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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Her

I think I’m still in shock over how quickly February is approaching … can you believe that this THURSDAY is February 1st?! It’s definitely time to start thinking about Valentine’s Day gifts for your lovers which is why I’ve rounded up some of my favourites today for some gift ideas for the ladies (just text this link to your loved one as a subtle little “hint” lol! Tomorrow it’s going to be all about the guys as I suggest some items I think ANY guy would love. But not to worry, if you’re single these gift ideas are PERFECT for pampering yourself on the day of love, TREAT YOURSELF, as they would say!!

Ps. Don’t forget to stop by my dedicated Valentine’s Day shop page for even MORE suggestions … like the items below!!

Jillian Harris Valentines Day Gift Guide for Her

1. Bralette | 2. Lipstick | 3. Be Mine Heart Pouch | 4. Bath Salt Soak | 5. Phone Case | 6. Lace Briefs | 7. Heart Stud Earrings | 8. Candle | 9. Stone Heart Necklace | 10. Tassel Earrings | 11. Ball Cap | 12. Heels | 13. Mug | 14. Love Tokens | 15. Pillow | 16. Sneakers | 17. Matches | 18. Peplum Swimsuit


I mean, this is basically a gift for BOTH people, am I right?! It doesn’t even have to be crazy lingerie either, a little lace bralette and briefs can be JUST as sexy (and even comfier!!) …


You can NEVER have too many shades of a great lipstick! I love Charlotte Tilbury’s lipstick for a few reasons, the packaging is adorable, it’s cruelty-free and it has a nice square flat tip which makes it so easy to apply!


I love the “Be Mine” pouch, it’s super cute and something you could save to bust out every Valentine’s Day ! You could even fill up the pouch with Love Tokens (item #14)!! These cute Love Tokens suggest fun things to do together as a couple such as going for a romantic stroll, a weekend getaway, a wildcard (this one could be fun!! ?), and so many others!! You can also never go wrong with jewelry (am I right ladies?!) I loooove my little heart stud earrings from the JHxMa Summer Love Collection along with the Stone Heart Necklace, I wear them almost every day!!


I find that candles are one of the best gifts because everyone loves them and they make your home soooo cozy but they are one of those things that not many people actually go out and buy for themselves!! Plus, gifting a candle along with a nice glass bottle of matches is the ultimate cherry on top!!

Bath Salts

There’s nothing better than unwinding after a long day in a tub filled with relaxing bath salts … Saje has a sensuous “Tantra” Bath Salt Soak which is a blend of passion-inducing essential oils and natural bath salts … ummm helloooo … I’ll take 1O and a bottle of wine!!!


Who doesn’t love a new pair of shoes?? I know this might be tricky for some to buy for others but all you have to do is send them a link to a pair that you’ve had your eyes on and note your size and you SHOULD be good to go. LOL!! I love these sparkly heels (perfect for date night) and these slip-on sneakers (GAL-entine’s outfit staple!!) … I’m a 6.5 … if anyone is wondering … Justin??? You reading this??

Peplum Swimsuit

This is by far my most favourite swimsuit that I own and I think it would make a perfect gift because it’s a bit of an investment but it’s worth every penny!!


By now you know how much I love throw pillows so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this adorable tassel trim pillow made the list … along with these heart print mugs … so freakin cute!!

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Don’t forget to share this list with your lover … trust me, they’ll be glad you did as it takes the pressure off finding that “perfect gift” …



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  1. Do you what the shipping cost is usually like for The Cross Design? Those love token coupons are way too cute!

  2. I love everything you love ? Do the Bop Shop swimsuits ever go on sale? ❤️❤️❤️ Been watching the (bright blue) scalloped bikini since #SWTS! Happy February! Love ur blog ?

  3. Hey Jill, the Melanie Auld jewelry is all sold out.. any chance there is plan for restock? I’d love to get a set for valentines ?

    1. Darn it!!! The XO earrings are also my faves!! They’re soooo cute!! It looks as though the Black Onyx necklace is available in silver!! XO

      1. I love checking out your blog for V-Day ideas such as: gifts, cooking and everything else!! I am absolutely love that you have crultey free lipstick on the blog. Thanks for the hard work on helping us gals out in so many ways.
        Happy Valentine’s Day!!

  4. If your sweetheart loves to keep the gifts forever, why not gift her with greeting cards. A pertinent gift for someone who is in the habit of regurgitating memories, let the greeting card gift symbolize your affection.

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