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Tropic Like It’s Hot: Wallpaper Before & After

After I shared my post with you on 5 Easy Ways to Update Your Walls last week, I thought it would be fun to share some before and after photos with you to bring one of my points to life! I mean … who DOESN’T love a “Before and After” blog?! It was point #2 in fact … on WALLPAPER! I’ve copied it below so you can refer back to what I was talking about!

Wallpaper: Wallpaper is an AWESOME way to completely change the look of a room in your home! You can cover an entire room in wallpaper or you can do a feature wall with a crazy pattern! There are so many classic and unique patterns out there to choose from so have a little fun with it!! Have you checked out my collaboration with Milton & King?? We teamed up together to come up with three funky prints and they’re all pictured below!! The beauty of this wallpaper is it peels RIGHT OFF! So if you’re a little on the indecisive side … no worries! LOL!

Well, having said that … the AH-MAZING team at Sticks and Stones reached out to me to see if Milton & King and I would be up for providing their client, Kaitlyn Ellis, a couple rolls of our Tropic Like It’s Hot wallpaper to help bring her entryway to life! And of course, we said, HELL YES!!

Katie and the team from Sticks and Stones had been working with Kaitlyn for a couple months and they knew right away that they needed something exciting just like the rest of the rooms in her home. The entryway was missing some personality so they started looking at some wallpaper options to use. Kaitlyn had mentioned that she loved my home decor style (ok Kaitlyn, you’re too sweet! LOL!!!) and it dawned on the team to use one of my Milton and King Tastemaker Wallpapers!! They ended up going with Tropic Like It’s Hot (one of my FAVES!!!) and as Katie put it, “It really couldn’t have been a better reflection of Kaitlyn’s style and personality! How could you not be happy when entering this home?” And … I AGREE!!! I mean, take a look at these photos!!!

Wait, but before we check out the photos, I want to give a HUGE shoutout to Steve Noon who offered up his services to install this for us!! YOU FREAKIN ROCK STEVE!!


Jillian Harris Milton and King Wallpaper Jillian Harris Milton and King Wallpaper Jillian Harris Milton and King Wallpaper-3


Jillian Harris Milton and King Wallpaper Jillian Harris Milton and King Wallpaper Jillian Harris Milton and King Wallpaper Jillian Harris Milton and King Wallpaper Jillian Harris Milton and King Wallpaper

So, what do you think of the transformation?? I think it turned out absolutely STUNNING! Such a simple change can make the world of a difference in any space!!



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  1. Thanks so much for the mention Jilly,this was a really fun job to be involved with
    Steve – Wallpaper hanger

    1. Hi Steve!!! Thank you SO MUCH for your help installing this wallpaper!! You did an amazing job!! XO

      1. Thank you and I’m super happy you liked my work,hopefully we get to work together again,feel free to get in touch anytime

  2. Wow a great transformation! Such a beautiful wallpaper. Love seeing your take on a flamingo motif. It is very interesting to see it used in a non-bath/laundry setting. I wondered if the paper in your former home (I noticed in a blog photo a while back) was an early prototype of your final version we see here. Great job, Jillian and teams.

  3. Hi there Jillian & “team”!! ?

    I have watched your Jillian’s many shows & projects over the years & wanted to say your new show with Justin (joined by your sweet Leo on the first show!) is GREAT!!

    I love your decorating & renovation style & ideas!

    On your first episode of your new show, we saw your’s & Justin’s Kelowna bedroom. Your white tufted headboard is the style I LOVE & have been trying to find with just the right lines I have been picturing in my head.

    I want it in white “pleather”. I guess I sound “cheap” about this, but want to be able to easily clean it!!!

    Can you tell me where I can get it??? I love in Ontario, Canada.

    Thanks so much

  4. I used this wallpaper in my baby girl’s nursery and everyone loves it! It’s the best accent wall ever!

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