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Auctioning the ICONIC Pink Bedroom Items for Mamas for Mamas!!

I know you have all been DYING to see my bedroom transformation. (And, honestly, I am counting down the days until I get to share it with you!!) But, before I do, first I want to find the items from my former pink bedroom a wonderful new home. So, today we will be auctioning off the products to one lucky person and all of the proceeds will go to Mamas for Mamas! The original value of all of the items combined is $12,540 CAD and the starting bid is $5,000. The bed, chandelier and lights will need to be picked up from my place in Kelowna OR the winner will need to arrange their own shipping, but everything else we can ship to YOU!! And, all of the new items included in the auction bundle will be shipped to you directly from the brands.

The important thing I want to emphasize is that NOTHING got wasted! Team Jilly and I wanted to be conscious of what is happening with these items, which is why we are here to find them a new home through an auction!

Now, you may be wondering, what inspired this change? Here is a recap of what happened:

Jillian Harris's Pink Bed Fundraiser Mamas for Mamas Bedroom Auction
Jillian Harris bedroom items for the Mamas for Mamas Bedroom Auction

What Inspired the Change

Last year, when prepping the Spring 2023 Jilly Box (yes, we work that far in advance, LOL!!) my team and I decided we were going to have the box be a beautiful lavender colour. (Surprise!! This is EXCLUSIVE Jilly Box info!!) A perfect shade for spring, dare I say so myself!! My room at that time was pink of course, and I didn’t think that shooting a lavender-coloured Jilly Box in the pink bedroom would work because the colours wouldn’t complement one another. (Can you tell my designer brain never shuts off?)

Naturally, I thought, “well, why not shoot somewhere else?” Then, it got me thinking… it might be nice for a bedroom refresh. Maybe this is the time for a change? My idea was this: I could auction off some of the bedroom pieces (like the ICONIC pink bed) and find some beautiful replacements from The Cross Design and Decor. So, I approached their team, and they were game to join forces once again to assemble a collection of bedroom must-haves, some of which I helped design and some of which The Cross team curated (full bedroom reveal COMING SOON)!! The most exciting thing to come from this bedroom transformation is, Team Jilly and I are raising money for Mamas for Mamas by auctioning off items from the Pink Bedroom, which COULD BE YOURS! And today, we wanted to share the details of that auction with you!! But first, a reflection on the pink bedroom…

Jillian Harris seated on her iconic pink bed for the Mamas for Mamas bedroom auction
Jillian Harris's Bedroom Auction for Mamas for Mamas Jillian in Smash + Tess Romper

A Reflection on the Pink Bedroom 

Whoever would have guessed that I would manage to convince Justin to have a pink bedroom?! Not me if you’d asked me years ago! Still, somehow it happened and soon enough Justin was a big fan of the pop of colour too! Yes, he even had a tough time saying goodbye to the pink bed when I decided to do a refresh.

The pink room has been the backdrop for countless Jilly Box reveals, print collection announcements, clothing and decor collaborations, and SO MUCH MORE!! It was such a cheerful, bright space where you simply couldn’t wake up on the wrong side of the bed.

All that to say, when I decided it was time to update the space, I wanted these beautiful bedroom pieces that I designed with The Cross Design and Decor to go to a good home. And guess what? That good home could be yours!

Important Auction Details

Please note that all of these items for auction are not in brand-new condition. They are my actual bed set and have been in my possession for five years. We will also not be paying for the shipping of the bed, lamps or chandelier. The winner will need to pick up these items in Kelowna or arrange for shipping on their own. Thank you for your understanding! And, just a reminder: all of the new items included in the auction bundle will be shipped to you directly from the brands.

Additionally, the items must be bid on as a set! We will not be auctioning them off individually.

Jillian Harris jumping on her pink bed Mamas for Mamas bedroom auction

What Items Are Available in the Bedroom Bundle (Valued at $12, 540 CAD)

The items that are available are:

Jillian’s Gently Used Bedroom Set; originally from The Cross:

  • King Size Jillian Bed in Rose Quartz – $6795
  • Shay Cloud Chandelier – $2995
  • Gesso Wood table lamps (2) – $425 each (No longer available in store!)
    • With a mix of new and old, this Gesso Table Lamp will make any modern space feel like home.
    • Material: Birch Wood
    • Dimensions: 26.5″H x 18″W x 18″D
    • Shade: 15.5 x 17.5 x 10″
    • Details:
      • Wattage: 3-Way 150 Watt Max
      • Bulb Qty: 1
      • Bulb Type: A Type Medium Base (E26)

NEW Peace and Love Pillow Shams (2) – $250

The Cross Contribution:

Haven Contribution:

To bid on the above bundle, click the button below to enter!

Best of luck, everyone! And, thank you for supporting Mamas for Mamas!



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