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The Bachelorette Recap: Is Hannah done?

Morning everyone!! Easton here and I’m so excited to be back with another recap of The Bachelorette!! Was it just me or was last night’s episode hard to watch?? The tension was high and there was so much arguing between all of the guys. It’s not shocking that it finally led Hannah to her breaking point!! Let’s dive into another drama-filled episode, shall we??

Luke P.

Oh, Luke… just leave already! LOL!! I was actually jumping up and down with excitement when Hannah decided not to give Luke a rose on their one on one! I thought it was for the best! What about you?! However, just when I thought we were in the clear… Luke came crawling back and she let him! UGH, are you kidding me!?

I mean, I understand that Hannah wants to give everybody a chance and she doesn’t want to miss out on any chance of finding “the one” but at this point, I believe that Luke P. isn’t the right guy for her… BUT if Hannah decides that he IS the one at the end of all of this, I wish her the best of luck! LOL!

Hannah Snaps

I totally understand why Hannah lost it on the guys and why she was so frustrated!! There always seems to be a fight going on in the house (thanks Luke P. ?). This would be so irritating because it takes away so much time from Hannah getting to know the guys and creating relationships!! I think Hannah carried herself really well in this situation and handled it the best was possible.

But on the other side of things, I also feel bad for the guys because I think they see the real Luke P. and want to protect her! If I was one of the guys and had to watch Hannah and Luke P. together I would be frustrated as well and wonder what the heck Hannah saw in him!! At the end of the day, this is Hannah’s journey and the guys DO need to stay in their own lane… would you agree?!

Jillian Harris The Bachelorette Recap

Chris Harrison and Hannah Sit Down

This season has been filled with so much drama ALREADY that Chris and Hannah had to sit down and talk about it for half of the episode. LOL!! I FINALLY believe Chris when he warned us that this would be “the most dramatic season yet”… LOL.  This has been the most drama-filled season I have ever watched! It could be a blessing in disguise though as even though Hannah has dealt with so much drama, I think it has helped her realize she has a lot of great guys still in the house who she has started to develop feelings for!

Okay, you guys I can’t wait for next weeks episode!!! The sneak peek they showed about what is going to happen has me asking so many questions and it’s going to be one JUICY episode! LOL! Let me know what you guys think is going to happen in the comments below!!

Until next week!



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  1. Easton, it’s clear the talk with Chris was filmed WAY after the incident…. it’s at the mansion, I doubt they flew back to do that interview and the new went back to Europe.

    Worst episode ever. Over the annoying immature drama.

  2. This week was hard to watch. So much drama but honestly, I think Hannah is adding to the drama. Instead of ignoring it or calmly addressing it, she was adding duel to the fire. I also think how she talked to the guys was like a mother scolding her children and it was kind of rude. I lost a bit of respect for her because she came across very entitled and almost like she thinks she is way up there and the guys are beneath her. Like they are literally fighting for her, instead of the relationships being two way streets, despite their being so many guys.
    Also, the sit down was incredibly boring and I feel like we got ripped off half an episode.
    I’ll still keep watching the season but this episode was a dud.

  3. I just do not understand why she is keeping Luke P….I mean I understand that he makes for good tv, but he’s bringing out the absolute worst in all the guys because he is such a liar. I just don’t understand why Hannah doesn’t see this. I know it’s her journey, but she could alleviate so much stress and drama for herself just by getting rid of him. There are some great guys still there and I truly feel she will find her guy, but Luke P. cannot be it…..I hope!!! lol

  4. Agreed Easton. I’m a bit miffed and kind of don’t want to watch because I don’t understand why she thinks she should keep giving this guy another chance. But after watching the preview; I’m assuming it’s Luke P with a ring, no one makes her cry that hard,, and I’ll likely turn the boob tube on and watch the mindless show cuz I enjoy it … lol. Also, I loved how she said “ stay in your lane” . These guys need to trust the girl, open up, and stay focused on the prize.. HANNAH.

  5. I think Luke P has a lot of growing up to do and not mariage material at this moment. Give him another 5 to 10 years.

  6. I find this season of the Bachelorette so disappointing mainly because Hannah seems far too young and immature. She is constantly trying to prove that she is a “strong woman” but her actions actually prove the opposite. It was painful to watch her one on one with Luke P last week and irritating to watch her discussion with Chris Harrison. last night. I have been a huge fan of the franchise (loved Jillian’s season!) and watch because I like to watch people date and fall in love. I hope they do a better job at picking the next Bachelor!

  7. Last night’s episode was so disappointing. Literally nothing happened. They made an entire 2 hours out of nothing but drama, some of which we had already seen, and it was painful enough to watch the first time! The good news it didn’t take long to watch because I ffwded through a lot of it.
    She should have stuck to her guns and sent Luke packing. She has given him too many chances already. Nothing good can come of keeping him around. He is the source of the drama she is upset over. She may not be ready to throw in the towel, but I am! Seeing more scenes of Luke drama in the previews doesn’t make me want to tune in. I may bail until I hear he’s finally gone. OR I’ll just ffwd through every scene with Luke in it.
    I was also disappointed with the people they announced would be in Paradise. I mean, it was a given they would include those people for drama, but I had hoped they would announce some people I’d be interested in seeing. Not so far.

  8. This episode was dreadful.. so obvious how Luke P is manipulating Hannah? And maybe even the entire show! Wasn’t he overheard twice previously?? To “ need to decide if he still wanted to be there! “.
    On this show, when the person eliminated is told to leave? They go!! Super annoyed this one was allowed to refuse to go and come back.
    I’m having a hard time feeling any sympathy for Hannah. Why is it so hard for her to realize the entire reason things are so disrupted is down to Luke!
    Not impressed with this season

  9. I didn’t get to see it.We had tornado warnings and the weather crew took up the show.I’m sure from the clips,it was a mess!
    I am anxious to see who has a ring!Is it Luke P.?

  10. I agree with your comments but I could have done without the sitdown/recap. Just show us the dates. Too much filler. I hate when I feel that the powers that be are taking advantage of us in Bachelor Nation and that’s how I felt last night. I look forward to more content next week!

  11. |I agree with your comments but I could have done without the sitdown/recap. Just show us the dates!

  12. Ok! New here and saw your post about the re-cap so I want to chat!
    Honestly, all the men are concerned for Hannah, but they should be concerned for themselves! If I was all the rest of’em I’d leave…. I did see the preview for Monday and MAN, who comes back with a ring? I think I know, lol.
    This season is so crazy drama.

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