascara, etc. I honestly don’t even know if a more natural version of these exist!?

  16. Hi Jill & Team Jill!

    Over the last year you and your team have literally become a part of our house!! Lol. I read all of the blogs, read all of your posts, have made a few purchases from your recommendations (which is something I never do) and we listen to your insta stories every night in bed haha (my husband might roll his eyes at me here).

    Top things that I would like to hear (and continue to hear about) are;
    1 – Your food choices and where you do your shopping…loving Kite Hill products now!
    2 – House decor…love to be able to get ideas, know your colours and where you get things, and buy items I love!
    3 – I like finding things out about your team…what your team goals are, how your growing, how you guys operate, etc! I find it very interesting!
    4 – Recipes…I like reading about new recipes you put on the blog and following along on insta stories when you are making something.
    5 – Would love to see you partner with some NEW exciting brands! Love seeing small/great businesses get noticed.

    Keep doing what you’re doing….you all seem like an amazing bunch of women!! 🙂

  17. I want to hear what team Jilly is doing to lessen the impact on the environment and what I can do too! I love the JHD Team’s 2018 vision – can’t wait. Enjoy Mexico, lovelies! Xoxo

  18. Loving all of your Vegan food posts! Keep up with it as I have finally switched from vegetarian to Vegan and loving your food ideas.

  19. Love all your blog content and follow all your insta stories! I think you do a great job!
    I’m a real estate agent and love home decor so I always love seeing your decor ideas and inspirations but I’m also a mom of an almost two year old little boy so I LOVE when you share your experiences and thoughts about mom life/family life and juggling be a working mom, etc!

    Happy new year and enjoy your time in Mexico

  20. Happy New Year, Jilly! Love the blog & your Instagram feed. Home décor & fashion inspo are at the top of my wish list. Have the best time in Mexico! ♥

  21. I think you should continue your “ask Jilly” segments either through your blog or through video logs… love those!!! I also love when you post DIY party planning ideas, lifestyle/family content, and celebrating simple things in life that get you excited! Lastly, this summer you should do some BC weekend getaway ideas (I am from Alberta and love getting away to wineries, bed and breakys, house boating, etc. and would love some fresh ideas!) you’re my favourite Jill!

  22. I have really enjoyed following you but lately I do feel like the site is less information and more advertisement.
    Not sure what you really like or just endorse. I have always loved your decorating style and candid writing and would love to see more real life stuff and decorating ideas.

  23. I would like to see more about decor. I know you are no longer hosting Love or List It anymore but even so this is my suggestion

  24. I like that the focus is going to be buying less quantity but spending more on quality! That’s exactly the mentality therapy I’ve been dealing with for the past 7 years after leaving my parents home.
    My mother, love her, was raised in a poorer environment and so when she came to Canada and then had the “American dream” home and experience she started buying high volumes of items, but for cheap and of cheap quality…it’s been a struggle for me to get away from that…but I am determined!! I want a large open home with beautiful high end pieces, and a minimalist feel of it so there’s more space to live. ?

  25. Hi Jillian! Have fun in Mexico!!
    Can you tell me if you use Feng Shui when you are designing your home?
    Also, how do you keep whites looking so white?

  26. Ad you’ve mentioned, it is hard to deal with cheap options vs quality…but if you so happen to find “cheap” healthy recipes for a family on a budget, or come across affordable deals that are eco friendly, they are always welcome!

    Would also love to see more about decor/maybe an interactive question and answer vlog about home decor.

    Have fun girlies!

  27. Hi Team Jilly, you guys cover so much from family, food, trips, decor, charity work! What I would really love to see more of is your country, the best parts of it! I am from Australia and we are planning a family trip to Canada and I’ve to see something along those lines. But you guys should be so proud of what you have done as I love reading and watching everything you post. Enjoy your trip xxoo

  28. We are trying to do the same thing, reducing our carbon footprint and trying to buy everything local not using plastic. Is there a way to do that with clothes and other house hold items? Also which is better Mexico or Hawaii, we can’t decide for spring break. We are both teachers and need to get away as I was rear ended this Christmas and did not get the break we wanted.

  29. You guys should check out Diva Deserves . The artist Joyce Bezusko makes one of a kind jewellery and artwork. Absolutely stunning designs!! Find her gallery on Instagram Jilly, you will not be disappointed!!!

  30. Hey ladies! Happy New Year! Thanks for all that you do – you put so much good out into our world and it doesn’t go unnoticed !

    I graduated from Queen’s University last spring and I’m figuring out my next steps. I would love to know more about where you all started, the paths you took, the choices you made (good and bad!) that made you the successful, smart women you are.

    Enjoy your trip down south! XO

  31. I forgot to mention, Joyce’s clients include Oprah (she has a cuff) and Stephen Tyler had her design a belt buckle for him!! Plus, she is out of your neck of the woods in BC 🙂

  32. Hi Jillian,
    I’m so excited that you have decided to be more focused on reducing waste this year. This (along with plant based eating) has been one of my goals for the last year and it’s tough!

    I have asked every grocery store I buy from if I can bring my own containers for bulk food and they always say no. They tell me I can purchase their plastic containers and bring them back to refill…but I don’t want to use plastic. I have mason jars and glass jars that I prefer to use.
    I’m in Langley and have 2 girls (3 and 1), So traveling to Vancouver every weekend to the zero waste store isn’t really an option.

    Im not sure if you have any BC-based grocery partnerships but it would be amazing to see if you had some influence on this issue. I shop at a local market and save on foods but I feel like they should all get on board!!

    Also, if there is any way you can get Kite Hill to Canada that would be awesome!!

    Sending positive vibes to you down south ?

  33. I LOVE the home decor you choose in every single room. Could you provide 3 options for purchasing same/similar items for high end to middle and then least expensive?? And please start with your beautiful, white bed frame!!!

  34. I would like to learn about where we could hire/support individuals would are starting to learn about building/doing renovations.
    I think it is valuable to hire students/ apprentice individuals. We have a summer home in Kelowna and our main home is in Edmonton.
    Now a days it’s difficult to get ahead or a job unless one has lots of experience in a field but to get experience one needs jobs to build on.
    Thanks for allowing us to share our ideas.

  35. I usually love all your content, but Jill, the insta stories are just TOOO long lately ?! Food, home decor and LEO are at the top of my list! My son is a couple of weeks younger than Leo ?!

  36. Hi Jill!! Hope you have a fabulous holiday and enjoy the sun ☀️ I was just watching your insta story where you were getting ready before leaving for your holiday and I was absolutely amazed in how you had your hair and makeup done in 17 minutes!! (You looked gorgeous ps!) I’m an interior design technologist myself so sometimes the pressure is on to always feel put together, but when you don’t have a lot of time to do that in the morning it’s quite difficult. I would love to see how you do it and any products you use or tips that are helpful in getting ready in well, 17 minutes lol! ?

  37. Jillian and friends you are setting examples for a lot of people. In charity work your group has been exemplary, In my opinion you demonstrate too much wine drinking. Wine seems to accompany almost all you do. Sadly, wine consumption had increased in your age group and younger. It is important because alcohol consumption is related to breast cancer and breast cancer is occurring more frequently in younger women. Upshot; show the fun without the wine.

  38. Really appreciate you want to promote quality over quanity! Please remember that your readers come from a variety of financial backgrounds and positions. The Jilly Lifestyle is fabulous and you have earned it! Some of us (recent uni grad here) can’t afford it. Maybe give affordable options too please. Love when you tell us quality items that are on sale for example. Thanks! Hope you and your team have an awesome vaca 🙂

  39. I’d love if Jill talked about financial tips. I read a great article on how Jill tackled credit card debt and would love to know more.

    Have fun in Mexico!

  40. Hi Jill! Arent you worried about the zika virus in Mexico? When i was trying to get pregnant our doctor completely banned us from visiting any Zika infested countries!

  41. I’m SO excited for you to make the shift to more sustainable/quality items over fast fashion, hopefully lots of Canadian made brands coming our way! I personally feel it’s worth every extra penny. If you could translate this into how to shop more ethically for the home as well that would be amazing, less fast decor and more timeless or vintage sourcing please!

    I’d love to see more motherhood tips, toddler hacks, baby meal ideas, how to handle a tantrum in public (haha) my son is about to turn one so Leo is just ahead of us and what we can expect to see in childhood (which has been so handy thus far, thanks Jill!)

    I’d also love some Canadian travel posts, city guides or where to take toddlers in the city, baby friendly restaurants etc. I live in Calgary and spend time in Vancouver and Kelowna/Penticton (Jill you actually live a couple minutes away from my Mum!) so any of these areas interest me.

    Last but not least, Justin should do a post about getting Leo ready for his snowboard, tips on how to have your baby mountain ready plus how to teach a little one to ski/board!

    Enjoy the margaritas ladies! Well deserved I’m sure. Cheers to a successful inspired year ahead.

  42. So excited about the blog focusing on buying less and investing in quality pieces instead!

    Definitely one of my goals for the year and it’s always so hard to not covet all the cute things bloggers are wearing and sharing every day.

  43. Thanks for all the inspo you have given me already. I have a toddler too… I look forward to your tips especially when it comes to awareness to the environment and natural solutions. I love your style both in deco and personal but I find it increasingly difficult to find natural fabrics and even more difficult to find flattering and stylish natural fabric clothes both for me and my kid (though for kids it’s easier to find cotton). I found simply merino because of you and have been looking for more tips of companies like that: local, natural and flattering…

  44. I think you already do a great job on your blog and social media! I always like to see healthy recipes/ideas and anything on fashion and beauty.

  45. Can’t wait to see all the beautiful things you guys come up with this year! I’d love to see some options for work outfits. I love your style and I’d like to know some work-style staples you’d recommend!

  46. Hi Jillian,

    How did you end up transporting Leo when you went down to Mexico the last time with him? Did you have to bring a car seat if you wanted to make any day trips, or was this something that the hotel/rental car company or transfer service provided?

  47. Please, Jillian, don’t stop your program :” Love it or List it “; Here in Brazil we love it!!!! ( Monica, Nictheroy, RJ). Did you move your kitchen? At the photos, it’s different…

  48. Love the idea of minimizing, but also becoming a smart and caring consumer. Maybe a focus on small local businesses. There are so many great small businesses in BC that are making such great products. Shopping with them makes such a huge difference in the community. Most people don’t realize that shifting just 10% of household spending to local businesses would create 4.5 billion in economic benefits. Check out for some great resources.

    Also I’m super inspired by your network of amazing women entrepreneurs. Ever thought about starting some sort of mentorship program, or some kind of group to help connect like minded women entrepreneurs? What you did for mamas for mamas was awesome. Would love to be able to connect with other inspiring women.

  49. I love all the posts giving advice, sharing goals and ideas on how to stay motivated, keep life fun while achieving milestones. I’d love to continue to see more of that.

    I also just wanted to say that I love all your Instagram accounts. Jillian’s InstaStories are always so fun, refreshing and heart-warming! Keep up the amazing work you do!! Lots of love from Colorado!

  50. Definitely more about your little guy since our sons are only a day apart. I love reading about him.
    Also keep writing about your thoughts on the bachelor!
    I love your blogs about Joe Fresh clothes too!
    Maybe a meet and greet in Kamloops, lol
    I just have loved following you since the bachelor (omg, I sound like such a stalker).

  51. I love your style posts but would also love to see more Leo style! I have a 15month little boy and I love seeing how you dress Leo so I can copy it haha
    I also really love your vegan recipes (can’t wait for the cookbook)
    xx Kate

  52. Hi Jill,

    I loooooooooove the idea of you focusing on the minimalist lifestyle! I’ve recently taken it up and it is SO FREEING! When I buy I am always looking for quality over quantity. I’ve been a fan of yours the last year or so and really enjoy your blogs and Instagram posts. With your new direction I’ll look forward to them even more.

  53. Is there any way you could post about where you and your friends get all your cute one pieces from?! I have the hardest time trying to find places with nice ones!

  54. Hello Jillian! I’m a fan Spanish girl of LOVE IT OR LIST IT VANCOUVER and now from your blog. I find it very interesting, hilarious as well as it let me learn english.
    Hope you have a good time in Mexico and take all the rest that you need!
    Here’s my suggestion: how about reclycing items?
    Thanks a lot for sharing your blog with us!!!(I’ve just put into practise some of your recommendations)
    Lots of love from Spain

  55. Team Jilly, I love you girls and all you do!

    I just wanted to share something amazing with you!

    I just discovered a new make up line ” Sappho New Paradigm”. They are 100% Vegan, Green and Clean. Created by an award wining make up artist who did the make up on the show ” the L word”, she has really changed the world of makeup and what it does to our bodies, let alone our faces. She is fascinating and has some incredible life stories that brought her to create this makeup.

    They have been a game changer for me ( I suffer from psoriasis and have extremely sensitive skin). I feel like more people need to know about it.

    They really do align with your 2018 New Years resolutions Jillian! Here is their website

    I hope you discover them soon!

  56. I love your blog, ALWAYS! Very excited for what 2018 will bring.

    Fun personal facts, favorite stores, tv shows, etc.

  57. You girls are just. the. best. You have inspired me to book a mexico trip to get back on track and be ready for the upcoming- How did you guys get from Cancun to Unico? Is it safe?

    I love seeing a lot on the team and your work environment / how you all make it happen. But I lov pretty much all that is produced!


  58. Hi ladies! Happy New Year! Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading all of your posts and say how great it is to see you featuring more information on reducing waste. One thing I would love to see (as a fellow animal lover), in addition to all your awesome vegan info, would be promotion of more cruelty-free beauty products. I, myself, have recently become more aware of animal testing and how cruel it is and with your voices and public platform, just thought I’d throw it out there for you guys to consider. Keep up the great work! Can’t wait for the new season of Love It or List It!

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