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The Colorful Movie Room: Part 1

As you know my STYLE AT HOME House Tour article was just released a few weeks ago – my house has been a labour of love for 3 years now and we are FINALY at the final stages of the renovation! This room, which is now the movie room used to be the ‘fancy living room’ … I loved the idea and had it all decorated perfectly but we found we NEVER used the space. it needed to be PRACTICAL and so we made it into a movie room! Now most movie rooms are dark and serene – but as you know I don’t do dark lol .. so with the 12 foot ceilings and bright airy feel, I decided to keep it that way! We brought in our custom Country Furniture Sofa, made a gallery wall, and hung the tv on the opposite wall…. Voila… NOTTTTT. The Wall with the TV on it was TOTALLY missing something… and thats when it came to me. It needed to feel GRAND, like a movie theatre (credit galy at dhead support), I wanted it to feel like an old library, that got soaked in white paint and color!  SO that is when I called STOR-X ……

I could not be happier with my custom built-in installed by STOR-X Kelowna! It has transformed this room in my home to one of my FAVOURITES!!!! It’s crazy how the simple addition of one floor to ceiling storage unit can completely change the feeling in a room. Of course I colour coded the pieces inside the unit to make it look absolutely perfect…the designers dream!!! I love adding history to a room when you’re feeling a little blah about it… it adds that perfect touch of personalization and will make you love it that much more….AND it’s fun to add little sentimental pieces to it throughout the years!!!!

STOR XSTORXSTOR-XInside my Storage Unit

1. Brass Cage Terrarium | 2. Crystal Bookend | 3. Rope Lantern | 4. Circular Tray | 5. Ship Sake Bottle | 6. Glass Buoy | 7. Magnifying Glass | 8. Goblet | Champagne GlassCocktial Glass | 9. Pom-Pom Pillow | 10. Trophy | 11. Coral Decoration | 12. Throw Blanket

To see the rest of my House Tour you can pick up the Style At Home magazine!!! OR wait for the rest of the blog posts!!!!



top photo by: Janis Nicolay

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  1. You have changed a lot since the issue…even a new kitchen which I love!! but I loved the white one as well.

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