A Unique Ensuite


I’ll start with the best part: THIS HOUSE COULD BE YOURS!!!…

This will be the last room I feature on before I hand out this beautiful home to one lucky winner… and OMG!!! I am so excited!!!

Endings remind me of beginnings and I remember there was one thing that was clear to me from the moment I started planning and designing this house: I desperately wanted a black and white claw foot tub. I was so obsessed with having this tub that it became the center inspiration for the entire home.


The pairing of black and white is so classic and so crisp and clean, it’s no wonder it works fantastic in a bathroom. After all, where else is that clean stark feeling more essential? It’s also a fairly easy and affordable combination thanks to the fact that most bathroom fixtures are the cheapest and look best in white. And the black can easily be incorporated with paint. Sprinkle with shiny metals, and then you can have a romantic bathroom escape.


Photo Credits: Teresa Corsie


Tickets are on sale now!  This is BC’s most affordable home lottery. The draw for the home is on September 5th.You can buy tickets online at: or call 1-877-946-4663. They are: 5 tickets for $25 or 15 for $50. For rules of play and rules pertaining to the vehicle prizes, visit


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