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The Ultimate Gift Guide for Him

Alright, ladies … you asked and I listened … I’ve gone ahead and rounded up some of my fave gift ideas for the men in your lives!! I created this round up with the help of Justin and what HE has on his wishlist. We tried to add a nice variety here so there is something for everyone … whether it’s your boyfriend, your friend, your broth, your uncle, your husband, or your father!!! Oh, and if something catches your eye in the image below, just click on it and it’ll direct you to where you need to go for more details on that specific product!! …

  1. Scrub Captain Sweater | 2. Shaving Cream and Razor | 3. Toque | 4. Pyrrha Necklace | 5.Dice Set | 6. Apple Watch | 7. Candle | 8. Sonos Speaker | 9. Boots | 10. Sunglasses | 11. Nest Security Camera | 12. Cocktail Kit | 13. Food and Beer Book 

While I was taking a look through and selecting these items I kept thinking to myself “What would Justin and my Dad love?!” and as I was browsing around it’s no surprise that the “Devoted Father” necklace from Pyrrha instantly caught my eye!! I mean how sweet of a gift is this?! This talisman reads ‘Sic Vos Non Vobis’ in Latin, meaning ‘Do it but not for Yourself’. On the necklace is a bull, which represents fatherhood and the selfless nature of a father’s devotion to his family. I recently got one of these necklaces for Justin and he absolutely loved it. Getting meaningful jewelry is always a great gift idea and Pyrrha in particular offers so many different necklaces with so many different meanings. Perfect for anyone on your list!!!

Then I came across something that both Justin AND my dad could get some use out of and that’s the men’s products from Morgans.Me … they use essential oils for the fragrance and they don’t use any harmful chemicals … OR test on animals AND it’s vegan!!! Lol!! (check, check , check, CHECK!!). Rumour has it they are going to be doing a wrapped gift box that includes men’s grooming essentials for $80 for Christmas!!  Or, you can pick and choose products from their site.

Also, another great idea (for the whole family) is investing in a Nest security camera … we have one in Leo’s nursery and in our house and we absolutely LOVE it!!! There’s no greater feeling than knowing your home is protected if you are out of town or just on a daily basis!!!

What do you think of these gift suggestions?? Is there anything you would add?? Let me know in the comments below …



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  1. Jillian, you are the epitome of materialistic. Why is everything about buying things and excessive consumerism? Not everyone gets tones of packages of free garb – you do. How about focus on things that don’t need to be bought – your posts lately appear to be more about making money per click than anything else.

    1. Thanks Randy. But this comment is not needed. If you don’t like the posts don’t read them. This is a fashion blog for fashion and home decor. Jillian helps us look good! And I love it. We don’t need help with all aspects of life!

      1. Thanks Holly, but Randy is entitled to his opinion. I am a long time reader of Jillian and I too am tired of post after post of stuff to buy. Surely there is more to life than the mall.

        1. And it’s a lot of pricy stuff as well… What about homemade items from the heart? A sweet card for dad vs a $700 watch he might not wear often ….just my opinion.

        2. I don’t know that you are entitled to share negative options and harshly judge others. Why do you feel entitled to put others down?

          1. Holly, an opinion is just that – an opinion. Everyone is entitled to one. Positive or negative.

          2. Thanks Ed and everyone on this thread for making the world a better place and sharing your negative and judgey comments. Because you believe you are “entitled” to!

    2. I enjoy these gift ideas and I find them helpful. I would like to see more local products on these lists. But it is up to JILLIAN to decide what she wants to post! And this is the time of year we start looking at gifts to buy for the special people in our lives. Also, When has this blog not been about buying stuff?

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