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Love It or List It Vancouver: Tokiko and James

Did you watch Love it or List It Vancouver last night???

Despite all the bumps on the road, the new and improved Love it or List It Design Team manage to give Tokito and James a fabulous reno.

Tokiko wanted bright red or a coral red incorporated into her bedroom. Usually, I stay away from those colors – especially in the bedroom! – but with the help of a couple Homesense accent pillows and some Ikea artwork and accessories, we incorporated her wish and I ended up LOVING it. I love being challenged to do things out of my comfort zone!!


Round Seashell Mirror | Pier One Coral Lamp  | Big Ben Clock | Olivier French Country | Wing Back Flared Arm Chair  | Accent White Woor Carved Top Sofa Console Table  | IKEA Prints | Copper Vintage Float  | IKEA Red Tin Vases

Now, the little girl’s bedroom is another success story. I wanted to truly give her a dream little girl’s room since she had always shared a bedroom with her brother. But, she owned a black leather biker jacket!!! How cool is that!!! I couldn’t ignore this fact and in order not to over saturate the sweetness we balanced it with some black accents, including the jacket, and it gave it such an edge! Her coolness was the true inspiration for this room and she really loved it.

QF1qvG-HXp4TGOqmAmKz8Tjy7b-jD1CyM34LGvSYkkc2HvTN1lo3vWYSCGd7evvoMu4UhCdl4FI4RUmxb1cBBg Loveitorlistit2Episode1

Check more images and “shop the show” over on the W Network website. Also if you missed last night’s episode you can view it here.

So… I am not giving it away, did Tokiko and James Love It or List It?

New episodes of Love it or List It Vancouverstarted airing last night. Tune in to watch Mondays 10pm E/P on W Network. I will be featuring my favourite rooms from the show right here.

xo Jilly

Photo credit: Janis Nicolay

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