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The Little Navy Dress

This little navy dress has replaced my little black dress. The colour navy is starting to take over the world…in my opinion!!!! As much as I LOVE wearing all black every day… I’m starting to incorporate some colour into my daily outfits by using NAVY!!!! I know you might think it’s not much of a colour but it’s one of those colours that looks great on everyone, is easy to match and easy to wear every day. This combination of navy with the perfectly tailored fit to your knees is a great addition to every working woman’s closest. AND it paired perfectly with my favourite pair of colourful pumps (my birthday heels)!!!!

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Navy Dress | Black Purse | Glasses | Heels | Watch | Lipstick


photos: Kristin Sarna 
makeup: Kaitlin Hargreaves


What do you think….do you like wearing NAVY??? Are you scared of it??




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  1. Your glasses? They don’t look the same as the link provided… Can you tell where they are from? Cheers!

  2. LOVE the look! But how do you wear those heels without killing your feet? I will take any tips I can get, I love heels!

  3. Jillian, my daughter and I follow you every day. We both love your style and you are our inspiration!! We particularly loved your sandals that you wore in Dallas (tan with strap around ankle) but we can’t figure out where they are from?? Please help us! P.S. We LOVE all the white eyelet tops!
    Heather and Erin

    1. You can order this dress directly on the FCUK website and it’s significantly cheaper… there is also a 25% promo on dresses right now so it ends up being less than $150. FYI 🙂

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