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Indulgent Snacks Without Compromising

I don’t know if it’s just me or maybe I’m just paying more attention to it now … but now that I’m pregnant I am constantly snacking!!! I am working long days on set when I’m in Vancouver and am constantly driving to and from Kelowna. If it wasn’t tiring BEFORE being pregnant … it’s definitely more tiring now!! I always need to be prepared and ready for anything. Snacking is totally new to me and I now need to pack snacks for my long days to curb cravings and hunger so that I can make it through. I think it’s also because I am so conscious about what I’m putting in my body because I know I need to nourish the little babe growing inside of me … instead of eating only when I remember!!! My schedule is always so busy that as much as I would LOVE to make every snack and every meal for myself … it’s just not possible. I need to be prepared with quick and easy go to’s that are always stalked in my house.

As a busy bee who is always on the go and juggling a thousand things … my day is full of compromises. As busy women we often feel like we have to balance our wants and needs with what’s best for those around us, but below are some snacks you can enjoy that taste delicious and you can still feel good about … especially when you’re pregnant!!! When it comes to snacking we can indulge after all, compromise-free. Here are my top 3 favourite things to snack on …


1. Popcorn: One of my favourite snacks that is quick and easy to grab with my busy schedule is new Smartfood Delight popcorn. I have always loved popcorn and knowing that it’s only 35 calories per cup makes me love it that much more! It is gluten-free, made with whole grain corn and has NO artificial colours, flavours or preservatives which is so important to me now. With my busy schedule, I sometimes need to compromise and this popcorn helps me put myself first, compromise-free. Not to mention it hits the spot any time of day. If you don’t have time like me … this is one of the BEST snack options if you’re on the go.

2. Fresh Fruit: Depending on the season or time of year … fresh fruit is always a great option. You need to be a little more prepared for this snack and have time to wash, store and pack in a container. Sometimes this just isn’t possible in my life!!! This season I am LOVING cherries …

3. Smoothies: I have been craving a lot of smoothies during my pregnancy. I love them because they fill me up, and I can jam as many nutrients in them as I possibly can!!! I like my smoothies tart, and usually use bananas, oat milk, frozen fruit and chia seeds with some coconut yogurt as a base.
Jillian-Harris-Eating-Smart-Pop-Popcorn-13 Jillian-Harris-Eating-Smart-Pop-Popcorn-15 Jillian-Harris-Eating-Smart-Pop-Popcorn-10 Jillian-Harris-Eating-Smart-Pop-Popcorn-1 Jillian-Harris-Eating-Smart-Pop-Popcorn-12

Do you have any other go to snacks that you want to share with me??? Let me know in the comments below …






Thank you Smartfood for sponsoring this post. All comments and opinions are my own.

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  1. I love protien jars! Scoop of Vega protien, almond milk, rolled oats, cacao nibs, chia seeds, almond butter and a splash of honey!! Topped with berries!! Super quick and easy for a busy day and easy to make a weeks works at a time in a little mason jar!

  2. Roasted seaweed snacks are my favourite! Particularly the sesame & teriyaki flavoured ones. Yogurt/berries/chia seeds, Boom Chicka Pop Popcorn, roasted chickpeas and kale chips with spices, sunflower seeds are my demise and lastly when I have guests I’ll usually make a major charcuterie board & antipasto plate because we’re usually drinking and I’m European! lol.

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