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The Bachelor Recap: Hometown Showdown

Good morning guys! I’m back with another recap of The Bachelor and this week is the MUCH-anticipated hometown dates! This episode is by far my favourite every season – they usually go really well or painfully awkward! Before I dig in, I have to throw it back to one of the most uncomfortable Bachelorette hometown dates! Ali Fedotowsky is taken to Kirk DeWint’s family basement to see his dad’s extremely creepy taxidermy collection and well, the picture says it all … LOL!

Peter begins the episode by saying how he believes his wife is one of the final four ladies and I’m not sure if I can see that with any of these women? I find there’s a lack of maturity with all of them and maybe it’s because they’re all very young in age?! Right now, I’m thinking of a Madison-Hannah Ann final two… would you agree?! He’s dropped the L bomb on both of these ladies so it should be very interesting!

Hannah Ann

First up, Peter heads to Knoxville, Tennessee! This date went sooo well from beginning to end and I’m thinking that Hannah Ann is definitely the front runner right now?! Hannah Ann’s dad, “Ranger Rick” is in the lumber industry so she decides to take him axe throwing to get in his good books! The date was supposed to make Peter look “tough” buttttt after he pulled out his handwritten note to Hannah he definitely looked like a softy… LOL! It was pretty stinkin’ cute all the same!

Peter heads to Hannah Ann’s house to meet the family and during the visit, her dad had his game face ON! Woah. He did not crack a smile. Peter had no trouble winning over the hearts of Hannah’s mom and sister but her dad definitely took more convincing! He warned Peter to not use the “L” word unless he reeeeally meant it (aka don’t tell my daughter you love her unless she’s the one or imma kill you… LOL!), but Peter ended the date telling Hannah Ann that he’s falling in love with her and that it “feels so right”. Awe.


Next up Peter heads to Des Moines, Iowa for Kelsey’s hometown date! This date would totally be right up my alley – I mean, you can’t go wrong with a date that involves drinking wine, Am I right?! The date went really well, butttt I can’t help comparing it to how his date went with Hannah Ann and I’m just not seeing a future for Peter and Kelsey?! Something is definitely lacking; would you guys agree?

Did anyone else just LOVE Kelsey’s family?! They were all so kind to Peter and very supportive of Kelsey and it was definitely a breath of fresh air to watch! As great as this date went, I’m not sure if Kelsey’s awesome family will be enough to keep her around!


Madison’s date is in her hometown of Auburn, Alabama and starts off in no other place than a basketball arena! I just LOVE these two together and Madison was totally in her element during this date which made Peter even more attracted to her… if that’s even possible?! Girls got some mad skills handling those balls! No dirty pun intended…. LOL!

Madison’s family were sweet as pie! During dinner they showed Peter the most adorable family tradition called the “special plate”, and whoever has the plate, everyone has to say something nice about them! It was SO adorbs. Madison’s parents seem very uneasy about this whole process and express their concerns regarding her faith and that she’s saving herself for marriage… which has to be pretty intimating for Madison considering she’s well aware of Peter’s four-times-in-one-night fantasy suite date with Hannah Brown. Eek!


Woah! I think it’s safe to say that they saved the best (or maybe the worst!) for last with Victoria’s hometown date in Virginia Beach! During their date, Victoria surprised Peter with a Hunter Hayes concert where he sings “I don’t want easy, I want crazy” … well, ain’t that the truth!

Ughhhhh. Does anyone else find it hard to believe that Peter coincidentally ran into a friend that happens to know Victoria and her dating history?! It’s just all tooooo convenient for me to believe. Production must be involved here, right?! Peter confronts Victoria later that evening and all hell breaks loose! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… Run, Peter Run!! I do not understand what he’s holding on to with her?! It’s soooo exhausting to watch. Peter ends up leaving Victoria’s hometown without meeting her family and one would THINK this is the end of Peter and Victoria…

The next morning Victoria shows up to Peter’s hotel room for another episode of “let’s talk about how Victoria lost her shit, AGAIN!”. Peter hits the nail on the head when he says “you don’t even want me to love you”, and Victoria apologizes and tries to explain that this is how she’s handled relationships in the past and says she’s not ready to say goodbye to him. But we are all sooooo ready to say goodbye to you Victoria!! Am I right?!

Please tell me that I wasn’t the only one screaming at my television for Peter to send Victoria home during the rose ceremony?! But yet again, Peter rewards all the drama and gives Victoria a rose and sends Kelsey home. Weh!

I have to say that Kelsey handled herself really well after getting sent home. She has definitely grown on me throughout the season and I could totally see her having some Bachelorette potential?! Would you guys agree??

Next week Peter and his final three ladies head to the Gold Coast of Australia! The preview looks SO juicy and I’m so interested to see how Madison shares her big news with Peter! It should be good!!!

What did you guys think of tonight’s episode?! Let me know in the comments!

Until next week!



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  1. OMG that was so hard to watch last night. Peter is a sucker for punishment. How he manages to see Victoria as wife material I don’t know. He might be looking for crazy and crazy is what he’ll get with her.
    My vote goes with Hannah Ann, But I agree they are all too young for Peter.

  2. Great recap!
    I’ve loved following along with you this season, Kayla! Really hope you will be blogging for Bachelor in Paradise!

  3. Kelsey is more Bachelor in Paradise material than Bachelorette in my opinion. She’s gotten better but the initial drama is hard to forget!

  4. Thanks for the recap this week, Kayla! Getting close now. Random observation but I am loving the emerald green dresses the girls wore during the rose ceremony. There must be a stylist on set!! Until next week xo

  5. Oh my gosh I was totally yelling at the television as well! I have no idea what he could possibly see in that crazy Victoria! Madison is my front runner and then Hannah! I still think there’s gonna be a big twist at the end though, that no one is expecting!
    You are so on point with your whole rundown of yesterday’s episode! Great minds think a like!
    Can’t wait for next week!
    Love and hugs🙏🦋🤗💙😊

  6. I could’t agree with you more. I almost threw something at the TV when he gave her childish ass a rose??? I don’t understand there is nothing appealing about that behavior and they have NEVER not had conflict. I also think Madison would be his best choice but think when she tells him about saving herself it might push him to push Hannah Ann who is sweet as can be but very young. If we don’t lose Victoria this week I may stop watching!! Maybe he will just realize that he needs to call up Hannah B and try that again? LOL

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