Fraiche Food, Full Hearts: Our Cookbook Is Now Available for Pre-Order!

I cannot even believe I’m sitting here typing this right now … this moment seems so surreal and it’s with great pride and overwhelming joy that I announce … our cookbookFraiche Food, Full Hearts, is now available for PRE-ORDER!!

Tori and I are so excited to finally share all of our hard work with you … over the last three years, we have pulled countless hours in the kitchen, chopped enough veggies to feed an army … suffered a few burnt fingers … messed up a few recipes, tested our lemon olive oil cake more times that we can count … BUT … it was all worth it in the end. We are so over the moon to have some of our most precious family recipes in this book that have been handed down from generation to generation and that we have enjoyed for many years when we were just little girls.

We’ve also had the incredible opportunity of including some of the most important people in our life within the pages of this cookbook, such as our boomba, our moms, and the men in our life who made this possible for us (thank YOU Justin and Charles for all of your love and support!). There’s no denying this cookbook is going to be an heirloom in our kitchen and we truly hope it’ll also be one in yours!!

Tori and I really wanted to take the time to share our ENTIRE experience up until this point with you … so, we have created the video below to give you a little glimpse into what it was like to be in our kitchen during the cookbook photoshoots … there are lots of laughs and also a few swear words (but I think we bleeped most of them out anyway ?) … LOL!

Jillian Harris Cookbook PreOrder Jillian Harris Cookbook PreOrderJillian Harris Cookbook PreOrder Jillian Harris Cookbook PreOrder Jillian Harris Cookbook PreOrder Jillian Harris Cookbook PreOrder

Now, the cookbook doesn’t actually hit store shelves until October 1st and we know that is still a few months away (trust us, we’re eager for this too! LOL) so, for anyone that pre-orders the cookbook, we are going to send you SIX summer recipes from our cookbook to tide you over until the official release of the book!

All you have to do is pre-order the book at any North American retailer (such as, Barnes & Noble, and!) and send your proof of purchase to and you’ll receive a free Recipe Preview Bundle featuring SIX of our favourite summer recipes from the book!!

Jillian Harris Cookbook PreOrder Jillian Harris Cookbook PreOrderJillian Harris Cookbook PreOrderJillian Harris Cookbook PreOrder-1

There you have it! The countdown is OFFICIALLY on and we can’t WAIT for all of you to have this cookbook in your hands and to see you whip up some of our recipes for your own families!



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  1. Loved the behind the scenes video! I had no idea it was that hard to make a cookbook. I think Jillian drinking the leftover gluhwein out of the pot is my favourite part, lol. I’m surprised you all didn’t get fat eating all those “mistakes” Your dedication to making the recipes better and better when they were already good is amazing. Not everybody cares that much, they just want to sell something as easily as possible. Good job ladies. Can’t wait to try all the recipes!

  2. I’m so excited for you ladies! I feel your passion and excitement in this video. Thank you for sharing your love of cooking with us. My book is preordered and I can’t wait to start cooking. Cheers!

    a Manitoban living in Korea with her American military husband

  3. Are the recipes in this cookbook all vegan? I have nut allergies and can not use nut flours or nut based dairy. I’m ready to order but concerned that these recipes will not work for me. Please respond. Thank you! ❤️

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