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Heart Shaped Waffle Nice Cream Sandwiches

Hi everyone, it’s Tori here from Fraîche Living and I have the most adorable Valentine’s treat that the kids will LOVE (big and small). We made these Heart Shaped Waffle Nice Cream Sandwiches that are too cute not to make in this love-filled season.

I get a bit obsessed over anything heart-shaped as Valentine’s approaches, and my heart-shaped cookie cutter and waffle iron are working overtime! Our family loves waffles, and I’ve been using this waffle iron for years now, it is seriously such a good kitchen investment.

Last weekend I tried using my famous Angel Cake (pancake) recipe to make waffles and it was a total success! The vegan version is here. I made a big batch and put them in the freezer so we could have them for breakfast throughout the week. They also make a great snack for after school for the kids. Inspiration struck last weekend and I had the idea to make ice cream sandwiches with waffles instead of cookies; I mean why haven’t I thought of this sooner?

You could make your own ice cream or nice cream to use here but we cut a corner and bought our favourite strawberry ice cream. If you’re using frozen waffles, toast them for a couple minutes to make them a little crispy on the outside. The warmth from the waffle will melt the ice cream a little and make for such a yummy treat.

To make these simply sandwich a scoop of your favourite ‘nice cream’ between two waffle hearts and serve immediately… or freeze them assembled until it’s time to enjoy! You can top them with strawberries cut into heart shapes to take these to the next level (just use a mini heart-shaped cookie cutter) – we did this with these Chocolate Coconut Love Bites that are like mini Bounty bars if you’re on the hunt for another simple idea.

I hope you enjoy this little bit of inspiration for this Valentine’s treat! We had so much fun making them and hope you do too!

With love,


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