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The Bachelor Recap: Were the Rumors True?

Hi Everyone!! Did you watch the THREE HOUR LONG episode of The Bachelor last night?! It was a painfully long episode … not to mention … over an hour of it was watching the most awkward, heartbreaking break up ever! Gah! I felt totally gutted watching it all unfold. How did you feel watching this?!

I’m so upset that the rumors I’ve been hearing are actually coming true! On my previous Bachelor recap, a few readers mentioned in the comments section that Arie was rumoured to pick Becca, then dump her, then get back together with Lauren and I was HOPING that wouldn’t be the case because that’s such a shitty position for all three people to be in but it’s looking like that’s, unfortunately, the case!

I’m not sure how you feel about this and I’m sure some of you will have a different opinion, but I TRULY believe that Arie was 100% in love with Lauren, I mean, I think he genuinely loved Becca too but I think his feelings were stronger for Lauren. However, I think what changed his mind was the opinion of his family … they seemed to really love Lauren, (how awkward was it when they kept bringing up her name to Becca?! Ugh!), but I think when they told Arie that they believed Becca was a better fit for him that he ended up basing his decision on their opinions rather than following his heart and going with Lauren.

Jillian Harris The Bachelor RecapJillian Harris The Bachelor Recap

It’s too bad that he didn’t trust his own heart with this decision … so much heartbreak could have been avoided had he done this but since he didn’t, it really went sideways and three people ended up hurting rather than one (which is still crappy!). However, with that being said, I do respect Arie for calling off the engagement when he felt it wasn’t what his heart truly wanted … that takes a lot of courage to do something like that and it saves heartbreak later down the road but it REALLY wasn’t a good call for him to do it in front of the cameras. I thought that was a bit disrespectful to Becca and how terrible for her to have to go through that in front of people while being filmed. Break up’s are horrible enough to begin with … no one needs to have a mic on and be filmed through it for the entire world to see, that’s just straight up torture if you ask me!

Jillian Harris The Bachelor Recap

I also really, really, respect Becca for handling this entire situation so well. Even Arie mentioned that he told Becca he was struggling a bit with his feelings and she supported that fact that he needed some time to figure this all out, I think this really proves how amazing she is! It’s just unfortunate that this didn’t end in her favour … but maybe it’s a blessing in disguise?? MAYBE Becca will rekindle her relationship with her ex? Or, better yet, here’s hoping she will be our next Bachelorette!! How amazing would that be?? Whatever happens, I fully believe that this is all for the better and Becca is set on the right path to finding the man of her dreams!!

Welp. I guess tonight on the second part of the Bachelor finale we will finally see where things are at now … I’m a little nervous for Becca to see Arie considering it will be the first time she has seen them since their VERY public breakup but my fingers are crossed that Becca will be announced as the next Bachelorette and I hope at the very least that Arie and Lauren have found love … and that it lasts for longer than two weeks.

Please make sure to share your thoughts below, I know that this is a pretty crazy ending so I’m sure MANY of you have opinions about all of this chaos!!!



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  1. Was uncomfortable to watch! This is tv and I DISAGREE WITH THE LIVE BREAKUP. However he MUST GO WITH HIS HEART

  2. I can’t believe that they would have aired this breakup without Becca’s consent….she must have agreed! If so, was she perhaps compensated? ?

  3. Ahhh my husband and I watched last night. We were so lucky to have each other.most awkward episode ever. Poor Becca.

  4. Seriously “The Taming of the Shrew” had more story line and believable characters in it. Becca watched more to see where the cameras were than worried about her heart. Arie well he should stick to pretending to be an all American male. Yuck??. The only one I feel bad for is Lauren and she should run as fast as she can. Please don’t let them be a couple. Next season I am watching cake wars makes so much more sense!!

  5. If s 36 year old boy can’t pick his own marriage partner that tells me a lot about him AND his family.

    1. That was aweful to watch! Arie has been my favourite Bachelor up until last night. I can’t believe he would put Becca in that position on live television. That is not how you treat someone you are “So deeply in love with”. I understand Arie had to follow his heart, but it felt like he was very selfish in the way he told her. He was more concerned with his heart and his feelings, than hers. His apology was not heartfelt, and repeatedly bringing up his feelings for Lauren was very uncomfortable to watch. I hope Arie finds what he is looking for. Becca is so strong, intelligent and beautiful. I know she will find an amazing person that will love her ’till the end. And if she was the next Bachelorette, I would be thrilled!

    2. I knew this was happening months ago. Reality Steve wrote about it. But I was not aware they put poor Becca through that excruciating experience live and then aired it for what seemed like an eternity.

      And yes, that jerk Arie is dating Lauren and rumored to be engaged to her.

      Time for this stupid show to FINALLY end.

  6. I don’t believe Arie is as sincere as they are making him out to be. I know they say you shouldn’t believe everything you read on the internet, but it is unbelievable the crap that is out there about him. He’s been a player for a really long time.

  7. Part of me wants Becca to be the next Bachelorette but if the show did truly blindside her like that, in my opinion, she should want nothing to do with them. On a total side note, I think it would be neat if the show had no rules for a season (let them choose their own dates, no date cards, send them home whenever you want, no forced engagement, etc.).

    1. Bachelors/Bachelorettes do often ask to break the rules. There have been many examples of that. And they don’t have to get engaged. But most do ’cause that’s what they came for.

  8. In my opinion, I don’t think Arie has ever been in love. I think with Lauren he is simply more in lust with her and that is why he decided to go back to her. And, if he was so conflicted then he shouldn’t have proposed. I also think it was in very poor taste to film his breakup to his fiance. I definitely think Becca won in the end because Arie isn’t going to settle down anytime soon. As for Lauren, I hope she realizes that she is better off alone than with someone who has wandering eyes.

  9. It’s understandable that people do change their minds, as we are all humans! However, Arie could have been caught up in the moment of decision making, thinking his decision was the correct one…. plus relationships are difficult, and the show is on a schedule, which time is of the essence-when it comes to the decision making!
    I have dated a lot of people, in the past, when I have made a decision to break it off, thinking that was the best decision. Following that choice, I couldn’t stop thinking about that person, and how I truly missed them ❤️
    Arie must be confused “clearly,” and I feel for all of them-as love is complicated ?
    Becca, I wish her all the best, and yes!!! She needs to be the next Bachelorette ?

  10. That was torture to watch. I was cringing the whole time! It’s really crappy for Arie and The Bachalor to film that whole break up, then have Becca watch it live on stage. That’s what everyone wants to do, relive their breakup on camera. She is a rock for handling it like a champ.
    Would love to see Becca as the bachelorette!

  11. I don’t think Arie knows or trusts himself very well. I think he WANTS it to work with Lauren (did anyone else notice the striking resemblance to Emily?!), but their relationship seemed forced and they didn’t seem to have much to talk about it. Unfortunately I don’t think he will end up with either of these ladies in the long run.

  12. I think the only one who ‘scored’ here is abc. The hype to this final episode shot the ratings through the roof. Becca gets props for handling the situation so well. I would have been throwing things at both Arie and the camera crew.
    The very least he could have done when he decides to pick Becca was NOT propose.

  13. This was a terrible season and this just capped it off. So many former bachelorette and bachelor cast providing their feedback in disgust. Bachelor went too far and I for one am done with it. With the Me Too movement so polarizing, this filming was in very poor taste towards both women.

  14. I compeletly believe that, although it’s a crappy position to be in/be put through, in the long run everything that happened was for a reason and hopefully for the better of all involved. Do I think things could have unraveled differently, of course. But I truly hope that everyone involved has his/her happy ending. We all deserve that, don’t we?

  15. Well that is the last one of these shows I will ever watch. They should have “never” aired that as it was very disrespectful to all parties involved. Shame on them! I went back and forth channels with the Voice I was so uncomfortable with it all and now feel terrible I watched it the way I did.

  16. He could have saved himself and everyone involved by just not proposing… to change ur mind is normal to doubt ur decisions is normal… But to break up , say I love you to that person and then get down on one knee to someone else is NOT its Douchy and classless . As a woman I refuse to watch tonight

  17. I think his families comments swayed him toward Becca as he really did seem to love Lauren. I’m happy that he broke it off sooner rather than later as he knew it wasn’t right. Sad for Becca, but I’m hoping Lauren accepts him back as they were good together.

  18. What a painful episode. As soon as they put Mesnick on stage, you knew where it was headed. I don’t think Arie should be allowed to date until they find the technology to clone Emily. Clearly, that’s who he still wants. He’s far too confused to be out there dating! Becca dodged a bullet and would make a fabulous Bachelorette if she still wants anything to do with the franchise. And sadly, Krystal was sort of right to call out his indecisiveness. Gah!

  19. I don’t think that he wanted to break up with her on television. We gotta keep in mind that this is a show, with ratings, and with not much of a dramatic season (aside from Krystal), I think this was productions way of uping the ratings. I just had a feeling most of the season that lauren was the one. But I think after all of this, him and lauren wouldn’t work out. She stressed her trust issues the majority of the season. And what she feared, happened. And now he wants her back? There’s going to be even bigger issues now. Especially with internet haters that don’t know when to stop. I just don’t see it working out. Rumour is that he had been texting multiple girls from the season, mainly lauren, all behind Beccas back. Could be just a rumour. But if it isn’t, it just shows us that Arie really doesn’t know what he wants right now. And unfortunately, being on television during all of this, really makes a mess. I feel bad for everybody involved.

  20. That breakup had me cringing! Very poor judgement on Arie’s part to permit them to film that. I really believe that Becca will rise above all this and find the man she is looking for.

  21. I really think his family should have not commented either way. Really enfluenced him to choose the wrong girl for him.

  22. After the show was finished he was sending private messages to Bekah. M on Twitter. The guy is not ready to settle down. I think he thinks he should be at his age but he still acts like a 20 something year old. I will be so happy to not have to watch him wearing his old man cardigans anymore. He’s 36 not 86. He makes Juan Pablo look like a saint. Of all of the single men in America why cannot they not find a decent guy. Oh right they want drama for the ratings. The show has really changed over the years it’s now about getting on the show so you can get your social media followers, get sponsorships from companies.

  23. I totally agree with you on all your views! It was nice to read a post that wasn’t bashing Arie. I’m not his biggest fan, and I totally disagree with breaking up on camera, but you can’t fault the guy for being honest with his feelings. I preferred Lauren personally but I hope Becca gets to be the bachelorette or even reconnect with her ex boyfriend who seemed genuine to reconcile (if that wasn’t all a set up by producers)

  24. I did not see a connection with him and Lauren. She made every date super awkward and I know she didn’t want to open up but at least say something. The whole breakup going live thing was most likely to have Becca become the bachelorette. Viewers need to see her in every element. At least I hope that this is the case. We will find out tonight I guess ?

  25. Arie better stick to switching gears in the cars he drives, not with the women he dates! Let’s face it, he wants Becca by day and Lauren by night. If you catch my drift.

  26. I feel like ABC kind of played on people’s feelings for ratings on this one. Arie should have broken up with Becca behind closed doors instead of having it recorded. He also should have went with his gut instinct and not proposed if his feelings were conflicted. I think he got too caught up in the moment and maybe the pressure of proposing. Yikes!

    Cheers to Becca eventually finding the man of her dreams!

  27. If Arie’s heart is penis shaped then yes he was thinking with his heart when he broke up with Becca to choose Lauren. Love is what he had for Becca, passion and lust is what he has for Lauren. What usually wins with men? ?. He said it himself, he didn’t know if what he had with with Lauren was enough for the long haul. That sums that up!

  28. The live break up was horrendous, and so untastefull on the bachelors part. But it is a garbage show so not surprising.

  29. I am annoyed that was made into a 3 hour episode, and they want us to watch more tonight. It’s hard enough having your fiance end the engagement for another woman, but then have it recorded and dragged out for an hour? That was very unnecessary. I don’t think Arie loved Becca, but she was the safest choice, as she didn’t need convincing all the time, she seems to have a strong sense of self, and she has been all in from the beginning. I think he’s infatuated with Lauren’s looks, and I genuinely hope they have more to talk about and real chemistry in real life, as their relationship seemed lacking depth, to me. I don’t see that relationship lasting either. What a frustrating season!

  30. I think we had enough of this show! My opinion about this is he should have followed his heart to save the heartache he caused for both women. I hope Lauren will not accept his proposal!

  31. You put into words exactly how i was feeling! One hour too long, painfully awkward, no need to televise it, good on him for ending things if that’s how he felt, and most importantly- becca rocks!!

  32. A tie always said he wanted a strong independent woman a that was what he had in his mind and that was Becca. What he didn’t count on was a sweet insecure Lady to come along and win his heart with quiet little insecurities. I feel Lauren is truly more Aries style because he really does like when the lady looks to him for security. I believe that what he always said he wanted is why the family said what they did. Maybe they were trying to keep him on track at his request before the show even started. They family was really smitten by Lauren and turn and go with Becca it feels like this may have been discussed before so he would go off track. What no one even account for was his heart getting in the way. I am sad for Becca but I am happy for Lauren and Erie. Just say in.

  33. First of all, remember way back when the show first started? A bachelor or bachelorette could not tell any contestant that they loved them, until the final rose ceremony. Ari told 4 different girls that he was falling in love, or was in love with them. How is that at all fair? Not only did he hurt Bekah and Tia, he divestated Lorean and Becca. And breaking up last night live, uncut and unedited? That’s on the producers of the show. It was like a train wreck that none of us could look away from. All poor Becca could do was ask Ari to leave, over and over and all the producers could do was talk into Ari’s earpiece and say……draw it out! The whole thing was just terrible. And tonight on After the Final Rose? I hope Loren kicks is butt to the curb! He doesn’t deserve her.

  34. The breakup felt staged. There was one clip that showed a sign taped to a door saying that it was private and for residents only. This was clearly a film set in someone’s house and not a hotel room. Becca was wearing a mic the entire time so it shouldn’t have been a surprise when the film crew showed up. Thanks Bachelor for trying to pull the wool over our eyes.

  35. Definitely very awkward to watch but I do wonder how much of the filming was his idea or doing?!
    I don’t get however why so many are angry with his decisions! Being the bachelor or bachelorette must often be so confusing in the end and part of me thinks if more had the guts to go back to their second choice perhaps there would be more happy ending! I mean how many make the wrong choice??? Only Jason had gone back on his choice so far and he’s got one of the few love stories of the franchise!

  36. The only good part of that final hour was following the Bachelor Finale Twitter feed. There was some pretty funny stuff. Arie was one of the skeeziest bachelors ever. And how about keeping the ages of the bachelors and girls a little closer? It was creepy watching him slobber all over young Beka. I know there are people happily married with large age differences but this was too weird. And then she ran away to a weed farm to find herself. Hahaha!

  37. I feel airing the entire breakup was not necessary. We got the point. It was long and drawn out for viewers and not fair to Becca. I mean it’s reality TV but still…I wanted to turn it off. It was boring and sad. Very little was exchanged between the two of them & the show was just trying to finally make a very “regular” season exciting. Either way Arie is here to find love and he made a mistake. I don’t hate on him, but feel he shouldn’t have proposed until his feelings were sorted. I do think the show puts pressure on the engagement aspect. Hopefully Lauren takes him back and they’re happy! Everyone will move on….

  38. Arie’s mom is blonde and so are his female relatives. Fast cars, fast girl’s…You catch my drift. Lauren seems barely able to communicate and yet Arie is in love with her?! Ugh. Krystal was a blonde psycho, Kendall is not ready for love so Arie settles for this final blonde. If Lauren dyes her hair a different colour, it’ll be all over.

  39. Awe…shitty shitty! Yes I believe this should of been done off set and Becca handled herself with such grace. I would love to see her be the next Bachelorette for sure??

  40. I am more pissed that the finale isn’t the finale, and now one MORE episode to go to see the real ending. Hook, line, and sinkered everyone! I won’t be watching any more seasons….

  41. Airing the breakup is fine but did we really need to see 45 mins of her crying??!! Didn’t want to fast fwd in case we would have missed something. So unnecessary! Glad Arie followed his heart in the end ?

  42. It’s too bad that they felt the need to have the break up nationalized on tv just for ratings so it would be the “most dramatic season yet”. These are real peoples lives. The show should have cared more about them.

  43. Although I agree with you that the right choice was to break of the engagement, I do think Arie is a horrible human being.
    1) He was thinking just about his benefit and emotions, not Becca’s.
    2) Bringing the crew to the break up WOWWW just WOWWW.
    3) He didn’t look upset at all, that “I have gas” face is the same one the did through out the season, it wasn’t like he really care at all about Becca.
    4) And last, what the hell did he proposed!!!!??? What a selfish move.
    He is a selfish joke of a man, that’s what I feel and Becca is better of and If Lauren takes him back, well…she is just plain stupid and with low self esteem, nobody who loves themself would agree to be with a guy like that.
    I feel like he had a free period trial like a website subscription and after the period trial he went a different route, how horrible is that!!

  44. I truly hope that he is left alone after all this. They both deserve much better. My instincts were correct about this guy. Never liked him. Worst season ever.

  45. His heart told him Lauren and his head told him Becca. He made a terrible mistake by going with his head and not heart. By breaking up with Becca he did the right thing for both of them – as heartbreaking as it was. I don’t really think the breakup should have been filmed. (Besides being agony to watch), it was cruel to Becca. But that’s over and done with now.

    I have my doubts, but I really hope Arie and Lauren can make it work. I’m sure Becca will be the next Bachelorette and will hopefully find her happy ending.

    I don’t think Arie deserves the hate he’s getting. Look at Jason and Molly. Similar story with a very very very happy ending.

    Jillian, you rock big time. Will always be the best Bachelorette ever.

  46. I agree with so many things you’ve touched on….However, they all signed up for this live tv risk of love and heartbreak. Did no one notice that Becca did not take her mic off earlier or the fact that she too could have ended the engagement as Arie was honest with her of his feelings for Lauren even after the proposal and engagement. Was she trying to change his mind? I believe he was heartfelt and yes it sucks for all three of them although one must wonder what she was like in real life that his love for her didn’t stick. We all saw how she treated her ex that spoke only of love for her and then how caddy Becca spoke of Lauren. Lauren never spoke poorly of anyone. I don’t feel Becca would be a good choice for the next bachelorette based on her rudeness to her ex and her comments about Lauren. If it was so bad for her I doubt she would have put on a white dress to sit on the couch last night for the world to see more of her and her desire for more tv time….same as her bestie that was sent home earlier on. Sadly, Arie is being ripped apart because he’s following his heart and in the process a lot of hearts were broken. Lauren can make her choice to take him back or not and Becca can find a better fit for her.

  47. Being a fan of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette for years, I’m very disappointed and somewhat disturbed by their actions in this episode. I understand “ratings” are very important, but watching that poor woman be broken up with on camera, in that way, with nowhere to escape to since the camera men/women were following her every move, and then to have Arie hover around for an excruciating length of time afterwards after her countless requests for him to leave, I’m not certain I’ll be watching this show again. I hope in the end everyone is able to move on, which I’m certain they will, and be happy. Very distasteful of all involved. I felt like I was watching a bunny being caught in a snare and there was nothing I could do but yell at the tv to leave her alone!

  48. I totally agree! During the family’s session everyone was choosing Becca. What a huge mistake he made not following his own heart. I truly believe in love but I think Bachelor rushes the process and there is way way too much pressure on a proposal. The break up was awful and Arie wouldn’t leave. It was so uncomfortable.

  49. I think Becca needs to end up with Ben Higgins! Arie is so dull and full of himself, she deserves someone who will treat her right!

  50. I totally agree! Do you think the show pushed them to show the live breakup? That wasn’t cool! However, I like the guy and it seemed he loved Lauren more for sure.

  51. I feel so bad for Becca. I think Bachelor Nation should not have filmed that. The poor girl! I hope she will recover from all this cause she truly is an amazing person!

  52. Awkward and tense viewing yet i was riveted to my seat i agree with your comments jillian is this the same as what happenened with the mesnicks as i didnt watch that one

  53. To me it seemed staged it should never been done in front of the world .I think she knew and she approved on breaking up this way.

  54. Ugh, Jillian/Mindy – I love you guys and your team. Huge huge fan. But your recaps are terrible. Somehow in 6 paragraphs (based on a 3 hour episode) you expressed barely any opinion and wished for everyone to just be happy….what? One opinion you did have that I agree with is that Arie should have picked Lauren to begin with. Not because their love was genuine though. If you truly believe based off what we watched on tv that is genuine love, I feel very sad for you. It was superficial and boring and nothing about it made me feel any emotion (other than the occasional eye roll that accompanied every “wow”). Can’t anyone for once just say “Arie doesn’t deserve anyone right now because he clearly has no idea what he wants.” And can’t we all agree that this season would have been the most boring season had it not been for this sudden twist of drama?

  55. Too flipping long when he’s breaking Becca’s heart!Man be done already and just leave. Zzzzzzzzzz
    I found “ Airee “ did not handle the situation well at all. I personally think he is a bit of a playboy and I give him and Lauren less than a few months.
    I was in Becca’s court the whole time. Lauren I felt never had much dialogue and was very dry to listen too. Becca was vivacious, bippy , SMART and FUN !!!!
    So confused.

  56. my words exactly! Arie is not a bad person for doing this. You can’t lie to yourself and deny your feelings. He did what he thought was best for everyone and in time, I hope he was right. I wish them all happiness!

  57. I totally disagree with the live break up and I feel that both Arie and the Bachelor franchise/Chris Harrison should have been bigger people and never let this play out on live TV. Becca is a beautiful and strong woman and handled it as best she could – she’ll be better off in the end. I’ve been a bachelor fan since day one but I didn’t really watch this season – I don’t think Arie was a good choice.

  58. HOLY GUACAMOLE! This one was intense… I completely agree with your blog… I do wish that the world wasn’t so mean to Arie though… he was trying his best… and the alternative is he could have not came clean about his feelings and strung Becca along? And that’s even more heartache…
    Now we just need to know:

    1) Will Lauren even take Arie back??? (there’s no way?! … Is there?”
    2) Will Becca give her ex’ another try lol… at least she has other proposals already lined up?


  59. I also believe they all knee ahead of time because otherwise she would not have had a mic on and let cameras in. I was always team Lauren. I think she’d make a great mom and wife. Did anyone see Becca take her ring off? She had it off at the last scene sitting on the couch. Crazy what these shows will do for ratings. I also do agree with Jillian, that he was really in love with Lauren. Hope things work out.

  60. If you look back at Emily Maynard Lauren does look quite a bit like her. Just sayin’. Wondering how much that all played into the decision. I thought the whole breakup on camera was pretty raw and crude with a ll of those cameras. Gonna watch the show tonight but it is a bit crazy. I loved Becca from the start and maybe she has more life in her than Arie.

  61. Lost all respect for Arie when he chose to break up with Becca on live TV. And the way he kept coming back and asking to talk instead of just leaving her alone it was like he was trying to stir the pot for more TV drama. I really hope Lauren doesn’t take him back. She was always so insecure in their relationship with him that there’s no way they would last after she watches the season herself. I don’t think she could ever trust him after he chose her second and told Becca how much he loved her, too. She truly thought he was only In love with her and I don’t think she could handle how much he liked Becca and some of the other girls. They both deserve better!

  62. This exact same thing happened with Jason Mesnick and Molly. Deanna came on the show and told him not to go for the safe person go for the fun person. He agonised over his decision and choose Melissa the fun one. He also on the final rose show asked if Molly would take him back. Thankfully they are both l mean including Melissa happily married with kids. Sometimes people need to keep their mouths shut and let the bachelor or bachelorette figure it out for themselves. Yes they can comment on the personalities of ladies/gents meeting the family but try not to sway their decision or it could and has been regretted.

  63. I was so annoyed watching poor Becca completely blindsided by this show! My husband and I just sat there and kept saying this was so wrong. So wrong that Becca was set up and so wrong that we watched it. Everyone knew what Becca was in for but Becca. I just was wanting it to end quite frankly. Fine, Arie made the wrong choice but this painful conversation needed to happen away from cameras. I felt she was just cornered with no where to go. This was where Jason and Arie differ; at least Jason afforded Melissa the respect and dignity to express his mistake in private . Shame on The Bachelor and shame on Arie!! Honestly, I’m done with this show!!

  64. Jillian, yes it was a bad move to break off the engagement on tv and w/ cameras and men in same room and Arie being coaxed by production mgr. w/ Becca being “miked up”. Bad all around. But I think Arie didn’t to get married and when Lauren takes him back, it won’t last(he’s never in long relationships), not like ur friend Molly and Jason. Another note, wish you would be more involved w/ Bachelornation, miss ya. Come down to Seattle and visit like u use to.

  65. Agreed! It’s time for this show to end… Whether she agreed or not, Rebecca’s heartbreak aired on television is low, even for this ratings hungry franchise. I can’t believe this is what The Bachelor has evolved in to. Such poor taste to show the new happy couple. I watched in disbelief as Lauren snuggled with her trophy, so smug and obviously pleased with herself; really? Today when women are uniting and vowing “Times Up”? Did she even watch the show? She will not have a fairytale ending… I just hope Becca is ready for her season as the Bachelorette, her consolation prize… SMH

  66. I think Arie knew he was done with Becca well before he told her and was selfish with the way he handled it on camera or off. What if Lauren blew him off on the phone would Becca have been his second choice and not even know it? He put his needs before others which was really shitty and then did it on camera. Ouch! Not cool Arie!!! Totally agree you should not stay in the relationship if you’re not feeling it but Arie really was self serving!

  67. I believe and agree Arie was truly in love with Lauren and it was his family that changed his mine. As to the break up on TV I think if he wouldn’t have done it that way it would’ve been way more judgement and now everybody saw how it happpened and it’s the truth and that’s what it is no more rumours. Becca is the new bachorlette and now she will have a lot of the same feelings and maybe be in lighten on what he when through making a tough decision it must have been really hard. I always feel bad for the last 4 that’s when it’s crutch time .

  68. Jillian, I AGREE with you! I did think he and Lauren are a better fit and I thought his family thouhhtbdo too so I was so surprised when they said “Becca”! What?!! Anyway, as painful as it may have been, you ABSOLUTELY have to go with your heart. Feeeling trapped leads to resentment and a lifetime of wondering . My BIGGEST complaint last night was WHY DIDN’T HE LEAVE WHEN SHE TOLD HIM TO?!?! I was SO annoyed. He lost some of my respect then. I hope he and Lauren get married and are happy and YAY for Becca!!

  69. I agree with your recap ? Jillian. At least he ended it before they got married and specially before they had babies. They will each be happy with the ones they’re supposed to be with now.

  70. The saying “There is No business, like show business” it’s more like “It’s everyone’s business, when it’s show business”. They all knew what they were getting themselves into when they signed up for this show. Public humiliation and judgement are just some of the many downsides to trying to find love on this show. Personally, I do not hold any anger or upset with what Arie did. I am actually shocked and appalled at the many negative comments that were being circulated about Arie and how he handled himself overall. I think we all need to stop judging and put ourselves in his shoes and know that it isn’t a very easy process. I can’t even begin to imagine the type of pressure that a person in that position feels to make the right choice, that wants to make the right choice and wants to find their “happily ever after” and my own hope, is that through all this turmoil and drama, he has. Life goes on, hearts will mend. Becca is on her way to find her own happily ever after and all the haters need to CHILL!

  71. Jillian, I was unable to see the second part last night. I’m hoping you are doing a recap on events that took place. Of all times to not be able to watch the last show! Darn! I love following you! Looking forward to your next updates. So glad Arie went with his heart!

  72. I totally agree that Arie family swayed his decision, unfortunately. I was hoping for Becca to be the Bachelorette, so I’m happy about that. I think it will help give her more closure too to be in Arie’s shoes and get a better understanding of how difficult it is.

    1. I wish he would have done the breakup privately, but I’m guessing the producers convinced him that he could avoid some of the public backlash by showing the real story instead of leaving people to concoct their own version of events. Still plenty of back lash! There are SOOO many people who just live to judge people, even though they have never been in a remotely similar situation, and haven’t got the first clue what that would be like (or can’t be bothered to try and put themselves in his shoes).

  73. Every time I read these blog posts I feel like someone is voicing exactly what I am thinking. Your opinions mirrors mine, mostly to the T. Thanks for that!

    Arie truly loved Lauren, with the heart. You can see how eager he is to be around her and spend time with her. When the public was out there scratching heads wondering how he could be in love with what seemed limited interactions, he saw it—soulmates. If you watch back to their episodes you see how much he wants her and loves her (he said I love you, not just im falling for you, first to her). He asked her on two consecutive 1-1. In confessionals they always seemed to say the same thing, which to me was funny because she always claimed that he knew what he was thinking often, and you see that they perceive things super similarly if you pay close Attention.

  74. Also! The whole thing with Arie putting this on film—wrong. BUT I am sure there’s more that we know around the production and contracts. Becca seemed to be okay with it, soooo…

  75. It was so hard to watch and I felt badly for Becca, I thought it was a terrible decision on Arie’s part to air it all out on national tv but I’m just so glad that Becca has and will move on. Insta@plumerea fan

  76. I was totally disgusted with Airie. He is the worst bachelor I have ever seen on this show. I hated the way the program showed Becca is such distress and agony. I don’t like the Bachelor anymore and think they are making money off of other people’s misery. This isn’t how love should be portrayed in the media. Boycott the show!

  77. I love that Arie was smart enough to trust that he made the wrong discussion and that he was brave English ugh to fix it and hey people make mistakes that is why we watch this show but I am so happy for Arie and Lauren

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