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The Jilly Box Is Sold Out!

WOW! Yesterday was QUITE the day! We are SO grateful, shocked, and overwhelmed, but most importantly, we are BEYOND humbled by the overwhelming response to yesterday’s Jilly Box launch. 

We are so thankful for the opportunity to share our very first Jilly Box with all of our new subscribers! This means the world to us! However, we know that many of you were unable to snag a Jilly Box Subscription and we are truly so sorry for that! We wish EVERYONE who showed up and waited into the wee hours of the morning with us was able to score a Jilly Box subscription. To be honest, we did not anticipate the massive number of people who showed up in the queue hoping to score 1 of 5,000 boxes. 

Our team been working tirelessly on the Jilly Box for almost three years now, (especially over the past 6 months), and we will continue to do so for future boxes!  We are committed to making this subscription available to as many of you as possible! We would like to note that we cannot respond via social media to everyone. We ask that everyone who has a question/concern please email [email protected]m if your question has not been answered below. 

PLEASE NOTE: We are dealing with THOUSANDS of emails and the only way we can manage answering all of them is via the Jilly Box email listed above. Please be patient with our small team as we work around the clock answering the influx of thousands of emails.

We have gathered ALL of the feedback that was provided during yesterday’s launch and have compiled everything to create an internal reference guide that we hope will help us improve our future subscription experience. While this new endeavour is a bit tricky and ultimately a massive learning curve for us all, we value and appreciate all of your comments, questions and concerns. 

Jillian Harris | The Jilly Box is Sold Out

We have already started the planning of our next Jilly Box (this planning actually started a few months back!), we have suppliers confirmed and while we did account for a SLIGHT increase in Jilly Boxes, there won’t be a massive increase for this next launch *we are working on increasing this further than we had planned but cannot make any guarantees yet*. We are also taking into account that our existing subscribers will get the first 5,000 boxes and each box after that will open up to some of those who have signed up for our waitlist. We will update everyone with this process when the information is available. 

We SO appreciate your time, excitement and energy around the Jilly Box! We are humbled by your love. We really want to make this right and show you how much we appreciate you. 

For those of you who were able to purchase a Jilly Box, the countdown is officially on until it arrives  at your doorstep! We can’t wait to see your reactions! Please make sure to tag #TheJillyBox on your social posts so we can see see how you use the items in the box and how you reuse the box everything came in!

ALSO … once all of the boxes have been shipped out, we’re going to start revealing what the contents are in our very first box so that those of you who didn’t score a box, will know what to expect for upcoming boxes.

CHEERS to the first-ever launch of the Jilly Box! I’m filled with gratitude for ALL of your support and I’m anxiously awaiting you receiving your carefully curated Fall 2019 – Holiday Edition box!! 

For all of your Jilly Box questions, please hop on over to our dedicated Jilly Box page where we have compiled all of your frequently asked questions. Below is FAQs specific to the launch.

Sign Up For The Jilly Box Waitlist, here

What happened during the launch of the Jilly Box?

After careful strategic planning with our team and consulting with experienced tech companies we invested a large amount of time, resources and money into creating a platform that could accommodate the high traffic we anticipated based on past sales (which turns out is far less than the actual amount of traffic we received). Based on advice from our tech company, we decided to add the queue to the purchasing system (the same system that Ticketmaster uses) in order to avoid the site crashing. We did this to create the best user experience possible and to create a fair system. 

Unfortunately, there were multiple tech issues to resolve due to the capacity of the servers and this took time to get everyone through the queue and their purchase. This system was completely new for us and we will continue to refine it to improve the experience in the future. We value your feedback and look forward to improving for the next launch with clear instructions. 

How many boxes were in the Fall 2019 launch?

For the Fall 2019 launch box, there was a limited quantity produced of 5,000 boxes. This is due to working with small North American brands and the starting point for a start-up company that requires a high investment to get off the ground. Based on past sales we did not anticipate the extremely high volume of traffic, however, we will continue to work towards increasing the number of boxes moving forward. Thank you so much for your patience with us! 

How many boxes will be in the Winter 2020 Jilly Box?

As mentioned above, we are continuing to work towards increasing the volume of boxes available for the Winter 2020 Jilly Box. Those who signed up for the Fall 2019 Jilly Box subscription will be notified when a Jilly Box Subscription becomes available. We will update everyone on the waiting list moving forward on the process of how to sign up for future boxes. Thank you for your patience!

Why did I get my email late?

Thank you for being a subscriber to our newsletter! We apologize if you received your email notification later than expected. Due to a massive influx of traffic going to on the morning of the launch, there was a delayed delivery of the newsletter being sent out with the website being overloaded. Between Sunday and Monday morning we received a huge increase in email subscribers. It was sent out in batches so that it could reach each subscriber without the website crashing. Our team is taking the appropriate steps to ensure that this is adjusted and taken care of prior to the launch of the next box.

Thank you so much for your patience and your understanding while we figure out this new endeavour!

What is the queue? What does it mean?

In preparation for the launch, we implemented a queue system to avoid the website crashing and to allow people to hold their spot in line to purchase the Jilly Box. We thought that the queue and the waitlist would make this fair for everyone. Due to the amount of high traffic on the site, we were only able to process a certain amount of transactions at a time in order to keep the site up and running. Those who were on the site prior to 9 am PST were grouped together and their spot in line was based on a lottery system. Those who arrived after 9 am PST were put in priority order based on when they signed up in the queue.

I was confused about the process of how to get a Jilly Box.

After many meetings with our team, consultants, tech companies and significant amounts of research we invested a large amount of time, resources and money into creating a platform that could accommodate the high traffic we anticipated (which was far less than the actual amount of traffic based on past sales). Based on advice from our tech company (who works for companies like Ticketmaster) we decided to add the queue to the purchasing system in order to avoid the site crashing. This system was completely new for us and we will continue to refine it to improve the experience in the future. We value your feedback and look forward to improving for the next launch with clear instructions. Thank you for your feedback!

I stayed in line all day and didn’t get a Jilly Box… now what?

We are SO sorry that you didn’t get your Jilly Box! We are SO grateful for your time and energy and wish that we could give everyone a Jilly Box! We will continue to update you as we work as a team to get through the emails. Thank you for your support! 

How can I become a Jilly Box member?

If you were unable to snag yourself a Jilly Box during the launch, please make sure to sign up to our waitlist to ensure you are notified moving forward about the process to sign up for a membership! We will update everyone on the process of this as we have more answers.

I am on the waitlist, but what does that mean?

Those on the waitlist will be the first notified about how to sign up for the next Jilly Box launch. There will be more details to follow, so please stay tuned!

What does that mean for the next box, and the next box?

As we mentioned, we are working towards increasing our volume of boxes in conjunction with updating our process of how to become a member of the Jilly Box subscription.  Once that is decided we will update you! Thank you for your patience.

What about a lottery for the next Jilly Box?

Our team is working towards the best possible resolution for how to accommodate those who want to be a Jilly Box member while keeping the process fair. We think this is a great idea and will be taking this to the drawing board. More details to follow!

I got a Jilly Box! I think my card was charged more than once.

We have confirmed with our credit card processor that there have been no duplicate transactions. You may see a pending transaction on your credit card statement, but these additional charges should not go through.  Please email [email protected] if a duplicate transaction is posted in three business days. We apologize for any inconvenience.

We are so humbled and grateful for all of your support! Seriously though, you are all so amazing and we want to make each and every one of you happy! We know that you wanted something created by Jilly and although it’s not a Jilly Box here is a list of Jilly designed items that are currently available. 

There are still a number of amazing items that Jillian has collaborated on, these include:

Fraiche Food Full Hearts Cookbook

Fraiche Kitchen x The Cross Collection

Jillian Harris x Melanie Auld Adorned Collection

Emma Knudsen Dress: Relaunching November 28th!



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  1. Hello! First off congrats on the success of the first JillyBox!
    If our credit card was charged does that guarantee us a box? I never received a confirmation and while processing my credit card it wouldn’t show as completed.
    Thank you!

  2. Congrats beautiful Jilly & team on an unbelievable launch. Just shows how much you are loved! So proud of everything you have accomplished, small town girl with a lovely big heart!


  3. My credit card was charged 3 times. I assume two will not go through. But can I assume one charge will go through? Does this mean I got a box? I did not get an email confirmation and would love to know:)

  4. My credit card was charged THREE times (I have screen captures) but now the charges are all completely gone. I have waited all day for an email response from you guys in addition to the 13.5 hours i waited for my magic number 4965 to come up in the queue yesterday. Please please just give me some reassurance that I will be getting my box! Thank you.

  5. Have you been able to address/figure out how people seemed to be put in queue incorrectly? I.e. log in 9am and 22,000 in line, somehow re-enter under 10,000 in line?

  6. Are you going to cancel Jilly Box memberships for those who got the first box to open up spots for others? Know things are crazy but would like some more info for the customers that paid $200 for a box and got no real confirmation..:

  7. Hi Jilly, I was disappointed that I didn’t get a box, I got online at 8.58am and I was in the queue, over 18,000 people were ahead of me, what I don’t understand on this blog is that you said that people that were online prior to 9am were grouped together and put in a lottery system, I’m sorry but that really doesn’t sound fair at all….it truly should have been after 9am, as that was the launch time! Really hoping you do not do it that way again with the next box. I was extremely excited as I’m sure all of your other followers were, I don’t mean to be negative as I know you’ve all heard it all. Just found that to be unfair, still love you tho!!

  8. First of all, congrats! You are an amazing person.

    That being said, “why not make it for only Canadians? There are so many “boxes that are only available in the states. Just a thought.

    Again,, congrats to you and your team!

  9. The launch is what it is at this point – so sad not to have been one of the lucky 5,000, but there’s no changing that now. However, I think it’s REALLY important to look at what went wrong and make improvements accordingly. Given the fact that the emails didn’t reach everyone at the same time, and given the fact that people were confused about what to do with the email link (many of us thought that we didn’t need to click the link in the email until launch time and had no clue about the queue), the team should REALLY re-consider the subscription list for the next box. Things went wrong this time and the process didn’t end up fair, and it seems crazy to perpetuate the unfairness by using the subscriber list generated from this launch for all future boxes. The team should really consider sending those lucky 5,000 people the Fall 2019 box and then doing a re-launch to establish the subscriber list going forward using a process that is well-communicated and fair.

    1. We are absolutely doing exactly this! We are taking all of the feedback and reviewing everything internally to make adjustments as we go forward. Thank you for your patience with us and for sending your feedback! xo

  10. Thankyou Jillian and Team ! I was a lucky one a did manage to score a box !! It took over 9 hours of staring at my phone but totally worth it lol !! Can not wait for my box and the following ones ! Keep up the good work ! It’s clear to see that you guys have done everything you could in preparation for the launch ❤️ What an amazing turn out !! Congratulations on all of your success !

  11. I’m so happy for you on the success of the jillybox. Who would have ever imagined they many would have been interested. I stayed in the queue all day and night, maybe better luck next time lol.
    Thanks so much to you and your team.

  12. Hi Jilly and Team!

    Huge congrats on your first launch! When looking into the tech issues, I wanted to let you know that anybody who visited your website was automatically placed into the queue with no way of getting out. I visited the site as I wanted a recipe and it automatically put me in line! Just wanted you to be aware of this glitch for the next time to minimize the queue traffic 🙂

    Have a great day!!

    1. Yes!! Eek!! We had to redirect our traffic so our site wasn’t overloaded … we are looking into all of this!!!! XOXOXO

  13. I think a prior FAQ stated that contents were going to be disclosed after they sell out. Was that right? What’s in the box?

  14. Thanks for all of the updates! Can you imagine how much money you could raise for any of your favorite charities if you raffled off one box for a $5.00 donation/raffle ticket? Congrats on this great success, even with a few bumps ❤️

  15. The queue explanation is very odd and definitely should be explained better in the future. Or, simply do not make the product/site active until the time you want to launch it. It’s weird to me that there was a lottery if you were on the site before 9am. I’ve never seen anything like it… Anyhoo, congrats on the massive success of the launch. That was crazy! I didn’t get a box but also forgot about it until about an hour after launch so I knew it wasn’t going to happen lol. Maybe in future boxes, to be able to accommodate more people, there could be multiple small vendors of a similar category product. 5,000 of anything seems daunting for a small business. Cheers!

  16. I know this would probably be a lot of extra work that may not be possible for your team right now, but have you thought about doing a US box with separate small business owners that follow your teams philosophies? Just a thought to increase the number of boxes you can offer and not push those that you already work with over their capacity.

  17. Is there a way to see where you are in line on the wait list? I know it did it as soon as you added the link. Just really hoping to get in the list. I’m not a lucky person so the lottery idea makes me nervous haha.

  18. Congrats on your huge successful launch!! In the most positive of ways (from a business owner to another), if you don’t have the capacity on your team to do proper market research for your next venture, you can always reach out to colleges and universities to see if they will do a case study competition on what you have in mind. I only say this because while you guys say you’ve never had this much success with any launch, you failed to realize that you’ve never offered these launches at 60% off of retail price. For example, For example, your Smash + Tess collab sold for $135, and it wasn’t offered at $55; I can guarantee more units than ever expected would have sold had it have been 60% off. I say this because you offered 10 items at 60% off, $170 for over $400 of value in your box. Anyways, much love and congrats again!

  19. Jillian,
    I honestly don’t know how you do it! I know you have a team of people around you but still. I didn’t attempt for a Jilly Box, this time. I was on the road and maternity leave means watching the spending but that isn’t to say I wouldn’t have loved one.
    What I wanted to come on here and say is DON’T let the negative Nelly’s get to you. This is your first box. You, yourself are a small business. Sites crash all the time. There are companies, even big ones, who launch and have issues just the same as you. At the end of the day, it is stuff. Amazing stuff but stuff all the same. People need to find something to be grateful for instead of focusing on what they didn’t get. Keep your head up and know that you and your team had a ton of successes yesterday. You built up so many other businesses with these boxes. You sold amazing boxes to so many people who did make it through. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. THANK YOU SO SO SO SO MUCH!!!! You have no idea now much your kind words mean to me and Team Jilly! It’s been a learning curve for all of us!! XOXO

  20. Will there be any availability to purchase things that were provided in the jilly box if someone wanted to buy them Individually after the box is shipped?

  21. Hi girls….(and anyone else that helped yesterday) yes, I was excited and was online at 9am, un fortunately, after getting thru my number was 31684!!!! Not sure how that was possible, but I did try and am disappointed, but I wish you every success as you move forward. After yesterday, I would advise wine! Lol Happy Halloween.

    1. LOL!!! We love that you suggest wine … we like your style!! Thank you so much for trying to snag your Jilly Box!! We’re so sorry you were unable to get one!! We are gathering all of the feedback and reviewing it internally to see if there is anything we can do to change things going forward!! XOXO

  22. So disappointed in myself for not staying up to check my email, My number was in 14000 so didn’t think I would get a box and then I received an email at 130 am saying I was up soon, didn’t get it till I woke up at 5am, so I am a little sad , Hoping for the next one! Congrats on the success!

  23. Congratulations on the Jilly Box launch, I’m incredibly grateful that I was able to get one for myself. I love that you’re supporting small businesses and are offering a quality subscription box, thank you!

    I’m sure your team has a plan already but I wanted to share my suggestion anyway. When you reveal the products in the box, I’m expecting that you’ll share links to the individual products that are available for purchase but for the exclusive products, perhaps sharing a similar product would work? Maybe the companies are able to add in a discount or other fun perk for anyone who uses a code?

  24. Hi there!
    Did anybody find out what is INSIDE these Jilly boxes yet?! Lol I thought they were announcing it the day it launched but I still have yet to hear what’s inside?

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