Todd’s Top Oscar Picks

Are you going in on an Oscar pool this year? It’s the new thing!!! Here are my predictions that you can bank on:

Best Actor: Eddie Redmayne – Theory of Everything
Best Actress: Julianne Moore – Still Alice
Best Picture: Boyhood
Wild Card: Sound Editing…American Sniper (ha ha ha)

The Oscars are the dressiest event most stars will ever attend. This calls for a classy tuxedo in a subdued colour (unless your Jared Leto). In my opinion a sharp bow tie is a must here…classic black of course but you don’t have to be at a wedding or the Oscars to make a statement. You have to have thick skin because some insecure, out of date, would be fashion critics will say they don’t like it. My advice, tell them to look in the mirror! Have fun, live on the edge and make yourself into a present with a bow that is just waiting to be opened up!!

My Top 5 Bow Ties for the Oscars:

  1. Classic Self Tie Black
  2. Satin Pointed End
  3. Black Silk
  4. Subtle texture
  5. Cummerbund Set
Baracos + Brand (October 6-7
Photo credit: Matthew Chen

Statement bow ties…all the way!!!

Todd Talbot

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