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The Bachelorette: Hannah B is Back!

Hey everyone!! Mindy here! Hannah B’s seasons of The Bachelorette officially started LAST NIGHT! Did you end up catching it?? If you did, keep on reading but if you plan on watching it tonight (or sometime this week!) maybe skip this recap until you watch it because it DOES contain spoilers!

Alright let’s dig in, shall we?? Let’s start with the lady of the hour, Hannah B! Before the season started there were some concerns floating around out there about Hannah and how she would do as The Bachelorette! People were concerned that the season might be a bit of a snore and that Hannah might find it tough being in front of the camera all the time and leading these guys throughout the season.

Well, while I agreed with most of these thoughts originally, after watching last night’s episode, I think Hannah will actually be GREAT! She is a good mix of sweet and fiery so I think it’ll be an interesting (or the most dramatic yet?! LOL!) season!

Okay, let’s chat about some of the guys that stood out last night!

Jillian Harris The Bachelorette Recap


Cam already came in with a rose which put him ahead of the guys straight away … and THEN he got the first kiss! Talk about a double whammy! While I think at this point he is ahead of the game, I truly don’t believe that he is the right guy for Hannah!

Jillian Harris The Bachelorette Recap


I mean who WOULDN’T fall head over heels with someone who played his guitar and sang you a song?! I mean … that’s the obvious way to steal a girls heart and 99.9% of the time it works and it absolutely worked for Jed last night!! I mean, it helps when you’re really cute too! LOL! Nice work Jed, nice work!

Jillian Harris The Bachelorette Recap


Peter is the super sweet pilot and I think he’s SO GREAT!! As soon as I saw him I thought he would be PERFECT for Hannah! I like the fact that he seems so kind and I love his spontaneous attitude! I know it’s pretty early to start guessing but I have a feeling that Peter will be around for the long haul and MAY even make it to the end!

Jillian Harris The Bachelorette Recap


I thought this whole scenario was so bizarre! It felt SO set up to me … what do you think?? Either way, whether it was set up or not, Scott definitely shouldn’t be there if he has a girlfriend! Obviously … LOL!! I think Hannah did the right thing when she let him go because he certainly didn’t do well defending himself and came off as a total dud! ??‍♀️

Jillian Harris The Bachelorette Recap

Connor S

Connor seems like a bit of an underdog right now but I feel like he MIGHT come out ahead as the episodes carry on!

Jillian Harris The Bachelorette Recap


Okay … I’m a LITTLE confused about Luke …first off, he kind of reminds me of Colton, which is partly why I think Hannah feels so attracted to him. Now, the only difference is that Colton was a virgin and Luke basically told us that he was a bit of a player when he was younger but mentioned that he’s changed now. Thoughts?? Do you believe him??

Personally, I DO like Luke and I WANT to believe him but I’m not 100% certain I trust him … yet. We will see what happens in the next few episodes but there’s no denying that Luke and Hannah definitely have the most chemistry out of everyone!

Jillian Harris The Bachelorette Recap

Okay … if I had to choose RIGHT NOW who I think the top two guys will be, I would have to bet on Peter and Luke. The crazy thing is, I feel like these two guys are polar opposites and it’s intriguing to see how they appeal to Hannah! I feel like this season could be a good one … what are your thoughts??

Until next week …


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  1. Hi Mindy!

    I love Luke and Peter the pilot, too! I want to believe in Luke, so I will, until proven otherwise. Hope Hannah finds love as she seems pretty special! So happy it’s Bachelorette season, makes up for our slow starting spring here in Ottawa.

  2. Hannah was great! Glad to she she is handling herself very well. Pete the pilot was my fave right off the hop, and I like Jed, too. Luke seems strong out of the gate, but I think he’s still a bit of a player. He thinks he should be settling down because his brother is way ahead of him, but I’m not sure he’s really ready. I don’t really trust him, and I feel like he may not even still be around for the home towns? Time will tell. I’m guessing we’ll be forced to see John Paul Jones in Paradise? Ugh. Obviously the producers made her keep that dud. Glad the BS drama with the guy with the girlfriend is over and done with. Buh bye!

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