The Jilly Box Is Now on Sale!

AHHHH!! IT’S HERE! THE JILLY BOX IS GOING ON SALE AT 9AM PST!! There is only a limited quantity available and I know many of you are hoping to get your hands on The Jilly Box subscription, so let’s not waste any more time!! If you’re ready, you can purchase your Jilly Box here at 9am PST!

Shop The Jilly Box Here

However, if you feel like you’re not quite prepared yet, we have compiled a few tips for you below!

A Few Tips For The Launch

1. Determine your size for the fashion item using this sizing calculator and select “The Classics” style. Please note: This item is only available in XS to XL! Please be careful when picking your size as all size adjustments are subject to availability. If you have picked the wrong size please contact and we will do our best to accommodate you but unfortunately cannot make any guarantees that your new size will be available. 

2. Make sure to have your credit card handy, we accept VISA, Mastercard, and American Express. Please note: PayPal is not accepted as a form of payment.

3. If you plan on ordering a box for a friend please have all of their contact details ready (full name, sizing, mailing address, payment information and email address!). Please note: You’ll only be able to do one order at a time!

If you have any additional last minute questions or concerns about the box, make sure to check out our FAQ pagehere! Otherwise, head on over to this page at 9am PST and get ready to SHOP!

Shop The Jilly Box Here

Questions about the Jilly Box? Watch this video as Jilly answers your frequently asked questions!

Shop The Jilly Box Here

THANK YOU for all of your continued support! We couldn’t do this without all of you. Cheers to the launch of the Jilly Box!! For more info on the Jilly Box, click here!



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  1. Some feedback re the purchase process for The Jilly box – I got in the Que at 9AM PST – waited all day for ‘my turn’ – got an email at 3;41 AM while I slept to get back in the que. needless to say I ‘missed ‘ my turn in the que and now the box is sold out – worst shopping experience ever. Don’t know what went wrong but won’t be buying or signing up for the Jilly Box again.

    1. Thank you for your feedback, Monika! We are compiling all of this feedback and are reviewing it internally to determine how we can improve going forward! xo

  2. I’m so sad I wasn’t able to get one. I held on until they were sold out, but I’m so excited for you for a successful launch! Hoping I can get one in the future!

  3. I’m so sad I wasn’t able to get a box. I held on hope until they were sold out, But I’m so happy for you for a successful launch! I’m hoping I can get a box in the future!

  4. First of all Congratulations on the success of the Jilly Box! I was lucky enough to get one but have yet received a confirmation email. I should be assured that I have gotten a box correct?

  5. Congratulations on your launch Team Jilly! Such an incredible accomplishment. Can’t wait to receive the first box.

  6. Congratulations on the VERY successful launch of the Jilly Box! Like thousands of others, I was disappointed not to get a box. I went in the queue at 9 am PST and it was my turn to access the launch website at 12:11 am PST on Tuesday. I was number 9,025. I am very curious to know when the last box sold out as it appeared that I was getting close to getting one around midnight. I am also curious how you will determine who gets the next box, as I feel the waitlist was a bit half-hazard. I stayed up to access the launch website in hopes that there would be a different waitlist for the next box for those who were closer to the first 5,000. I look forward to the next FAQ blog. Also, I want to say how happy I am that you have inspired some people who didn’t get a box to donate the $170 to charities, like Habitat for Humanity. I love supporting your brand because of similar acts of kindness that you do, including the coffee cards. I look forward to getting the next one (fingers crossed)!

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