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The Jilly Box

The Fall 2023 Jilly Box Revealed!

As incredible as this summer was, I cannot wait for fall! The fun of outfit layering, the coziness of sipping a hot bevy by the fire, the excitement of back-to-school … what’s not to love?

Fall is made all the better when a certain curated box arrives at your doorstep, though… that’s right! It’s The Fall 2023 Jilly Box Reveal Day!! In this blog, I’m going to unveil all NINE items featured in this season’s  box.

This box is all about gathering with your loved ones to enjoy the cozy comforts of fall as we transition into a lovely new season. Think of it as an invitation to a dinner party with the people you value the most and the food of your dreams!

The Fall 2023 Jilly Box is filled with products that will have you excited about wrapping up your exciting summer and getting ready to head inside as the weather cools down.

I really loved creating this Jilly Box, and I hope you love it as much as I do! Thank you so much for your love and support, not only this season but every season. We couldn’t do it without you!

Now, without further ado… let’s get to know the incredible products included inside! 

The Fall 2023 Jilly Box Revealed

Included in Your Fall 2023 Jilly Box


Beet or Mushroom Necklace

Valued at $60 CAD

This necklace from Sugar Blossom is just what you need to accessorize your favourite dinner-hosting outfit this fall! Created exclusively for The Jilly Box, each piece is plated in 14k gold and thoughtfully designed with special consideration for ethical practices and quality.  They’re whimsical and fun, and small enough to be worn every day! One is adorned with a tiny beet, and the other a sweet mushroom.

Beets are particularly special to Jilly and her Ukrainian heritage. The beetroot, is one of passion and symbolizes LOVE and beauty, it is sacred to the greek goddess of love, Aphrodite. The beet root corresponds to the heart chakra, it is said that the beetroot juice was used to write love spells. The beetroot is grounding, symbolizing love, nature, earth & of course nourishment. Wear your beet necklace with pride and love.

Mushrooms, on the other hand, are not only a meaningful symbol to Jilly, but they also hold spiritual symbolism and are linked to health and wellbeing, due to their medicinal qualities. They hold so much significance, from good fortune and good luck, to magic and mystery. The symbolism of mushroom across cultures and throughout history has played a vital role in religious ceremonies, and spiritual exploration. They symbolize new beginnings, good health, ancestry, magic, nature, grounding and good luck, plus they are delicious!! 

So, whether you will be channelling your inner Greek goddess this fall or centring your health and wellness, we hope you love whichever necklace you received! 

The Beet and Mushroom Necklaces from the Fall 2023 Jilly Box


Grocery Time Notepad

Valued at $16.50 CAD

Fall is on its way, which means back-to-school season… and with that a whole lot of packed lunches! *Starts nervously sweating* September can either feel REALLY stressful and intimidating or like a fun rush of newness and excitement, depending on how organized you are going into it! To make it easy-breezy, I co-designed this grocery list notepad with Jess’ Paper Co. to make keeping track of your shopping list easy and fun. (Plus, it’s SO cute!!) The notepad helps organize all of the items you need so you can easily find them on your next grocery trip. No more doing laps around the grocery store as you forget to pick up items, LOL! The notepad has 50 easy-to-tear-off pages, and it is the perfect size to toss in your bag! September… we’re ready for ya!

The Grocery Time Notepad from the Fall 2023 Jilly Box


Flake Sea Salt

Valued at $10 CAD

I love adding a pinch of sea salt to my meals, and this delicious Flake Sea Salt from Vancouver Island Sea Salt has the ability to transform any recipe! How so? Sea salt is incredible for enhancing the flavour of a dish… especially when it’s a quality sea salt! And this brand brought the quality!!! Carefully crafted in small batches using the cleanest Canadian Pacific water and hand-harvesting each crystal to unlock the best of its natural properties – pure and delicious! Sprinkle some on top of your next batch of chocolate chip cookies for a special treat! 

Flake Sea Salt from the Fall 2023 Jilly Box


The Grace Midi Dress

Valued at $119 CAD

When I wore a vibrant floral Mad About Style dress to the Academy at the Farm event last year, the response was overwhelming!! You all loved the dress so much, we knew we had to collaborate with the brand on an exclusive selection of dresses in the next Fall Jilly Box. You really can’t go wrong with this dress because it is just so elegant and chic. Keep it casual with cute flats, or dress it up with heels. Either way, you’re going to look fabulous!!! For this box, we created four exclusive Jilly Box colours and prints for you to absolutely rock: Misty Rose, Birch Dot, Vintage Floral & Farm Floral. Each colour & print brings its own unique flavour for this transitional season that you are sure to love! And, even more special… Mad About Style is a Canadian AND women-owned brand!

The Grace Midi Dress from the Fall 2023 Jilly Box


Jilly Set

Valued at $70 CAD

If you haven’t noticed yet, I love a good table setting when I’m hosting dinner parties! So, naturally I wanted to include a stunning table runner and napkin set to inspire those cozy fall vibes and inspire you to host a dinner party. This absolutely beautiful and unique table runner and napkin set from Bluum Maison is made with 100% cotton gauze and will add a flair to your tablescape you didn’t even know you needed. I love that the neutral caramel tone is versatile and will easily match any style and dining room aesthetic.

The Bluum Maison Linen Set from the Fall 2023 Jilly Box


MH Dinner Bell

Valued at $60 CAD

This timeless piece brings nautical brass elements into your home with inspiration from classic ship bells!  Not only does it look beautiful, but it’s also functional; use it daily to ring your family into the kitchen to share a meal together! Bye, bye yelling, “Dinner is ready!!” Save those vocal cords, friends! I absolutely love the look of this in my kitchen, and I know it will look great in yours too! It also makes a great gift to a friend or family member moving into a new home! I just know this will be cherished for years to come!!

The Monika Hibbs Dinner Bell from the Fall 2023 Jilly Box


Pinch Bowl

Valued at $38 CAD

This handmade pinch bowl was designed exclusively for The Jilly Box with the intent to be casual enough for everyday use, but fancy enough for dinner parties! I’ve used it for dips, as a salt cellar and filled it with olives—the possibilities are endless! Each bowl is made with a mushroom grey clay, a food-safe white glaze and completed with a dainty heart imprint. Don’t fret; although it looks fragile, it’s microwave and dishwasher-friendly!

The Tav Ceramics Pinch Bowl from the Fall 2023 Jilly Box


Lip Karma

Valued at $22 CAD

Sahajan takes lip care seriously with this luxe blend of castor, rapeseed and argan oils that give your lips the perfect amount of hydration with a touch of shine! It comes in three incredible scents—vanilla, chai and coconut—that all smell so good!! (I couldn’t possibly pick a favourite; they’re all amazing!!) It will also warm your heart to know that with every Lip Karma purchased a portion goes to the Because I am a Girl initiative to provide one day of school for a girl in a developing country. How cool is that?!

Sahajan Lip Karma featured in the Fall 2023 Jilly Box


The Heartfelt Wooden Spoon

Valued at $17 CAD

Who knew that a wooden spoon could be SO cute! Meant to be used and cherished, the wood will age beautifully over time. It’s perfect for cooking or baking, but my favourite part is that  when you’re not using it, it looks adorable stacked with your other utensils on the counter! And, pro tip: make it last a lifetime by applying a little food-grade mineral oil when the wood is dry to help prevent cracking. Happy cooking!

The Heartfelt Wooden Spoon from the Fall 2023 Jilly Box

The Jilly Box Market is Refreshed!

The unboxing of a new box means… you guessed it… a refresh of The Jilly Market!! The market has been such a passion project for our team to create a space for EVERYONE to get their hands on Jilly Box products, and even some fabulous products exclusive to the market! 

Here’s what items are new to the market as of today: Mad About Style dresses, the Sugar Blossom necklaces, Sahajan Lip Karma, Bluum Maison tablecloth & napkins, MH Dinner Bell, Jess’ Paper Co. Notepad & The Cross Wooden Spoon. Run, don’t walk because limited quantities are available for purchase!

To keep things even more exciting for you, we have also added TWO NEW items to the market: the hand-blown Sparkle Coupes (featured in the Winter 2022 Box) and the cruelty-free Cleaning Bundle from Mint Cleaning!

The Sparkle Coupes are a collaboration from one of my long-time favourite brands to shop: The Cross Decor & Design. The Cross is a woman-owned shop in Vancouver! These coupes make every sip feel special with their timeless design… and they come in a set of two, making them the perfect gift! 

The other new product to the market—the Cleaning Bundle—was created by two hard working Canadian moms who had a vision for cleaning products that are better for us and the environment! You may recognize this brand from The Spring 2022 Jilly Box, in which we featured their Cleaning Scrub! It was such a beloved product that we decided to bring an entire cleaning bundle to the market!! This bundle features all-purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, cleaning scrub and microfibre cloths. These products are handmade in small batches with the highest quality plant-based ingredients and pure organic essential oils, that we know are going to become essential products in your cleaning toolkit!

As always, thank you for your love and support! The excitement for The Jilly Box each season never ceases to amaze me, and it fuels my excitement to keep creating beautiful boxes for you!



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