The Most Delicious Tomato Sauce You’ll Ever Eat

Hey everyone! Mackenzie here! Finding ways to use up summer produce can be a challenge. The window for ripe fruits and veggies is so short! Making tomato sauce is the absolute BEST way to use up all those ripe garden tomatoes in your garden or at the farmer’s market!

My mom and I will make upwards of 7-8 of these batches and freeze them to use throughout the fall and winter. There are a lot of different methods online for homemade tomato sauce that involve peeling tomatoes, but after trial and error, we found it wasn’t worth the fuss! It tastes just as delicious keeping the skin on and it’s SO much easier!

Jillian Harris Tomato Sauce

A few people asked if we can the tomatoes, but we find freezing in an airtight container to be the best and easiest storage method. I’ll often use leftover small and large yogurt containers to store the sauce in as they’re the perfect size! Make sure you fill the sauce to the top of the container to avoid freezer burn.

I recommend serving this sauce straight up with your favourite long pasta. Its flavours are SO vibrant and fresh that you don’t need to add anything else to complete this meal. It’s also surprisingly creamy and bursting with flavour. It’s also divine as a base for your pizza! Rest assured you won’t want to buy store-bought tomato sauce again!

Jillian Harris Tomato Sauce Jillian Harris Tomato Sauce [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:4] Jillian Harris Tomato Sauce



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  1. I love me some tomato sauce and pasta. It’s too bad my hubs is an Alfredo man, otherwise I’d be making this and serving it every. dang. day!! Great recipe Mackenzie <3

  2. Looks delicious. Do you think coconut sugar (or any other natural sugar alternative) would work in place of the white sugar without compromising the taste of the sauce?

  3. Baking soda can be used to counteract the acidity in the tomatoes. In fact, it can help neutralize it since it is alkaline. Sugar is acidic, so tomato and sugar together make for quite the acidic combination, something our bodies don’t really like. Our bodies run better when more alkaline so the more alkaline you can introduce into your system, (something that can be overdone, but very unlikely our Western diets) the better.

  4. There’s an after taste — GLORIOUS basil. I love it, so so distinct. I could still taste it. I couldn’t wait, I just had to run out to get the tomatoes and make the sauce and followed your instructions. I just finished a big bowl of bucatini with it. It really is the most delicious tomato sauce. Thank you so much, to you and your mom.

  5. OMG!! So delicious!! So easy to make and the house smelled glorious while cooking. It really is the best tomato sauce I ever ate!

  6. Yummy I always wanted to make Tomato sauce being Italian I remember my parents making sauce and it was lot’s of work this is way Easier Thanks a whole bunch .Going to make this sauce ?.

  7. I made this on the weekend and it was delicious….you were right that you will never go back to store bought sauce again! Thank you so much for the recipe, I have passed along to my family and coworkers!

  8. My Italian grandmother would NEVER use sugar in tomato sauce. She would take a fork and push it into the Baking Soda carton, then swirl the fork in the sauce to cut the acidity.

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