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The Bachelorette Recap: Buh Bye, Chris!

Morning everyone! Did you happen to catch The Bachelorette last night?! Holy smokes … I don’t think I have ever been so excited to see someone leave the show than I was to see Chris go last night!! Anyway, I will talk more about that in a bit but let’s focus on some of the awesome guys from last night’s episode first!!


I’m fairly certain I can speak for everyone here when I say that I totally fell head over heels for Jason last night!!! I always thought he was a sweet guy but he never really stood out to me until Becca spent her one on one time with him! I think he is such a genuine, sincere, guy and he seems to have a heart of gold which really shines through.

I loved the fact that Becca brought some of his closest friends on their date! I always find it so interesting to see how people react with their friends and vice versa. I think it can tell a lot about someone and in this case, it did wonders for Jason. You can tell just how much he appreciates his friends and how his friends reciprocate the love!! This is one solid guy and I would love to see them end up together!! I’m rooting for ya, Jason!!

Jillian Harris The Bachelorette Recap


When I found out Leo was going on the second one on one date with Becca I honestly thought he would be going home! Up until last night, I never felt that they had a connection but I was pleasantly surprised as to how well their date went! I feel as though Leo is this mystery man and we never really had the chance to see who he REALLY was until last night.

However, while I think Leo is totally sincere, kind, and playful, I really can’t see him and Becca ending up together!! Having said that, I would LOVE to see Leo as The Bachelor!! I think it would be so fun to watch him really open up and see how he would be as the star of the show.

Jillian Harris The Bachelorette Recap


I think Becca is VERY attracted to Colton … and I get it, he’s hot … but I think she would be better off with Blake or Jason in the long run!!


I’m sure this won’t be the last we see of Lincoln … I could see him popping up on Bachelor In Paradise or something. He stirs the pot way too much to just be MIA in the Bachelor world!!


Chris made me cringe the ENTIRE episode. I was completely over him playing the pity game … this guy loves to hear himself talk and I am so proud of Becca for FINALLY letting him go. He needs to do a bit of work on himself before he gets into a relationship. Buh bye, Chris.

Jillian Harris The Bachelorette Recap

Alright, so that’s my thoughts on last night’s episode. Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments section below as I would love to hear what you think. Before I go, I’m going to list my predictions for the top FOUR guys below …

  • Jason
  • Blake
  • Garret
  • Colton





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  1. Team Leo!!!! I mean, not for Becca. But I love this guy! He’s so sweet and down to earth. I thought the whole episode was a bit cringe worthy. I muted Chris most of the time because unlike him, I don’t like the sound of his voice ?.

  2. I agree with your top four and the fact that Chris is gone. What a loser. Similar to the model guy- whatever his name was. Some real duds this time round!

  3. Heck yes, those are my top 4 as well ! I like Jason but I can’t get it out of my head he reminds me of the main character from Hotel Transylvania. When is Colton going to share his virgin identity?

  4. In my mind, there is a top 3 and a bottom 3. The date with Jason was great, but I feel like he is going to end up in the friend zone. Same with Leo and Wills. They are all great guys, and she likes them all and has a great time with them, but that doesn’t mean they are marriage material for her. I think she is most into Blake and Garret, and she has some sizzle with Colton. I would choose Colton so I will not be disappointed if he doesn’t make it to the end. Would love to see him as the next Bachelor!

  5. I have really liked Jason from the start and I’m glad he’s finally getting more time with becca!! My top pick would 100% be blake, I’ve loved him since night one and I think they’re perfect for each other!! Kinda felt like Leo’s date was awkward in a way but only because becca wasn’t herself with all that went on with Chris (?). Totally agree with you on Colton though!! Def agree with your top 4, Blake for the win!!

  6. I totally agree with the your top four picks for the final four.

    I never thought of Leo being the bachelor, but I would love if he was. Seems like such a good guy.

    1. Garret is the guy for Becca, no doubt!! He is so kind, mature, polite, FUNNY, and handsome. And he reminds her of home! <3

      Later Chris! You drove me NUTS!

    2. I thought the same thing! I don’t think Leo is right with Becca, but he is a fantastic guy and I would love to see him as The Bachelor! Maybe we should start a campaign? #leoforbachelor

    3. I hope she picks Garrett. They have an unmatched chemisty imo and he seems very genuine and super sweet.

  7. Those are my top 4 as well! I do think Wills is super cute though. I’d like to see him on BIP at some point…

  8. Well Jillian if you don’t like Chris then don’t watch Bachelor in Paradise as he is going to be there along with David and Jordan. I might have to skip this one…..

  9. We won’t be seeing Lincoln again, he was recently convicted of molesting some gal. Leo did ok on his date but I don’t want to see him as the bachelor. His past is also a little sketchy. I agree with your predictions for final 4. As much as I like Jason, I don’t think she will pick him. I’d love for him to be the next bachelor!

  10. Im so glad she gave leo a chance he is interesting but not for becca i think how hot was connor with his glasses on jason is my no 1 pick also blake and garrett i thought i heard colton is on bip i like wills but have trouble understanding him

  11. I agree with all your sentiments about last night. I was hoping Chris would have been gone last week but she had already sent two bad guys home so had to keep one.

    I adore Jason and Blake and also like Garrett and Colton. These next weeks are always the best and the hardest.

    As for Jason, if he isn’t the chosen one by Becca I think he also would be a wonderful Bachelor.

  12. Lincoln is suppose to be registering as a sex offender I thought ?? I fell in love with Leo last night. Yes ? for sure next Bachelor. I wanted to throat punch Chris. Bye Boy Bye.

  13. When Becca had the show bring some of Jason’s friends on the date it implied to me that she’s already serious about their relationship, so I now see him as the front runner. It honestly reminded me of when Rachel bought Bryan the watch. Matching watches, meeting friends, it’s all long term planning in my opinion.

  14. Garret is the guy for Becca, no doubt!! He is so kind, mature, polite, FUNNY, and handsome. And he reminds her of home! <3

    Later Chris! You drove me NUTS!

  15. I was so happy to see Chris leave as well, he was a little aggressive towards the end…almost scary! I think Colton is adorable as well, but husband material probably not. Garret is fun and handsome, but I would pick Jason or Blake as husband material. My favorite from day one has been Blake!

  16. I loved Jason from the start! I think he’s the sweetest one of them all. Chris bothered me from the start I couldn’t wait for her to get rid of him!

  17. Lincoln was convicted of indecent assault and battery last month (from an incident with a woman on a cruise ship), we won’t be seeing him again, thank goodness!

  18. Feeling bad for Becca already. How will she let go of these great men. I mean these are really great people. Wills is a favorite for me whom I know Becca really likes but she doesn’t love him. He’ll be a hard one for her to let go. Letting go of Jason, Blake or Garret will kill her slowly. I am happy for her but she will have tons of heartbreak before she gets her happiness.

  19. Omg, can she wear more bling ?!?!? I do like her but it’s awful what they made her wear every time. Its like if she was going to the 1990’s prom every Rose Ceremony…..
    And i am team Colton… let’s see!

  20. Same picks but not in that order lol I see Becca with Jason, cute and they seem so natural together! Colton is a babe but it seems like lust not love! Garrett is a cutie too and seems more level headed but there is something about him that seems off! Blake is my last pick, to me they dont look right together! Leo is a super nice, intelligant guy but a lil awkward at times, it would be great to see him as The Bachelor, he doesnt seem the BIP kinda guy!

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