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Top 5 Ways To Get Your Life Back After Summer

BBQ’s, Beaches & Booze, A Trifecta Of Motivation Killers:

Summer is all about embracing spontaneity and enjoying your favorite places with your favorite people. Long days turn into never ending nights out with friends. Embracing chill summer vibes can take a serious toll on your personal and professional life though. Anyone else remember the feeling blaring Alice Cooper on the last day of school gave you? Well, unfortunately, once you reach the real world those lyrics don’t magically change to “Work’s Out For Summer!”. When all you really want to do is grab a floatie and hit the pool, here’s five ways to take advantage of the rest of summer AND get back into the swing of things ahead of time for fall.

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1. Prioritize Like A Pro

You can’t say yes to everything and still be a fully-functioning person the next day at work. Don’t immediately say ‘I’ll be there’ to every invite. Ditching an event last minute will always be more offensive to the host than a thoughtful ‘Love to, can’t this time’ in the first place. Speaking of rude, if you do RSVP make sure you’re there physically and mentally. Nobody appreciates a guest who’s on their phone the whole time looking at Instragram photos of someone else’s soiree. If you agree to attend an event, no matter how casual it is, be present for it.Photo 2015-01-17, 10 31 54 AM

2. Get Up Earlier

I know, it sounds awful but waking up at the crack of dawn can give you more time for meeting up with people after work. The guilt that comes with skipping another workout because so and so is having the best and last BBQ of the summer will weigh on you, pun possibly intended. Plus, the warmer weather makes it tough to find a reason why you can’t get to the gym or do a run outside before work. Instead of dreading what you’ll have to miss in order to get a workout in after work, hit the gym before and enjoy your freedom in the evening. Need some workout inspo? Checkout this circuit workout for a full-body burn!


3. BYO-Sparkling Beverage

I won’t even get into the extra calories we’ve chugged during the summer months because, let’s face it — we all know how bad we are. What I’m more concerned about is the post-party effects of the midweek Wine Wednesday with your BFFs. It’s difficult to concentrate at work when you have a nagging, slightly there, headache from one too many glasses of Pinot Noir and not enough sleep. Switch out one or two of your drinks with a sparkling water or kombucha and reap the benefits the next day. And not that we’re all still in the whole succumb to peer-pressure phase of life, but the bubbles can help distract anybody who might want to convince you to have just one more glass!

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4. Have A Last-Minute Summer Fling With… Lists

No plans, no problem might be other people’s end of summer mindset, but it’s the fastest way to let your work go to the wayside and get on your boss’s bad side. Every morning when you get to work (before you even open your e-mail) make a list of everything you need to accomplish that day. Corny? Yes, but to-do lists can help you stay on track throughout the day when all your brain wants to do is daydream about what you’ll be doing after work.

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5. Sunday, The Day Of Rest Get Sh*t Done

Lazy Sundays are the best but if you plan to be a social butterfly throughout the workweek, get your buns in gear on Sunday. That’s right, Pinterest some meal-planning ideas, GO to the grocery store and do your laundry. There’s nothing worse than starting off the week with no lunch, a shirt that may or may not be clean (debatable) and a dirty house to come home to. If you really can’t stand the idea of losing your whole Sunday to chores just set a specific amount of time away for them. Get up early on Sunday, hit the grocery store before it gets busy, start a load or two of laundry and while they’re running prep a few lunches like Jillian’s Captain’s Kale Caesar Salad or Southwestern Pasta. Oh yeah, then go save the entire world because you just became Wonder Woman. Boom!

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Enjoy the last few weeks of summer while they last … do you have any tips for me on how you get your life back after summer?!


Jilly & Mackenzie

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  1. Agree with everything on here!! I love a good relaxing Sunday but its never better than kicking back on Sunday night and feeling super accomplished my everything you’ve checked off that to-do list!!

    1. I agree, it’s a great feeling! Then you don’t have to worry about all that during the week.

  2. For me, writing a to-do list is the only way I can function on a weekly basis. If not, I end up forgetting something important. Not to mention the satisfaction I feel when I cross something off is wonderful.

    When the seasons change, I also usually rearrange my closet (put warmer clothes towards the front for the colder months and vice versa). I also take a trip to Bath & Body Works to get this seasons scented candles just to make my room a little more roomy and happy.

  3. Every year I do a deep house/closet cleanse at the end of the summer. I go through my wardrobe and consign clothing that I no longer use. I also go through my home and see if there are any items I can post for sale on kijiji. A great way to eliminate clutter and make some extra cash!

    Thanks for the great post Jilly – I always appreciate your words of wisdom!!

  4. Love this post! I’m with you on the lists! I seem to be totally daydreamig instead of wanting to work lately. But lists so help! XO

  5. I cannot function without to-do lists and post its!! Great post Jilly! Going to make your Captain’s Kale Casesar Salad tonight!! 🙂

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