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Top Nordstrom Sale Items Under $100

I can’t believe this day is finally here!!!!!! The Nordstrom Anniversary sale is now officially open to the public!!! I promise I won’t keep you here too long … BUT for those of you that don’t know, today is one of my FAVOURITE days of the year … I call it Christmas in July … also known as the NORDSTROM ANNIVERSARY SALE!!!

One of the reasons I love this sale so much is because you can score fall/winter clothing at a hugely discounted rate. Call me crazy, but it’s the perfect time to start thinking about gifts. I have been searching high and low for all of my favourite items from the sale and can’t believe how many awesome deals are out there!! I wanted to start off my Nordstrom Sale series with one of my favourites … that is directed towards the majority of you!!! All you ladies and gents that are on a budget get ready … I’ve rounded up my top picks and they are ALL UNDER $100!!!!

Nordstrom Sale-Under-100

1. Bobbi Brown Make-up Kit | 2. Camel Hat | 3. Kate Spade Wristlet | 4. Faux Leather Moto Jacket | 5. Wedge Sandals | 6. Earrings | 7. Mirrored Buckle Belt | 8. DKNY Watch | 9. Grey Ruched Dress | 10. Anastasia Eye Brow Kit | 11. Tory Burch Espadrilles | 12. Happy Camper T | 13. Tan Booties | 14. Faux Leather Bag

Now is the perfect time to find those staple items that pair perfectly with your existing closet. For example, a great pair of tan booties that you can wear with a white boho dress in the summer or with jeans and a sweater in the fall, you can dress them up or down and they last you all year long. It’s like mixing and matching a thousand times over and really getting your bang for your buck (my kinda shopping).

Some of my other favourite items from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale include … this wide brim hat that is perfect to dress up any outfit. Some other sale staples of mine include a good watch, a quality pair of jeans and a bold, yet versatile clutch or purse. You don’t need to splurge on any of these … in fact I recommend you save when you can especially if the quality and price are right. Take a look at the ones I’ve found for you below … YOU make the decision for yourself …. would you rather SAVE or SPLURGE???

Click on the items above to shop them directly or ….

SAVE: Purse | Booties | Thigh Highs | Sunglasses | Hat | Flats

SPLURGE: Purse | Booties | Thigh Highs | Sunglasses | Hat | Flats

And if you haven’t already checked out my dedicated Nordstrom sale section on the shop page, I suggest you do here. I don’t want to bombard you with sales posts so I will be updating this shop page on a daily basis with my top finds and best deals. Make sure you check it out before August 8th when the prices all go back up …

Happy shopping my loves!!!



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  1. Thanks for the awesome picks! I’ve been looking for a faux leather jacket and a fedora so I was super excited to see both of these in your top items! Love you, Jilly!

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