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Top 5 Eco-Friendly Decorating Tips

Happy Earth Day my lovelies!!!! I have compiled a list of my TOP 5 everyday ways to help save mother nature that not only help the planet, but can also save you money, time or both. It is just as easy to make green choices when it comes to home decorating as it is to not…. most people just aren’t educated on HOW to!!! Once you learn how easy it is you too will be making green choices when choosing what to add to and discard from your home…you have to start somewhere so here are my 5 quick and easy steps that you can do TODAY to get started!!!…

  1. Habitat for Humanity and some other sources accept used building materials in good condition and resell them at a small fraction of what they’d cost new. Everything from windows, counters, floors, appliances and fixtures like bathtubs and toilets can be found here. And most of the time in perfectly good condition.
  2. Craigslist, eBay and other auction sites are great bargain sources for home decor, both new and used. Home decor doesn’t have to cost a fortune, consider pre-loved items and be more environmentally friendly in your choices. Buying vintage and antique is a great eco-friendly alternative
  3. Many local municipal garbage/recycling depots have free paint exchange programs. Drop off your leftover paint, or pick some up for free – great for small projects, especially if you’re willing to be flexible on colour (though there’s usually plenty of white!).
  4. Artfully displayed on bookshelves or in bowls on a coffee table, natural collections make for easy and eco-friendly home decorating. Think: pine cones, stones, seashells, flowers, coral, driftwood.
  5. Think about how you might rejuvenate old wood furniture, rather than simply discarding it. You can often give a piece a new life by refinishing it (professionally or do-it-yourself), repainting or simply repurposing. This is a low-cost, environmentally friendly decorating idea. You can also simply change up the hardware to give it a fresh new look!!!
ECO-friendly decorating guide

1. Vintage Lamps | 2. Vintage Lights | 3. Vintage Map | 4. Vintage books/bookend | 5. Sea Shells | 6. Candlesticks| 7. Vintage Chairs | 8. Repurposed Dresser

Eco-friendly decorating doesn’t have to mean boring…what are your favourite ways to incorporate it into your everyday life??




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  1. I love using anything organic and environment friendly! I use a Kelowna local brand called Zero Xeno to clean my home now! Love, love, love earth day!
    Great tips, now my home can be cute and clean ;P

  2. If you cannot afford to buy expensive pieces, get ideas from other home magazines and shop at thrift stores to find similar decor that you can spruce up and make it look like you paid top dollar for it.

  3. Decor placement can be the trickiest part of decorating a home. If you have collections of items to display, place them in a display cabinet, on a table or grouped on a decorative tray. In that way you can able to save money and reusing antiques is eco-friendly. But you should consider the appliance that needs to be replace due to rust and mechanical trouble, shop at baseboardradiatorcover .com to look for best replacement that will last longer and with a quality design.

  4. Sea shells and creatures are NOT an eco-friendly way to decorate. Please leave ocean life at the beach.

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