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The Jilly Box

The Official Summer 2022 Jilly Box Reveal!

The day has FINALLY come to reveal all the goodies inside the Summer 2022 Jilly Box and let me tell you, this has got to be one of my FAVOURITE boxes to date… one that I’m so so proud of. Not only is it filled to the brim with products I love and even had a hand in designing, but 13 of the brands included are Canadian-owned and operated, 12 of the brands are women-owned and operated and 3 of the brands are minority-owned! How amazing is that?! I hope the products inside this season’s box will inspire you to slow down this summer, spend time with those you love most, and enjoy all the sweet little moments that this warmer season has to offer. Now, without further ado, let’s get this unboxing party started! I CAN’T WAIT ANY LONGER!!!

The Summer 2022 Jilly Box Reveal

If you’d like to follow along with me as I unbox the Summer 2022 Jilly Box, go ahead and click the video below! Keep scrolling down to get all the details on the products in this amazing box!

Included in your Summer 2022 Jilly Box

Squalane + Rose Vegan Lip Balm

$19 CAD

Look no further, I’ve found the perfect Lip Balm! Not only is it vegan, cruelty-free, deeply moisturizing, fragrance-free, AND non-toxic, but it includes wakame algae, which restores the look of lip plumpness! Aside from that, Biossance is Green Lab Certified which means all formulations are developed in a facility certified by My Green Lab—the gold standard for laboratory sustainability practices for responsible usage of energy, waste, and water.

Jillian Harris putting on the BIOSSANCE Lip Blam included in the Summer 2022 Jilly Box!

Camilia Supply
Flower Snips

$40 CAD

These Flower Snips from Camilia Supply are a GAME CHANGER! Whether you’re creating a flower arrangement, snipping herbs, or pruning houseplants, these snips are a must-have! Made from high-quality carbon steel, they’re easy to clean, and adorned in a timeless and modern white colour!

The Flower Snips from Camilia Supply sitting in a basket of strawberries included in the Summer 2022 Jilly Box!

Freedom Moses
Tuti Baby Slides

$70 CAD

You’ll see me rockin’ these Tuti Baby Slides from Freedom Moses ALL summer long! When I first saw this adorable design, I knew I wanted it to be in The Jilly Box! I mean, how cute are those mini strawberries? I also love that these slides are waterproof and created using PCU plastic injected by air, which is why wearing them feels like walking on a cloud!

Jillian Harris wearing the Tuti Baby Slides included in the Summer 2022 Jilly Box!

Goldilocks Goods
Jillian Harris x Goldilocks Goods Beeswax Wraps

$36 CAD

Say goodbye to plastic wrap because these all natural, reusable and eco-friendly Beeswax Wraps will be your new favourite! Handmade right here in Canada and custom designed by me in collaboration with Goldilocks Goods, each set includes one large multi-colored bee print wrap (to resemble the busy bees pollinating fruit trees), one medium gingham print wrap (to represent sweet summer picnics), and one small wrap (adorned with a floral print)!

Jillian with the Goldilocks Beeswax Wraps

Hudson and Oak
Jillian Harris x Hudson and Oak Summer Scallop Planter

$75 CAD

Modern and timeless are two words I use to describe the Summer Scallop Planter I designed alongside Hudson and Oak! I love the details of this planter.. from the classic scallop pattern rim to the hand-finished soft semi-matte oyster white glaze, it’ll be sure to complement any household aesthetic! Not to mention, it was created by artisans from an eight generation family ceramic studio in Morocco!

Jillian holding the Hudson and Oak Summer Scallop Planter

Kanel Spices
Summer Sea Salt

$10 CAD

If you know me, you know that cooking is a huge part of my life. When I had the opportunity to work with Kanel for an exclusive spice, you can just imagine my excitement! The final product, the Summer Sea Salt, is better than I ever could have imagined. It’s the perfect blend of herbs and umami-rich spices like garlic, celery seeds, onion, and ginger to name a few. Some of my favourite ways to use it are to sprinkle on fresh picked cucumber and tomato, grilled veggies, or as a cocktail rimmer!

Kanel Summer Sea Salt

Plant Vitamins
Thrive Plant Fertilizer

$30 CAD

Your houseplants are going to thank you once you start using the Thrive Plant Fertilizer from Plant Vitamins! I can’t believe this 60ml bottle makes up 120 liters of plant fertilizer! Filled with 60+ minerals, vitamins, and active growth hormones, this is exactly what you need to keep your plants looking strong and healthy!

Jillian holding the THRIVE Plant Fertilizier

Matcha Coconut Blend

$25 CAD

The Matcha Coconut Blend from Blume has quickly become one of my favourite products because of the consistent energy it gives me and thought it was the perfect addition to this box! The Matcha Coconut Blend is a combination of stone-ground, hand-picked matcha, and antioxidant-rich moringa, with a creamy coconut finish. I love adding it to my green smoothies or making a creamy Iced Matcha latte with it! With one serving providing me with nearly half the caffeine of a cup of coffee, it gives me enough energy to keep up with the kids all summer long!

The Jilly Box
The Wild Strawberry Print

$35 CAD

Introducing the FIRST-EVER Jilly Box exclusive print! I am SO proud of this piece! Of course, it has strawberries on it to complement this box LOL! The Wild Strawberry Print was created with the intention of bringing a little hint of summer to your indoor space. Hand drawn by Team Jilly Box, it’s adorned with organic lines that were purposefully designed to pair with the vintage textured surface of the sustainable paper. Printed on certified paper stock made from sustainably sourced fiber and recycled content. Size: 8×10”.

Jillian hanging up The Wild Strawberry Print hand-drawn by Team Jilly Box

The Jilly Lemon Print Scarf

$20 CAD

It doesn’t get any more cuter (or sustainable!) than this organic cotton Jilly Lemon Print Scarf from tentree! This incredibly versatile square scarf with the Limited Edition Jilly Lemon Print in either green or pink was designed exclusively for The Jilly Box. Some of my favourite ways to style this piece are to tie it around my wrist or neck, throw it around my ponytail, or to the handle of my favourite bag! Most importantly, your new Jilly Lemon Print Scarf helped plant TEN trees (for a total of 150,000 trees!) and by scanning the QR code on your tag, you can track exactly where your trees have been planted. How cool is that?!

Jillian in her garden with the tentree Jilly Lemon Print Scarf

West Coast Seeds
Jillian Harris x West Coast Seeds Curated Seed Collection

$50 CAD

Spoiler alert: Gardening is actually A LOT easier than you think, and with this set of 8 seeds and the custom-designed garden markers, you’ll have a blast creating your garden; whether it’s on patio or in your yard! Not only are the seeds created in Canada by Canadian-owned company West Coast Seeds, but all seed varieties are certified organic! This special bundle includes Kale – Improved Siberian, Carrot – Carrot Blend, Thyme – English Thyme, Sunflower – product White Lite, Radish – French Breakfast, Basil – Basil Blend, Lavender – Dwarf Munstead, and my personal favorite, a custom Zinnia – JILLY BLEND!

The Summer 2022 Jilly Box Add-Ons

As if your Summer 2022 Jilly Box couldn’t get any better… this season we offered THREE amazing add-ons to make your Summer 2022 Jilly Box that much more special! The Jilly Box Custom Studded Tumbler from Astor Drinkware, the Natural Cotton Mesh Bags from Better Farm Co, and The Garden Jillyalls from Smash + Tess!

Traditionally, our add-ons sell out FAST and we often aren’t able to offer them to Insiders or our Jilly Box community because of the small brands and quantities we work with. This season, we were able to snag a few extras to offer those who didn’t get the opportunity to secure a Summer Jilly Box! As usual, we have limited quantities of add-ons and only a few left! Visit the Jilly Box Market to get yours now!

Astor Drinkware
The Jilly Box Studded Tumbler

$35 CAD

I’ve been using this Jilly Box Custom Studded Tumbler EVERY SINGLE DAY! It has been essential for keeping me hydrated during my busy days, while I’m running errands, or on a weekend road trip! It can hold up to 24 ounces, comes in a beautiful Jilly Pink colour, and consists of a double-walled, BPA-free, and acrylic clear base!

Jillian holding the Jilly Box Studded Tumbler

The Better Farm Co
Natural Cotton Mesh Bags – Set of 5 Variety Bundle

$25 CAD Valued at $32 CAD

This set of five different sized Mesh Bags has made it simple to make the conscious choice to switch from plastic to a more sustainable option! Store your grocery or produce items, pack lunches in, wash your delicates, keep your suitcase organized, and SO much more! Not only are they organic, eco-friendly, and sustainable, but at the end of their life, just remove the drawstring that comes with it and add it to your compost bin!

Mesh Bags from Better Farm Co filled with fresh vegetables

Smash + Tess
The Garden Jillyalls in Sage or Natural

$129 CAD

Lightweight, breathable, made in Canada, AND features adorable tie-up straps…what more could you ask for?! The Garden Jillyalls bring comfort and style to a WHOLE new level and were designed in collaboration with Smash + Tess. Made with soft organic gauze fabric, you’ll fall in love with the endless ways to style these! My personal favourite is with a patterned shirt or a plain white T! The best part? We still have a LIMITED QUANTITY up on the Jilly Market for you to shop! Don’t forget to check out our size chart to find your perfect fit, for reference, I wear a XS!

Jillian wearing the Garden Jillyalls

Planting 150,000 Trees With tentree and The Jilly Box

We are SO proud to announce that because of the Summer 2022 Jilly Box and our incredible partner, tentree, 150,000 trees will be planted in Mnurwar, Indonesia! To give you an idea of how impactful this is, 150,000 trees is equivalent to 14 football fields or 9,500 yoga mats! Isn’t that incredible? In fact, this year tentree is celebrating their 10 year anniversary and in that time, they have almost planted 8 MILLION trees and have a goal to plant 1 billion by 2030. I just love everything that tentree stands for and I am so grateful for the impact that the Jilly Lemon Print Scarf has had!

Women-owned brand Tentree for The Jilly Box

Well, that’s all I have today for you, folks! Thank you so much for your love and support during this season! If you didn’t get a chance to snag the Summer 2022 Jilly Box, I have good news! The next season’s box, the Fall 2022 Jilly Box, will be here before you know it! If you missed our sneak peek on Instagram, check it out here and make your guesses on what could be inside! To have a chance at purchasing the Fall 2022 Jilly Box, don’t forget to sign up for our Insider’s Club!


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  1. I just want to let you know that my favourite item in the Summer Jilly Box is the Tuti Baby Slides. They are so adorable and look amazing!

  2. My 1st Jilly box did not disappoint!! (And worth the wait) Honestly could not have been a more perfect fit for all my interests and preferences! I would love to see more boxes in the future with this green thumb (with a sprinkle of natural wellness) theme like this one! (Sign me up if there can be an annual spring/summer box that’s specially designated for us gardeners to start our growing season! Might be a nice way to tie in Eleven Acres Farm) Thanks Jillybox team!

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