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The Cutest Mouse House in the Neighbourhood

As promised last week, I am sharing ALL of the precious details behind Annie’s Mouse House transformation with you today! Yes, you read that right, we even decorated Annie’s Mouse House for the holidays! 

Annie and her cousin, Hayden, both have a Mouse House and when they’re together, they spend most of their time huddled around the Mouse House and playing for what seems like hours on end. I love watching their imaginations run wild! 

Mouse House

First off, let me give you some details of the Mouse House itself! Officially called “Annie’s Dollhouse”  (or, Mouse House, as we like to call it) was designed by myself and my cousin Sammy and built by the talented team at Primrose Lifestyle! It’s made of solid wood and is supported with gorgeous ornate hand-turned legs with a beautiful scalloped roof. I LOVE that it also comes with three built-in drawers so that we can store all of our extra miniatures and mice here so nothing gets lost! Not to mention, Primrose Lifestyle has even created a miniature furniture collection which is inspired by their full-size Primrose pieces, so I HAD to snag this as well to outfit Annie’s Mouse House.

flamingo next to the mouse house

During one of our latest shoot days here at the house, myself and Mindy decided to surprise Annie and transform her Mouse House into a festive little winter wonderland. 

First, we cleared out the Mouse House entirely and stored all of the items we weren’t going to use in our transformation in the built in drawers. Then, we pulled out all of the holiday necessities such as little banners, wreaths, gifts, trees, etc. 

We started by adding mini lights around the Mouse House then moved from room to room adding our festive touch throughout.

The living room is adorned with a wreath, stockings hanging from the mantle, and, of course, a miniature tree and presents to celebrate the holidays. Mindy even got super crafty and “reupholstered” the pillow on the couch and in the nursery with some red and cream striped ribbon! 

Living room with piano and fireplace

The kitchen is fully stocked with all of the dinner essentials including a loaf of sourdough on the counter (like mother, like daughter! LOL) and complete with holiday finishes such as a red and white checkered “tea towel” and even a mini garland on the table. 

kitchen table with food

The bedroom is the coziest room in the house (in my opinion!). I found this adorable checkered blanket for the bed that really ties together all of the little details in the room such as the mini wreath and banner hanging from the bedframe. Not to mention, I love that we included mini trees in each and every room! 

Of course, the main characters of the house, the mice, are from Alchemy, which is the cutest little decor store right here in downtown Kelowna. Sam and I will spend hours there looking at all the mouse house decorations and accessories. Some might say (cough cough …Justin and Dustin!) that we love the mouse house more than the kids do! LOL! But I mean, how could we not?! Don’t even get me started on the miniature piano and bathtub! I wish I could shrink myself and live in the mouse house full time! LOL!

I love scrolling through Etsy to find most of my miniature items, many of them are handmade by incredible artists and have the most intricate details … they almost look real! In fact, make sure to swing over to my dedicated miniatures shop page, where I’ve compiled my favourite pieces perfect for decorating your very own Mouse House! 

Happy Holidays! 



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