Tunics & Tights!

It’s one of my favourite times of year for fashion. The in-between season when heavy jackets are no longer needed but bare legs are still a bit too chilly!!! I mean I can’t WAIT to put the leather leggings aside and trade them out for a cute pair of jean shorts. BUT for the time being I am in LOVE with wearing tunics, dresses and layers with a cute pair of boots and stockings. Tunics are one of my many go to’s when I’m in a rush. They are easy to throw on and pair with almost anything and they will still look cute and trendy….oh and did I mention comfy!?!?!?!

Photo 2015-02-26-12Photo 2015-02-26-11Photo 2015-02-26-8Photo 2015-02-26-10Photo 2015-02-26-7

Tunic | Heels | Tights | Glasses | Watch | Bracelet

What are your spring go to’s?!?



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  1. Great post Jillian!!

    I always struggle during this time of the year! Love the tunic it’s so cute!! Thanks for sharing I love your blog! xx from Barcelona, Spain.

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  2. Love this outfit Jillian! Is the colour of the tunic in the link the exact colour you have? It looks darker!

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