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The Bachelor Recap: Who Drinks Their Own Pee?!

Hey everyone!! Whoa … who watched last nights episode of The Bachelor?! All I have to say is, what the hell?! What happened?! I’m so confused!! Before I get too carried away with my thoughts, let me start off from the beginning starting with the first one on one date with Sienne!!

OK, I loooove Sienne!! I think she’s gorgeous, she has a good head on her shoulders and she seems to have a heart of gold BUT I think she is lacking confidence and I don’t mean her day to day confidence, I think she’s lacking confidence in LOVE!!! She has this crazy perception that everyone else deserves love before her and I think she needs to lay that thought to rest as it might be exactly what has been holding her back! I thought their date was the perfect balance of adventure and relaxation … and how could you not LOVE the idea of being serenaded by Lanco?! The song they sang last night is one of my top 5 favourite songs right now, if you missed it, check it out on YouTube here (and while you’re on YouTube, why don’t you subscribe to Jillian’s channel at the same time?? There are lots of Vlogs in the making!!!). Ps. Was I the only one who noticed that Arie was SUPER TAN in this episode?? He must have got some time in poolside before departing to Lake Tahoe!!

Alright, moving on to the group date … I’m all for hiking and being outdoors and I actually thought the survival stuff was KIND OF COOL butttt the urine drinking hoax made me want to throw up in my mouth and I couldn’t help but feel totally MORTIFIED when Jacqueline was ACTUALLY going to DRINK HER PEE!!! I think I was sitting there with my mouth hanging open in disbelief that this poor girl was actually considering it … thank goodness he rushed up to ger right away and came clean about his being APPLE JUICE!! Imagine if she just took a big swig right away and he didn’t have time to tell her??? Cue the dry heaves. I mean she was THIS CLOSE!! SHE PUT IT UP TO HER LIPS!! ?

Jillian Harris The Bachelor Recap

Now, I get that this date isn’t everyone’s cup of pee … (lol … I HAD to) but I think Krystal was totally overreacting about this date … I mean, I definitely wouldn’t want to be chowing down on worms and maggots but I could at least find some awkward humor in it but in my eyes, she didn’t do herself any favours by sulking about it and saying that she is “so above and beyond this” … argh. I honestly can’t tell if Krystal is genuine or not … one moment she is being so sweet with Arie then the next moment she is always talking about herself and the other girls … YAWN! I think she might end up ruining this opportunity with Arie if she doesn’t start being careful about how she acts towards the other girls in the house. I mean, I know they are there to win over Arie’s heart but it doesn’t hurt to make some friends with the other girls along the way. What are YOUR thoughts on Krystal?? Make sure to comment below because I’m so curious to know what you think!! On another note, I was soooo jacked to see Tia get the rose on the group date … WAY TO GO GIRL!!

Jillian Harris The Bachelor Recap

Okay, then there was the one on one with Bekah. There’s no denying that Arie and Bekah have some smokin hot chemistry … this girl (no matter HOW old she is) knows how to work him … don’t you agree?? The conversations are on point, her body language is perfect … and those puppy dog eyes?! Wowie. I was honestly a bit nervous when she told Arie her age because he definitely let that get to his head for a bit but I’m beyond happy he ended up keeping her around because I don’t think her age really plays a factor here … she seems like she’s such an old soul and I think she’s here for the right reasons … I don’t really see any red flags with her?? Or maybe she’s pulling the wool over my eyes too?? Again, I want your thoughts on this!! Oh! And how many of you CRINGED when Arie’s fingers when straight through Bekah’s hoop earrings when they were kissing?! All I could think about was him tearing that bad boy out of her ear and how painful that would be!! GULP!!

Jillian Harris The Bachelor Recap

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Can I also just point out the fact that Arie’s favourite phrase of the night was “You know?!” … can we make up a Bachelor drinking game right now?? Check it out …

The Bachelor Drinking Game

  1. Every time Arie touches a girls face while he leans in for a kiss … take 1 sip of your drink.
  2. Every time Arie says “You know” … take 2 sips of your drink.
  3. Every time Krystal talks about the other girls … polish off your damn drink because I’m pretty sure we are all getting tired of hearing about it.

Ok lastly … I was SHOCKED to see Caroline go home so soon!!! Can we all vote CAROLINE FOR NEXT BACHELORETTE?!?! I’ll leave it at that … until next time!!




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  1. Love me some Bachelor! Krystal is starting to show her true colors and I think things are about to get ugly. And, although his antennae definitely went up, I am really glad Arie kept Bekah. She acts more mature than her age and they definitely have the smokin’ chemistry. I think she and Sienn challenge him the most and he seems to dig that.

  2. I’m glad that Bekha got her rose. He obviously sees something in her he likes so who cares about the age difference. She could be his true love! I was married at 22 and have been happily married for 27 years!!

  3. Krystal has the potential of a ” bunny boiler”! When Arie took her to his home & then to his parents?? I thought that was a massive! Mistake.. What was he thinking? From that date onward, that gave her the unbelievable belief that she was a shoo- in for Final Rose. She is deluding herself and in the process turning into one very needy unpopular girl. In my opinion.

  4. Totally agree re the chemistry he has with Bekah. I was just sweating when he was talking to her about her age, thinking she was going to get the boot. Relieved he has kept her and is “guarding his heart” but still clearly keeping her as a definite consideration.
    And YES, I also saw the hand go up to her face when he kissed her and the finger thru the large hoops and was cringing that he was going to rip it out and totally ruin the moment but miraculously he was incredibly smooth when he pulled his hand away. Great job Arie!

  5. Gah! Seriously! I think Crystal is so fake. The way she talks to Ariebis cringe worthy and then she sounds all fake peppy when she talks with the girls. She better hurry up and ruin her chances ASAP, I’m done watching and listening to her whine! I’d rather get to know the other girls!

  6. Dear Jillian and team,

    I was wondering if there is a possibility to get Jillian and Justin docuseries on DVD? I live in Northern Europe (Estonia to be exact) and I cannot purchase it on itunes as it says its not available in my region. I would really love to see the series as Im loving Your house! And of course I think You’re awesome too! Would really appreciate Your help! Kisses,

  7. Haha!!! Love the drinking game. Next episode this is exactly what I’m doing! Bekah is on my top 4 list for this season. I love her energy and I think she would be awesome with Arie. Go Bekah! Keep batting those pretty puppy dog eyes. It’s working! ?

  8. Jimmy Kimmel did a segment on Krystal’s voice the other day! It is so cringeworthy – and not because of it’s natural raspiness, but because of what she does with it. “Hiiiiiiiii” – ugh! And I think Bekah’s age is definitely an issue! Do you remember what you were like at 22?! Even if you’re the most mature 22 year old out there, there’s still a huge life difference between 22 and 36. I like Bekah, but I cannot see that working long term – they may be great one on one, but once you introduce friends and day to day life and careers and all of that, I think issues will start to emerge. So far I actually like all of the other girls except Krystal and my verdict is still out on Chelsea! Kendall grew on me this episode as well, I wasn’t sure on her before.

  9. Hi Jillian question where did you get black checker shower curtain? I been looking can’t find if you please let me know where it’s from please and thanks !

  10. Agree with everything you said! I was on to Krystal a couple of episodes ago. I really thought she had a shot in the beginning, but has lost her momentum for various reasons. In my mind, she was over confident and figured she was the only one hitting it off with Arie. Now she has realized this isn’t the case, and I agree 100% that it was disrespectful to Arie and the other girls when she pulled him aside prior to the start of the “Rose” ceremony.
    I adore young Bekah! She seems very mature and confident for her tender years. Their chemistry is incredible. However, I feel Arie gave her the rose to give himself dome more time to absorb and really consider the difference in their ages. I don’t think he will end up with her solely for that reason. I find this sad!

  11. I am done with Krystal she is so self absorbed and annoying , and her voice irritates me . What makes her think she is above the rest of the girls because they are trying to make the best of the situation.. be gone Krystal .
    Not a fan of Bekha and I think that she bounced around when he said are you ready , I don’t think she is wife material just yet . There are other girls that fit better . Was so sad to see Caroline to leave really liked her . Loved that aria got the rose on the date . Love the Krystal game too , next week shall be interesting .

  12. I liked Krystal at first when she went on the one on one date, but since then, she seems fake to me. Way too dramatic.
    As for Bekah being 22, I think she’s too young for Arie, and he knows it too. She is not ready to settle down, she seems like a free spirit to begin with.

  13. Krystal is the classic beautiful girl that thinks everyone hates her because she is beautiful but really, everyone hates her because she is stuck up, bitchy, inconsiderate and rude.

    I LOVE bekah but she is WAY too young. I know that is super judgey and she DOES seem like she has an old soul but I think Arie is right, life slows down SO much in your 30’s and I just don’t think she gets that! You don’t do the bar scene, you go to bed early to hit up costco “before the rush” the next day, you have children or start to have children and life revolves around them and family and close friends. I can’t imagine giving up my 20’s to settle down with someone who has already had those experiences and adventures of your 20’s, and I don’t think it would be fair to either of them to try….

  14. Krstyal … maybe she’s a good person out of this setting and it is brining the worst out in her. Not a huge fan. Seems very ungenuine.

    As for Bekah. I’m having a tough time because I met my husband (who is 6 years older than me) when I was her age and who I was then and who I am now (34) are completely different. I think 14 years is a lot. There 22 years olds with old souls, which I think she has, but there are 22 year olds living as 22 year olds do/should. I think bringing their worlds together would be hard, but not impossible.

  15. Krystal be crazy. I feel like she keeps forgetting what she ultimately signed up for :: a reality tv show competing for the heart of one man with twenty other women. It drives me crazy that she has this attitude that everyone should be catering to her time with Aria and HER feelings when.. umm Krystal.. it’s the Bachelor. He may just not be that into you?! Have you seen Sienne?!?!

    Also, love Bekah. She always seems to ask really good questions which I love and doesn’t always use her time with ‘pillow lip’ Arie for the makeout sesh. To me, she seems much more level headed than most of the girls talking about her and knows EXACTLY who she is (*cough cough* crazy Krystal).

  16. 1. Krystal has to go… She is a hypocrite and two-faced. Her soft voice is annoying too. She seems so fake to me.

    2. I do like Bekah. I didn’t at first, but after this episode that has changed. They do seem to have the hottest chemistry.

    3. I was SO bummed when he sent Caroline home. She was in my top 3 for sure!

    4. Arie keeps talking about how old and boring he has become and I hate it. 36 is NOT old and he’s a race car driver… How is that boring. HA!

  17. Agree with all of the above! I really liked Caroline! Krystal needs to go, she is caddy and I do not feel like she is there for the right reasons. I can not get a feel on Bekah, I think I really like her and that she is an old sole so who really cares about her age but then at the same time she is ONLY 22! So young still!

    And just for the record I would NOT drink my own pee! Yuck! ??

  18. Caroline was my favorite…. she definitely needs to be the next bachelorette!!! Gorgeous, sweet, level headed- no offense, I think she can do way better than Arie! I think she actually dodged a bullet when he sent her home! Krystal on the other hand…. gag!!! She’s a self centered little girl who rags on everyone else for their lack of self confidence and neediness but in reality she is only making herself look PATHETIC!!

  19. Krystal makes me sick , is so fake and I thought his giving her the last rose gave her a scare. She could be up to more no good. I hope he lets her go!

    Bekah is so beautiful andsooo genuine. Good luck to her!

  20. I am sure Caroline will be in Paradise this summer – with Tia! The two of them are hilarious together – just what Paradise needs!! I have to say that I think Bekah is WAY too young – once he knew her age, the whole thing took on a whole new level of creepy to me. She’s cute and sweet (or so it seems) but TOO YOUNG! There are some lovely ladies there. Time will tell…

  21. Krystal needs to go. The way she talks to everyone. It’s like she is telling them that she is the queen and they are below her. She seems sneaky to me. Like this is just a game that she plans on winning.

  22. Such a surprise Krystal likes talking about the other women when she preaches health & wellness. That biz is NOT positive or good for your health girl (Or anyone elses) Amen to the *YAWN*

  23. I also cringed when his hand went thru her ear ring! I was thinking the same thing about him ripping it outta her ear! I was almost on the edge of my seat waiting for that kiss to be over! KRYSTAL gets on my last nerve. She’s whining to Arie like she’s in a high school DRAMA club. If she weren’t so condescending to the other girls maybe she wouldn’t feel so “attacked” which I don’t believe she is. I think the other girls are just sharing feelings. I mean if SO many of the girls feel the same way about Krystal they must be right. Right?? I believe she’s unnecessarily aggressive but it all could just come down to how the show is being edited. I also believe Bekah being 22 years old doesn’t need to be a big deal in this case. She seems very mature. I’m just not so sure if they would last just because of his REACTION to the age difference. It really seemed to scare him. I guess we’ll see what happens!

  24. I was so sad that Caroline went home, thought she was going to stick around for awhile. I LOVE Tia, hope she makes it to the end. And for Krystal, she needs to go. I don’t think she’ll be the one in the end and seems pretty fake. Also interested to see how things go with Chelsea next on their one on one date.

  25. Not only was Arie tan, it looked like he may have gotten a bad spray tan. Oops!! I think I hollered at the tv when I saw Arie’s fingers go in Bekah’s hoop, I was just waiting for that to go south! Ah, bless her heart they didn’t… I had JUST decided last night that I think I like Caroline best, then he sent her home! So did not see that coming. Let’s get a petition going to get to be the next bachelorette for sure 🙂

  26. Not gonna lie – as much as Krystal annoys the snot out of me 😛 – I was uncomfortable watching Tia and Caroline kind of gang up on her. I really don’t think she realizes how much she aggravates the other girls – which just exacerbates the whole thing! But I also don’t think they handled it all that well. Not that I would have done any better on international TV – LOL.

    Bekah M. is the ONLY girl that Arie actually seems super into. Their whole date was so easy and natural – even the conversation about her age was refreshing. I get where he’s coming from, being concerned about her age. Not because of the NUMBER, but because of the difference between 36 and 22. And Bekah seems like such a free spirit – not sure how much she’d love being ‘settled down,’ having kids, all that – which seems to be what Arie wants. Which is totally reasonable! That said, I will probs be crying if/when they break up, because they are so at ease and adorable together. DAMN this show for playing with my emotions so hard. 😉

  27. This happened to be the very first episode of the bachelor I have watched this season (have it all recorded l, just haven’t gotten around to watching them) and I am sickened by Krystal. Like wtf. She is not genuine at all… fakes shit! And Beckah…. ❤❤ I am in love with her! They are so natural together. And I might add I got Married when I was 22. We now have 3 kids and married for 6.5 years! She is an old soul. I really hope he gets over the age gap.

  28. Crystal is sooo fake! I can’t stand her! She needs to go asap! I’m liking Bekah she is very honest and comfortable around arie….i agree that she knows what to say and what to do at the right time. I think she could have any man she wanted around her little finger in no time! Whether it lasts or not I’m not to sure….he wants marriage and kids like tomorrow and I’m not so sure she does

  29. AGE MEANS NOTHING!! Bekah is awesome. Their relationship so far, awesome. The other girls that are concerned about her age are just insecure with the bond between Bekah and Arie so they are looking for reasons to justify its failure. I doooont think it’s going to work though. I LOVED Krystal in the beginning. Who knows how much is edited to make her seem this way, but I’m starting to think she’s a sore loser. I don’t see her staying much longer because of it. But I hope she does just for the drama. I love me some reality tv drama! ?

  30. I am so shocked that Arie gave Krystal a rose! She says the other girls are being desperate but she cant even make it through the rose ceremony without stealing him away. (*eyes rolling*) I love that Tia isn’t afraid to show her emotion and even when I comes to Krystal I would have the same attitude towards her. So glad Bekha got her rose, she may be young but there is obvious chemistry!

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