The Importance of Prioritizing Self-Care with Leslie Bangamba!

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Hello you beautiful souls! My name is Leslie Bangamba and I am mom to the A-team, Child Safety Advocate, and your resident hype woman! You can read my previous blog post here about how I found purpose after trauma. Since then, I’ve been on a new journey of self-discovery (hello self care!) and I’m taking everyone along! Join in on our family’s journey and funny antics @lesliebangamba on IG, lesliebangamba on Facebook, and on my blog!

The air is crisp, pumpkin spice lattes are back on the menu, and for some of us, our children have returned to school. 

The 2020-2021 school year was difficult for many parents and caregivers. I personally opted to do virtual schooling with my two boys, and it was H A R D! I suffered from many mental breakdowns, and just downright tears many evenings. Managing their workload, a daughter with medical needs, and add the traumatic worldwide events of the C and P word! I legit felt that I couldn’t catch a break. 

It took me reaching my wits end and booking a last-minute hotel stay in a different city for a self-declared, “Mom-Cation / def·i·ni·tion – A moment of solitude/solace/self-indulgence”, for a couple nights to rejuvenate my mind, body, and soul! While I was on this, “Mom-Cation”, I thought to myself – I know I am not the only mother going through this or feeling this way! I need to shout from the rooftops that you are not a bad mother if you decide to take time for yourself! 

Why you need to start prioritizing your self care

“Our 1st concern as women is our children. We’ve been conditioned to feel “selfish” if you put  yourself first” – Dr.Shefali  

When I heard this line from a podcast it was such an A-Ha moment! It’s been said time and time again. You can’t pour from an empty cup, so please take care of yourself boo!  

Of course, I’m hoping it does not take a moment of extreme burnout for us to remember to take care of ourselves physically, spiritually, and mentally. I’m sharing a few “cup fillers” that helped me throughout the past school year! 

1. Video/Phone calls with my friends

(I know some people detest impromptu video calls haha) however, I am the friend that will call you via video because I just want to see your face and hear your voice. These types of conversations are always so good for the heart and fill my connection cup, something that texts messaging simply does not do for me.  

2. Assess the company you keep (bear with me).

I always say, “energy does not die but merely transfers itself. – Albert Einstein” 2020 was a difficult year for so many, and one of the takeaway lessons I’m holding onto is to be mindful of the circle I keep. Some individuals are cup fillers, while others are takers. I encourage you to choose the former  <3 

3. Be mindful of what you consume.

I’m not speaking of nutrition but rather what you read,  and watch. We live in an era of information overload. Please remember to be mindful in regards to consumption.  

4. Sleep!

I’m personally working on this one myself but sleep is crucial to our overall function. Don’t believe me? Ask the experts! 

5. Prioritize activities that bring you joy! 

If none of these suggestions spoke to you. That’s OKAY! We are not a monolith and it’s important to know and do what works for YOU! 

The importance of prioritizing self care with Leslie Bangamba

Photo Credit Madison Jamie Photography

I’m sending every parent and caregiver positive vibes for a successful school year for you and yours, and please don’t forget to make time for yourself! I’m rooting for YOU! 

With Love,  


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  1. Thank you so much Leslie… we mother tend to forget ourselves so much. Thank you for reminding me that it is OK to focus on myself and take that alone time. Stay blessed 🙌.

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