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Updated FAQs for Jilly Box Subscribers

Hey everyone! For all of our Jilly Box subscribers, we have run into a technical difficulty with our email today so unfortunately we have hit a standstill in regards to answering all of your emails until it’s resolved. So, in order to help you out as much as we can in the meantime we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions coming through in hopes we can help you problem solve!

I think I got a box but I don’t know for sure?

If your credit card was charged, chances are you snagged yourself a box. Congrats! However, to be TOTALLY sure please log in to your account and check to see if you have purchased a subscription. At this time, please also confirm ALL of your contact information is up to date and correct.

I didn’t receive a confirmation email when I placed my order?

Please check your spam and junk folder first. If you don’t see your confirmation email, please log in to your account to confirm you have placed your order.

I seem to be have charged multiple times for my purchase?

We’re so sorry for any inconvenience (or stress!) this may have caused you! Your order may still be processing and currently sitting as pending on your card. We have confirmed with our billing company that there were no duplicate charges processed.

How can I access my account?

You should have received an email with your account password once you placed your order. However, if you did not receive that email, please click here and reset your password to get access.

I selected the wrong size during checkout, can I change this?

Unfortunately we cannot edit any sizes for this box. If your item doesn’t fit, we suggest gifting this to a family member or a friend. However, you will be able to edit your size for the next box within your account!

What do I do if I entered the wrong information when placing my order?

If you entered the wrong contact information such as an incorrect mailing address and/or email address when purchasing your Jilly Box please log in to your account and change this right away! You will need to do this PRIOR to November 10th otherwise your Jilly Box will be sent to the incorrect address!

I wasn’t able to confirm my email address for the waitlist, am I on it?

Chances are, you are on the list! However, please feel free to try the link again since it was so backlogged Monday.

I’m getting multiple emails from the waitlist signup!

If you’re receiving multiple waitlist signup emails this is because you clicked on the “get on the list” button multiple times which resulted multiple emails coming back to you. However, this is a technology glitch on our end and we are working to resolve.

Thank you so much for your continued support while we work our way through all of these hurdles! For ALL other questions, please head on over to our FAQ page, here!



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  1. Hi!! : )
    I didn’t receive a confirmation email in any of my mailboxes (I triple checked)and I don’t have a password, but when I try to reset it won’t send me the email.

  2. I didnt get a password for my account although I screenshot my order in full and have an order number and an ID for the subscription. I’m trying to set up a password but the email to reset it or actually set it never comes through. I also did not receive a confirmation email once my order was placed but was charged for it. I hope all the glitches get worked out and everything will start running smoothly.

  3. Hi Team Jilly, just a heads up the system won’t let us change our password, it asks for our current once in the change password screen and if you leave that field blank and input a new password below, it still says enter in your current password to change your password 🙁

    Thanks again for being so awesome and hope you guys are having a glass of wine or two 🙂

  4. HI team Jilly!

    Just a heads up, that we are unable to change our passwords. I tried yesterday and contacted the company but Im sure they are swamped too. The system requries you to enter in “your current password field” in order to change it, it won’t let you leave that field blank. Maybe you guys can follow up with them??

    Thanks again and hope you and the girls are having a glass of wine or two!!

  5. Just read through the FAQs and hoping you can provide some assistance. I was successful in purchasing a box: I have a charge on my card and I have my screen shot with the purchase confirmation and order number. I never got a confirmation email and I tried to do the password reset a couple of times and it won’t work. I don’t get an email to reset the password. How should I proceed?

  6. How do I log into my account when I never received my confirmation email with my password in it. Have requested to reset my password like you indicated above but no email is Coming through to do it. Help. 😩

  7. Hi! So I definitely was charged for a jilly box, and I took a screenshot of the order number, but I never received an email confirmation and I’m trying to reset my password and have not received an email to do so (I’ve tried twice and waited over ten minutes on each). I checked junk mail and trash, but had nothing. Any suggestions?

  8. I have tried to reset my password two times now and have not received an email. I also haven’t received a confirmation email.

  9. No email or confirmation or password received. Although credit card charged (pending status)

    After trying forget password option it failed to send but rather sent another request for wait list.

  10. Hey guys, I was on the waitlist the morning of the launch, I think I was 1080, but I never did receive my email back to say it was my time to order. When I checked back and saw there was over 84000 in the que, I was shocked! I knew there were only 5000 boxes. I am guessing I will just have to try for the next one? I was so sad that this happened…hopefully next time will go smoothly.
    Love Michelle Rollinson

  11. I did not get a confirmation email but when I go into my account, it says I got a box and my credit card has been charged. When I click on the link you provide, I cannot find a way to change my password without providing my old password but I don’t know what my old password was! Please advise and thank you – am SO grateful and delighted to be one of the lucky ones!

  12. Hello!

    I have no idea what my account password is and I cannot figure out how to change mit using your link because to reset it, i have to enter my “old” one. Please advise! And thank you so much for how lovely you are – am super excited and grateful to be one of the lucky ones to get a box 🙂

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