Little Leaders Series: Ryder Moore

Hi Everyone!! As most of you know I started up the “Little Leaders” series last year to shed some light on the little shining stars in our communities and so far it’s been amazing to see the positive response come in from everyone in support of these uplifting blogs and the number of emails that we’ve received sharing stories of Little Leaders in YOUR communities!! Our goal for 2018 (along with many others!) is to keep sharing these incredible stories coming because I am SO proud of all the kids out there who are doing SO much good and I believe they deserve to be recognized!! I want them to know THAT WE ARE SEEING WHAT THEY ARE DOING and we LOVE THEM! Kudos to the moms, dads and support system these kids have in order to live with such compassion and empathy! The point of this monthly feature is to spotlight these special little leaders and help them with their efforts and hope to encourage other kids, youth, and families to follow suit!

So without further adieu, our “LITTLE LEADER” for the month of February is … RYDER MOORE!!

Jillian Harris Februarys Little Leader Ryder Moore

We heard about Ryder’s story in a sweet email from Andrea Downey (who has actually just started up her own Mommy Blog!!). Andrea used to work with Ryder’s mom, Sarah, and decided to let us in on 7-year-old Ryder’s charity, “Ryder’s Rainboots” in hopes to raise awareness of Ryder’s Rainboots to the local community and help him not only reach but SURPASS his goal. Last year he raised more than $2,500 and he bought 70 raingear kits, which included boots, ponchos, socks, and gloves. He also wrote personalized cards for each recipient. This year, Ryder as a new goal of 90 rain kits for people in need!!

Jillian Harris Februarys Little Leader Ryder Moore Jillian Harris Februarys Little Leader Ryder Moore

Here’s his story …

Briefly, last year while Sarah, Ryder and Ryder’s little brother were driving downtown in the rain, Ryder noticed that there were a lot of people living on the streets and many didn’t have shoes. He wanted to give his rainboots away right then but his little brother turned to him and said “No, those are Ryder’s Rainboots”, and that’s when Ryder thought of his fundraising idea!

With the help of his Mom and Dad, Ryder started this project “Ryder’s Rainboots” to raise money to buy new rain boots for people living in poverty in my community. Last year Ryder raised $2,548 and bought 68 pairs of rain boots and ponchos or rain suits for men, women, and kids. He also bought socks and gloves for everyone and included a personal note with each donation with read “Hope these boots keep your feet dry. From Ryder’s Rainboots xoxo”. Ryder’s small idea turned into something very big and special!! Ryder has his own Facebook page (go give it a LIKE, here!!) and a fundraising page (to donate, click here!)

We ABSOLUTELY LOVE Ryder and his massive heart and dedication to Ryder’s Rainboots and we’re so excited to donate $250 to his amazing charity today!! If you would also like to make a donation, make sure to stop by his fundraising page and if you have any questions or would like to support Ryder’s Rainboots in some way please feel free to contact Sarah Moore (Ryder’s Mama) at!!

Jillian Harris Februarys Little Leader Ryder Moore Jillian Harris Februarys Little Leader Ryder Moore Jillian Harris Februarys Little Leader Ryder Moore

If YOU know of a Little Leader in YOUR community, make sure to send us an email along with photos to with the subject LITTLE LEADER.



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