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Valentine’s Decorating 101

Valentine’s Day is one of my favourite holidays of the year. How can it not be when the holiday is all about LOVE!!! …. And who doesn’t like celebrating love!?! Although, in my opinion we should celebrate it every day. But, it’s a great excuse to decorate your home with girly touches using the Pantone colour of the year, Rose Quartz. For Valentines Day I like to mix pops of red with pinks and creams to give it an overall ambience of warmth and love. Walking into this room will instantly put you in the holiday spirit.

Here are some simple rules that I like to follow when decorating for Valentine’s Day…
Rule #1: It’s never too early to start shopping or decorating for Valentine’s Day!!!
Rule #2: You are allowed to leave your Valentine’s decorations up for the entire month of February
Rule #3: You can never decorate “too tacky” … go all out on the garlands and glitter!
Rule #4: On that same note, you can never have too much blush or pink
Rule #5: Who cares what the masculine person in your household thinks

valentines decor2

1. Happy Art | 2. Throw | 3. Heart Paper Weight | 4. Wooden Lamp | 5. Love Sign | 6. Heart Plate | 7. Cake Stand | 8. Je T’Aime Pillow | 9. Heart Pillow | 10. Heart Garland | 11. Fur Pillow | 12. Rug | 13. Lamp | 14. Pouf

Photo 2015-01-27, 11 26 22 PM Photo 2015-01-27, 11 28 08 PM Photo 2015-01-27, 11 28 40 PM Photo 2015-01-27, 11 29 23 PM Photo 2015-01-27, 11 30 26 PM Photo 2015-01-27, 11 31 02 PMPhoto-2015-01-27-11-32-03-PM Photo 2015-01-27, 11 32 58 PM Photo 2015-01-27, 11 33 48 PMPhoto 2015-01-27, 11 25 24 PMPhoto-2015-01-27-11-27-04-PM

Heart Pillow | Pink Fluffy Pillow | Lamps | Pink Fluffy Stool (similar) | Large Red Tray (similar) | Decorative Hearts  | Moroccan Pouf | Landeau Roses | Korhani Rug

Share some of your Valentine’s Day Decorating tips with me in the comments below!!!


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