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Valentine’s Gifts: For Him

As requested … today’s Valentine’s gift guide has been curated with SO MUCH LOVE  all thanks to the help of the hunky man in my life, Justin!!!! He has helped me round up some of HIS top favourite gift’s to receive on Valentine’s Day … I guess I should be taking note this time!!!! Lol … thanks babe!!!

Valentie's Gift Guide for HIM

1. Sunglasses | 2. Go Pro | 3. Scrub Captain Sweater | 4. Nike Shoes | 5. Boxers | 6. Casamigos Tequila | 7. Dress Shirt | 8. Sphere Ice Mold | 9. Socks | 10. Mug | 11. Bose Speaker | 12. Vest | 13. Headphones | 14. Anthony Face Cream | 15. Zanerobe Sureshots | 16. Lingerie (for you but also for HIM!!) |17. Bow Tie | 18. Tie | 19. Daniel Wellington Watch | 20. Herschel Duffle Bag

What are you getting YOUR man for Valentine’s Day!?!?


Jilly & Justin

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      1. Love the gift guide Jilly & Justin!! Now how do I decide what to get? lol! PS Anita just spent some time in Austin….let me know if you want any recommendations!! xo SB

  1. Really great gift guide! My hubbs would love a lot of these great gifts! You & your man have fab style and super helpful ideas! Thanks, Jillian!! 🙂 Happy V-Day! xo

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