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The Bachelor Recap: I Love You … and You!

Hi Everyone! Mindy here! Can you believe there are only TWO girls left on The Bachelor?? This season has been a whirlwind and I feel as though it has also been one of the toughest seasons to predict … just when I think I have it all figured out, Arie throws a curveball my way!!! Does anyone else feel the same??

Alright, let’s get this started with Kendall’s date with Arie. I was SO convinced for the longest time that Kendall and Lauren would be the two girls left in the end (see my previous recap here with my predictions … this was one of Arie’s many curveballs!) but after watching last night’s episode of The Bachelor it made sense that Kendall went home considering she was the only one who fully admitted that if Arie asked her to marry him that she would say no. While this is the WHOLE point of the show, to be fair to her, it IS a little ridiculous to rush a proposal for no good reason. I think it’s fair to take your time with something like this, but on the other hand, she knew that this was what she was getting herself into when she auditioned for the show … but then I guess she didn’t know how she would feel about Arie either … she could have fallen MADLY in love with him and she may have been 100% ready for a proposal. I guess in the end, and after all of my rambling, this does tell us one thing, that Arie and Kendall weren’t meant to be! However, in regards to their date, I honestly feel as though these two had so much fun together and I really think that they have a genuine connection. They are both a bit quirky and goofy and they seem to get a kick out of each other’s nerdiness so I think if they met outside of The Bachelor that they probably would have hit it off, dated for a while and eventually would have gotten engaged. Just my two cents.

Jillian Harris The Bachelor Recap

Moving on to Lauren’s date … you can tell Arie really likes Lauren … I mean, it’s kind of obvious considering he told her he loved her about a MILLION times, but I have to say, while I was watching them interact last night I couldn’t help but feel this pit in my stomach. I was watching them interact and I saw Lauren open up to him and you could tell she let her guard down as soon as he told her he loved her (which any girl would!) and I immediately felt sick to my stomach over it because I had this little feeling that she was going to get hurt. I really wish Arie would have kept those three little words to himself until the very end because it’s unfair to tell two girls you love them … it instills false hope in both of them because when it comes down to it, one of them is going to be left heartbroken and I really hope it’s not Lauren as I feel like this will close her off even more than she already is.

Jillian Harris The Bachelor Recap

Last but not least, we have Becca’s date … this date completely confused me for a couple of reasons. First, Arie also told Becca he loved her repeatedly (gah, Arie!!!), THEN Becca’s ex showed up in PERU to confess his love for her. Ok, when I was watching this I couldn’t help but roll my eyes … did production set this up? I mean, you would think that if he loved Becca SO MUCH that he would have reached out to her MONTHS ago to try and get back together with her. If you love someone that much you can at least text them to say “Hey, I really want to see you want to meet up this weekend?” … but no, apparently he decided to stay silent and then show up in Peru to try and win her over once he realized she had moved on. I’m so confused. Someone, please enlighten me here!!

Jillian Harris The Bachelor Recap

Also, if we rewind just a bit to Arie and Becca’s morning after their date, I couldn’t help but cringe at the fact that they woke up in a tent in a desert … and then went out into the blazing sun to have breakfast picnic style. I mean, I’m all for this as an evening date because I think it’s a cute idea but it seems like the last thing I would want to do after an overnight date. Watching it just made me thirsty and I couldn’t imagine how dry their mouths would have been. LOL!! Maybe I’m overthinking it though!!

Alright, so we are officially down to the last two girls and I have NO IDEA who Arie is going to pick. My heart wants him to pick Lauren because I don’t want her to get hurt but my gut is telling me that he is going to pick Becca. What do you think?? Make sure to share your predictions below and we will see who nailed it next week!!

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  1. I so agree on production setting up the ex! How weird was that! Lol
    Anyways there are rumors that he chooses one girl and then changes his mind. I truly think they will both end up hurt and perhaps this time next year, Arie will be single again 🙁
    My vote is that he proposes to Becca. Let’s see…

  2. Okay.. so I do like both girls for sure! But I think Arie will probably end up picking Becca, as they have had such an easy, fun and strong connection! They seem like a good match all around. I really like Lauren, but there is just something there that seems not as easy with them. She often is super quiet, and there’s many almost “awkward” moments between them, I almost feel like Arie is pushing past that because he is infatuated with her.
    However, we have all heard that something “shocking” is going to happen… so who knows?! It will be very exciting to watch the finale next week ??

  3. You’d think Arie might have learned from Ben’s season. Yikes. Caroline seemed pretty mad at him on the tell all show, so Vegas odds, he really can’t decide and pulls a Mesnick. If so, I hope they bring back Krystal and the three of them throw glitter at him.

  4. I can’t help but be continuously disappointed with this season. Arie is boring and since when do the bachelors tell the girls that they love them yet alone multiple girls. I just think that the producers were really stretching to get something interesting going on. The ex showing up for Becca was so staged and he didn’t even really try. Don’t you think if you flew all the way to Peru to get “your girl” you would be more heartfelt and sincere about how much that person meant to you.

    Honestly this has been tough to watch.

  5. Becca. He for sure picks her but then i heard he broke up with her after the show and is now with Lauren… who knows tho!

  6. I guess you don’t know the spoilers. Arie is sonafraid someone won’t him back he’s saying I❤️ U to everyone.

    It’s a MELISSA/Molly scenario. Decide dude!

  7. I cannot handle this season. Never before has it seemed so incredibly scripted and fake. (Can we stop the fake dinners and actually show them eating once in s while??
    First of all… Run Kendall!!! Becca and Aries tent??!! Umm… where is the bathroom? Completely creepy and ridiculous.
    Lastly, Becca’s ex just showing up in Peru? Whatever, there is no way without the production team he would have happened to stump me upon them (and he was a horrible many takes did they do?)
    Arie will end up with Becca and it will end within 6 months and then he will be on Bachelor in Paradise.

    1. Pretty sure we did see them eating Monday night, and on Sunday’s show there was an entire montage of him eating. I would guess the tent was at a resort, with a bathroom close by, and a kitchen, where breakfast came from. Of course Becca’s ex did not stumble upon them. He said he contacted the producers to track her down.

  8. He breaks L’s heart( she’s the one crying in the background when A asks” do u want me to leave).
    B goes back to her X after learning A had sex with L and said he loved them both. A is left empty handed. Can’t say I feel sorry for him.

  9. Seriously think he said I love you to get them into bed!! Also he is so touchy feelie and eats everyone’s faces when he kisses them. Something is off about this guy he is a play boy and wondering if he is not gay?! I think they are playing us with the final rose shake up to make us watch. Either he walks away from them both or goes with Becca’s boyfriend lol

  10. I think Becca had the best hometown visit, she wasn’t my favourite until then.
    But yawn, Arie is so boring! I don’t think either are going to work out

  11. In response to the ex-beau showing up, he said that he heard she was on a show but didn’t really know anything about it. Eventually he found out that the show usually ends with a proposal, so that’s why he came when he did. But still cheesy, because if he cared about her SO much, he should’ve expressed it to her sometime in the last year, not now. Other things…too many I love yous, totally agree. He should’ve stayed quiet. And, does anyone else feel bad for the girls who have their overnight either 2nd or 3rd? Ick! I would hate knowing that he was just intimate with someone else a day or two ago.

  12. I too was totally blown away at how many times he said “I love you” to multiple women. What was he thinking? I thought his feelings are to be kept to himself until the end, now he is building up false hope for one of the women which will be way more devasting to them since he reciprocated his love. I also believe the ex showing up was such terrible acting it had to be preplanned just for ratings. I mean he hardly even fought for her love once he got there, it looked like he was definitely put up to doing it, I wonder how much he got paid?!
    Anyway I am rooting for Lauren but if you believe rumours on other sites it sounds like he chooses Becca, and the internet is always right?

  13. So my prediction is he is going to be another Jason Mesnick. I think after Caroline said those things on women tell all, he will choose 1 then change his mind. I think it will be Becca but then he will change his mind and want Lauren??‍♀️ Hope they both say NO.

  14. I almost feel it will be Lauren. I don’t know the extent of everything because we clearly only saw parts of their interactions but I found this season, and Arie to be somewhat boring. And same with Lauren! I just feel they would be a good boring couple together LOL buuuut, on the other hand… if we are seeing this much issues trust and hesitation on Lauren’s behalf, it could be something that would destroy a relationship. I mean, you can’t go on a tv show and not expect to be a public figure, or at least get a lot of attention afterwards. What happens if other women try to get in between them or rumours start, or something from his past comes up… will that build her walls up again, or more?! I just don’t know. I’m so confused this season ha! After Caroline said “I know what you did” at the women tell all, I feel like he picks one and then changes his mind. I guess we will find out soon….

  15. I think he will pick Becca. His connection with Lauren is sweet and emotional however I feel that his connection with Becca is relaxed & authentic. Like best buds who fell in love. I feel so sad for Lauren after this if she doesn’t get picked because of the “I love you”. You could see on both of the girls faces during their interviews after those fateful words…they felt so confident it was in the bag for them. Gulp! I couldn’t imagine watching this back!

  16. I’m not understanding how all of these, seemingly great, girls are falling in love with this guy! He says the same thing to everyone, just seems to want to be physical, and any time anyone says anything serious, he just says “yeah” and stares at them. Where’s the depth? The last handful of bachelors have had no personalities, and the Bachelorettes are always awesome. I’m believing the rumors, but also think 6 months from now he’ll be single again.

  17. Arie seems like a playboy. Saying I love you to three women uggg ! Then passionately kissing them all. I’m not sure he truly is husband material.

  18. There is something about Lauren that I still struggle with. I can’t help but question her sincerity. I understand the position she’s in is hard especially for someone who is closed off. But on the flip side to that, she knew about this before going on the show. It takes communication to make a relationship work. And though I know the show gets edited certain ways for a reason, I see Becca and his communication skills are way better compared to Lauren’s. I am actually worried that he will pick Lauren and she will someday break his heart.

    I am pro Becca and Arie. But I’d also be pro Becca for the next bachelorette!

  19. I totally agree that this season has been hard to predict. 9 times out of 10, I have nailed who the top 4 would be on week one or 2. Not this time. I am lost! Now, I really can’t decide who he will pick,, and I don’t think he knows either. My big prediction for the finale is that he is going to refuse to send either one home and say he wants to continue seeing them outside of the show to see where it leads. Of course the problem with that idea is the girls will likely be less than impressed! Now THAT might make for “the most dramatic ending ever”!

  20. He will pick Becca, due to the while “seeing another man wanting her so I’ll swoop in to win even if I wouldn’t have picked her originally”…watching someone else desire your prey makes you falsely more attracted. And he will soon realize he should have stuck with Lauren and will shatter Becca when he leaves her. My guess.

  21. What great responses and I think we are basically on the same page.
    1. Ari is no catch
    2. No one stays in the dessert with a tent and no bathroom or water!!
    3. B’s bf showing up appears staged!
    4. No this I love you to all is BULL!
    5. Not a very good season at all ?

  22. he picks Becca but then changes his mind on live TV to go to Lauren. that is what reality steve says and he is never wrong. Arie is engaged to Lauren

  23. New drinking game for Arie’s season: Take a drink every time he says “you know”! We’d all be wasted ?

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