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The Highly-Anticipated Brown Bedroom Reveal is Here!

It’s FINALLY HERE!! The highly-anticipated brown bedroom reveal! I have been eagerly awaiting this day when I could share the gorgeous photos of our new space with all of you.

As many of you know, last year when the team and I were hard at work prepping the Spring 2023 Jilly Box, I realized that the lavender colour of the box didn’t really suit my pink-and-white bedroom aesthetic. Of course, the more grounded solution would have been to simply shoot the box in another room (LOL)… but since I had been feeling the itch to redesign the space anyways, it seemed like the perfect time to connect with The Cross Decor & Design about a room transformation! Read more about what inspired the change and my parting words to the ICONIC pink bedroom here.

The important thing I want to say is that NOTHING was wasted in the process of this room transformation. Keeping my environmental goals top of mind, all items from the pink room found a new home! (More on that below.)

I’m very grateful that we were able to partner with The Cross Decor & Design for this transformation. For 20 years I’ve been a loyal shopper, partner and unofficial spokesperson! If this is the first time you are hearing of The Cross, they’re a small women-owned shop in Vancouver’s Yaletown neighbourhood that has luxurious quality home decor items and more. 

When I shared with them my vision for a BROWN room, they were AMAZING partners in design and totally helped me bring my vision to life. So, as we designed and curated this bedroom, Wow 1 Day Painting got hard to work painting my walls to a warm 999 Rustic Taupe from Benjamin Moore. So long bright white walls! It was nice knowing you!

The most exciting thing to come from this bedroom transformation is that Team Jilly and I auctioned off the pink bedroom items to find them a new home and raised $8600 for Mamas for Mamas in the process!!! Thank you to everyone who participated in the auction. We are SO grateful! 

Now, without further ado, let’s get into the details of this STUNNING new room I am so lucky to call my own:

Items Co-Designed by Jilly

Jillian Harris's brown bedroom reveal in collaboration with The Cross Decor & Design
The Cross floral pillows for Jillian Harris's brown bedroom transformation
Pillows for Jillian Harris's brown bedroom transformation with The Cross
Boudoir Bench for Jillian Harris's brown bedroom transformation with The Cross

The NEW Jillian Bed – $4,395.00 – $4,995.00 (only available in BC)

The first piece I knew I had to decide on when transforming my space was the bed. It’s the centrepiece, after all! I knew I wanted it to be timeless not only for us to enjoy long-term but also for potential future owners of the house should we ever decide to move. I also currently have an obsession with browns and caramels (which was also an obsession at the time I had to make a choice about the bed)! I found a lot of inspiration in the design style of @chrislovesjulia with the darker colours and tones they tend to incorporate. So, I quickly decided that a brown headboard was the way to go, and I would build the look around that!

Working closely with Stephanie and her team at The Cross, we ended up going for a headboard that was the same value as the pink—only this time in a taupe colour! The bed is available in Queen or King Size, and it features beautiful curved wings and tufting on the headboard. (A designer’s dream!!) You can order this bed in a selection of curated fabrics from The Cross. Oh, and did I mention it’s designed and made in Vancouver?! How great is that?!

The Hyacinth Embroidered Lumbar Pillow (18×36) – $450.00 CAD

This STUNNING lavender pillow is one of my favourites from this collection! The Hyacinth Lumbar Pillow is beautifully embroidered with these stylized floral medallions. It adds the perfect delicate, feminine touch to the space! I’m so in love with it!!

The Daisy Chain Embroidered Pillow (14×20) – $225.00 CAD

The Daisy Chain Pillow is SO adorable with this all-over chain-stitched daisy pattern. If you want to bring a little bit of sweetness to your space, this is the decorative pillow for you!

The Picket Fence Check Sham (King) – $325.00 CAD

This windowpane check sham is SO CLASSIC and adds a playful, whimsical pattern to the bedroom. Please note: the pillow insert is not included with the purchase of this sham.

The Fair Weather Check Pillow (Euro) – $375.00 CAD

Another check sham for the WIN!! This heavy-weight, large-scale check sham is versatile and cheerful. You simply can’t go wrong with this classic tone-on-tone check pillow.

The Boudoir Bench – $1,695.00 – $2,495.00 CAD

This bench is inspired by Louis XVI’s classic french style. Not only is it functional (every heel-wearing person needs somewhere to sit and put their shoes on for a night out!) but it’s also beautiful. The French style of this bench really comes through with the hand-carved, fluted legs. (Such an elegant touch, I KNOW!!) It’s the perfect foundational piece to anchor the bedroom pieces around it and give the space an extra touch of effortless elegance.

Items Curated by The Cross

Lamp and Harlowe Chest for Jillian Harris's brown bedroom transformation with The Cross
Chandelier for Jillian Harris's brown bedroom transformation with The Cross
Rug for Jillian Harris's brown bedroom transformation with The Cross

The Pacifica Cloud KING Bed Sheets – $175.00 – $395.00 CAD

There are a couple of things I look for when selecting bed sheets (beyond just, does it fit my bed?? LOL.): a crisp look and a luxurious feel. So, when designing a set of sheets to complement the rest of the bed, The Cross and I knew just what to do! 

The Dream Down Duvet – $995.00 – $2,095.00 CAD

Every bed needs a cozy duvet! And, The Cross totally spoiled me with the OUTSTANDING heirloom quality of this one. Seriously, this duvet is not only soft like a cloud, but it also keeps us warm during the chilly Kelowna winters while still feeling breathable.

If you’re doing for a full bedroom reno or just in need of a great duvet, I would HIGHLY recommend this one! While I know this item is costly, the quality is unparalleled and will last you a lifetime!! Seriously, compared to when I had a duvet that was lower-end, I REALLY notice a difference in the quality.

The Zuma Cream Blanket – $345.00 – $395.00 CAD

It’s still chilly outside, and blankets are a great way to add an extra bit of warmth and comfort when cozying up in bed! Made of stonewashed cotton, the Zuma Cream Blanket features a deep waffle wave and brings amazing texture to your home and bedroom.

The Dream Down Pillows – $495.00 – $995.00 CAD

As much as we all LOVE gorgeous, decorative pillows for the day, we also need a great pillow to rest our heads on at night! Made with a special SoLoft™ 100% cotton material imported from Germany, these Dream Down Pillows are the epitome of luxury.  The 300 TC cotton twill also has no chemical finishes; it has pure natural cotton that is specially woven to make it permanently down-proof and dust mite-proof even after repeated washings! These pillows are available in sizes Twin, Double, Queen or King. I cannot recommend this product enough!!

The Everest Taupe Pillow (26” x 26”) – $495.00 CAD

Another beautiful throw pillow curated for this collection is the Taupe Vegan Faux Sherpa Fur Pillow! This pillow is soft and washable. Perfect on its own or to mix and match with other colours and patterns, this pillow is sure to elevate any space. This luxurious pillow offers texture, with the added bonus of being classic and cruelty-free.

The Harlowe Chest – $2,195.00 CAD

What makes ANY piece I bring into my home perfect is when it strikes the right balance of being functional and aesthetic!! From years spent in this house, I have learned the importance of having an oversized side table next to my bed. (Seriously, there’s nothing worse than not having enough space to place things next to you at night when curled up with a book or early in the morning when sipping coffee!) And, let me tell you, this chest does just that!!

This chest has a Swedish-inspired style and was constructed using wood with a timeless white finish. One detail I REALLY love about this piece is the carved grooves in the drawer fronts that give it a textured look. Plus, there is a small hidden drawer beneath the table top which can be opened using the two notches on the side, and there is even a little drawer in the back for charging your phone!! (Yes, we really thought of everything for this drawer!)

Erren White Table Lamps – $575.00 CAD

I love an elegant lamp that isn’t too distracting but instead adds a soft touch to the space. The Erren White Table Lamp is the perfect contemporary accent, featuring subtle horizontal etched stripes and a bronze accent base. 

Justin and I have one on either side of our bed. They add the perfect amount of light at night and balance to the space.

The Vestra Alondra Rug – $750.00 – $4,495.00 CAD

When selecting a rug for my bedroom, I knew I wanted something simple that brought some texture and coziness to the space. Both cozy and stylish, the Vestra Alondra Rug was the PERFECT choice. The soft and inviting texture of the on-trend shearling look with the addition of subtle, sophisticated details added so much to the room! Blended of durable wool and polyester, this light and bright rug features a textural, ivory design trimmed with flatwoven gray and ivory heathered edges.

The Florian Gold Chandelier – $2,295.00 CAD

This chandelier is SUCH a showstopper! I love the intricate floral details that seem like they are sprouting from the arms. It reminds me of flower stems, so even though the chandelier stands out in the space there is also a softness to the design. 

I hope you LOVED this collection with The Cross! It was such a wonderful experience partnering with them on this project. I am IN LOVE with my new bedroom!

If you are embarking on a redesign of your own bedrooms, remember: design is an evolution! When we try to plan it out too much, it feels cookie-cutter. I didn’t want our bedroom to feel overly planned, and I think with a lot of thought and mixing and matching tones, shades and patterns, we struck that perfect balance! 

If you would like to purchase items from this collection, visit The Cross Design & Decor now to start shopping! Items are available exclusively at The Cross.



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