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My Vegan-Ish update … Am I a Complete Failure?

Hi everyone! I have been meaning to sit down and share an update about my recent switch to a “vegan-ish” lifestyle (which, by the way, is probably the last time you will ever see “that word” used on this site! LOL). I have to admit … I was floored and flattered by the amount of attention and feedback that post received but there was also a side of me that was scared. I expressed that fear in the first post but I never knew how real that fear would be until the days and weeks that followed. This is another long one… grab your coffees!

As a designer, TV host and blogger I get to talk about everything I love … family, shoes, decor, travel, food and yes, matters of the heart (even if I am not an expert in the category) and I LOVE it.

See, I was raised to always speak my mind, do what is right and do my best. I was also raised in a very open minded, carefree household. Nothing is black and white and mistakes are often made … by everyone in my family. We don’t hold grudges, we don’t judge, for the most part we try to focus on the positive, we forgive, and we try to put ourselves in each other’s shoes and give them the benefit of the doubt. My Mama has told me THOUSANDS of times “everything in moderation”  … So when I started to make these dietary changes in my life, I was excited about them and wanted to share it with the people who have followed my life journey for the last 7 or so years, in the hopes they would see my intentions in the same light.

What I didn’t think about were any repercussions. In my naïve mind … everyone would say “YEY JILL you’re doing something good!” Maybe it would encourage them to learn a bit too, and make changes in whatever way they were able. I didn’t want to rant, nag or pressure anyone, and I didn’t want to cause anyone guilt if they didn’t want to participate in my journey.


However, I soon realized the harsh reality of sharing my feelings with a combined network of almost a million people … NOT EVERYONE is going to agree with your decisions, no matter how good your intentions. After my post, I received countless hate messages from farmers and meat lovers. I was called the C word, uneducated, stupid, and told I was using my voice to spread the wrong message (WHAT!?!?!? OMG I THOUGHT I HAD A GOOD MESSAGE???). For the most part, I ignored those comments and RELISHED in the fact that I received literally THOUSANDS of comments of praise, encouragement and people telling me that they wanted to make changes as well. I literally CRIED when I saw the feedback coming in because I was told so many times that “people won’t change” and “not to waste my time” … and this post was living proof that my voice CAN make a difference … I was SO SO proud … the proudest I have ever been in the last 7 years of being a “public figure.”

I called my Mom, Justin, Tori, Shannon… everyone and told them “Guess what guess what!! People are listening!! People care! I can make a difference!!!” I remember feeling SO high that day! But like I said, my pride quickly turned into anxiety … because I realized HOW passionate many people (mostly Vegans) are about this subject (and rightfully so … I have NOTHING against Vegans, instead I look up to them and admire their decisions) and I also realized how many DIFFERENT kinds of lifestyles there are out there … which one DID I fit into? And did I mislead my readers into thinking I was one thing when I was really another?? What was I if I wasn’t “vegan-ish”?


I immediately started getting comments about my beauty products and fashion choices, and while those comments had the BEST intentions I realized that I may have bitten off more than I was ready to chew (pardon the pun). But I never really thought about it, or did enough research on fashion, beauty, household items … I just wanted to talk about food! I felt forced into making MORE changes as fast as I could to avoid anyone telling me I was a hypocrite.

The GOOD thing about this is that it DID make me more aware and I did start making changes immediately. It was pretty easy to make many switches for the most part and even though I was doing it under pressure, I felt accomplished in knowing I could do it and it wasn’t that hard. The not so awesome thing about this is that I didn’t become COMPLETELY VEGAN and EVERY SINGLE post I made that had even a whisper of cheese, leather, milk or meat in it … I had to hang on for the flurry of comments about how inhumane that post was. Almost 7 years of bacon wrapped posts and not one peep about my ‘inhumane choices’ but now that I had expressed myself I had opened up the floodgates and I wasn’t ready for it.

I had someone tell me that clearly my ethics stop when the camera stops rolling, which broke my heart… here I thought I was doing such a good thing by making so many changes … but it wasn’t good enough. I felt like a hypocrite … but not for misleading readers about what I said, but what people assumed and thought I said. I realized my post, which was read by millions of people (THANK YOU!!) was likely taken a million different ways.

While struggling with the constant pressure of pleasing all of my readers, I was and still am struggling with what extent I want (and am able) to live this choice. There are some weeks where I am straight-up plant based and refuse to eat animal products of any kind, and the next week I find myself OK with a little here and a little there … I’m THINKING this is perfectly human but the response I’m getting is contradictory.

I know it may be confusing … that one day I will post about a ‘vegan’ leather jacket, a vegan smoothie or a cruelty-free face cream, and then the next day I’m making jambalaya. I wish I could be just ONE thing for you all but “right now” THIS is all I’ve got for you. My intentions are to do BETTER, to keep learning, keep sharing my findings and continue to make changes, albeit not all at once. I also don’t want to ‘hide’ my (what some people would call) ‘imperfections’ when I DO decide to eat meat, cheese, wear leather, etc. I want to be open about this for a few reasons:

  1. I want to encourage a change that is attainable and approachable. Not one that alienates people and scares people away. When my readers see some of the comments (although I completely hear where you are coming from) they are scared. They are scared to be a part of this movement for fear that if THEY fail, they will also be judged. If you are posting these comments on my page, for the sake of what you are passionate about … BE PATIENT, BE KIND, encourage where you see change and be quiet when you don’t. It’s basic psychology to try to shift the views and lifestyles of others. I am also tempted to delete all these comments JUST for the sake of the cause. I read them, I hear them and I process them … but when my readers see them, I KNOW it scares them from being vocal about their own journey … and we NEED more voices. We won’t get more voices if we are constantly prodding and picking them apart.
  2. I am not vegan. Maybe I will be one day but for now, I am not and I don’t want to pretend I am and I’m sorry if that’s how ANY of you interpreted my last post.
  3. For the animal products that I am using and consuming, for the MOST part, I am working REALLY hard to find the BEST options for my health, the animals and the planet.

SO … WHAT AM I??? I guess you could say I am Plant-Based? I eat mainly vegetarian meals, and I am always looking for new ways to eat plant-based. I also occasionally eat fish from sustainable sources, some dairy and some eggs. I only eat ‘meat’ (poultry, pork, beef) when my body is craving it, which is maybe a few times a month!?!?! And 95% of the time I am getting that meat from a small, local, researched farm that I feel good about. I have leather car seats, SOME of my products are not cruelty-free (although I would say 90% of them are) and I don’t recycle as often as I should. It may surprise you, but I also drop the F-bomb on the reg, am not always consistent, and I think farting is funny … while I am throwing it all out there …


And lastly … for the farmers who sent me countless emails begging me to believe that they love their animals, PLEASE try to understand where my struggle is coming from.

We are seeing LOTS of BAD things out there and it’s sickening. It might not be happening at YOUR farm but it IS happening out there and  IT WILL CHANGE YOUR INDUSTRY IF YOU DON’T ALSO FIGHT FOR CHANGE. People are passionate about the lives of these animals but there still isn’t a way for consumers to distinguish between a ‘happy steak’ and a ‘factory steak’ … there aren’t enough regulations and rules that set YOU the ‘good farmer’ apart from the ‘shitty farmer.’ The stories will continue to surface and you will be grouped into the same category because people are scared and don’t have a choice but to abandon meat all together … that is what landed me in this position in the first place. WE NEED YOUR HELP so PLEASE be a voice!


Whew … that is that, until next time …

Your sometimes vegetarian, trying my best, pescetarian, plant-based, over thinking,


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  1. Amen! I think you are so wonderful and you are approaching this journey in such an amazing way! You are so inspiring 🙂

  2. This is perfect. I can’t tell you enough how much I understand where you are coming from. I tried to go “vegan-ish” – and I was always scared to wear my UGGs around or take a bite of something with meat in it at a party for fear of everyone saying YOU CANT DO THAT YOU SAID YOU’RE GOING VEGETARIAN. I gave up the label and have just started to say – no! I am me.. that is all. I am not vegetarian, or vegan-ish (even though I love the “vegan-ish” label lol) – I am just me.. and I am going to make my own decisions about what I want to eat and no one is going to make me feel badly. If one day I want to eat a big old burger.. I am going to .. and if other weeks I want to eat a vegan diet.. I am going to do that too! It is a slow transition with so many battles and your blogs about it could not be more perfect. I just love you!!

  3. You are phenomenal and this is so well said I don’t know how anyone could possibly judge you or misunderstand your sentiment.

    So inspirational and balanced!

  4. Oh, Jillian! I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. Thank you for exposing and showing your imperfections and explaining your reasonings on so many topics. It made me so sick reading what people are commenting on your posts … just sick. I’ve so enjoyed your vegan-ish journey … and by the way, I think that’s a PERFECT word. It encompasses what you’re trying your best to do. Keep being you! We all love you for it!

  5. Thanks for sharing your heart with such eloquence. It sound like you’ve experienced some bullying and shaming from a lot of different sources. I hope you are given more grace and understanding as you continue on your journey.

  6. Amen Jill! I went plant-based in January after I read your post. It was so very real and it vocalized a lot of the same thoughts I had been mulling over for years. You showed me that you don’t have to place strict rules on yourself, you just have to make moves toward change. Something is better than nothing. Keep doing you!

  7. Love this so much, Jill! Thank you for being so open and vulnerable to your readers. I am so sorry you’ve been ripped apart for living YOUR life and doing YOUR best. That’s all we can do right? I am also trying to live a more “plant based” diet but am no means ready to declare I am vegan. And that’s okay too. Keep being YOU cause we love you so much!!

  8. You are an inspiration Jillian!!! I love your honesty and authenticity. I can totally relate to everything you said. I have switched to a more plant based lifestyle, but sometimes I do eat sustainable sourced fish and eggs/meat from local farms I have researched the crap out of. I have also switched over most of my beauty products and household items. I really struggle with cruelty in the fashion industry as this girl loves her shoes. I am doing my best to look for vegan leather purses and shoes but it’s very hard. I admire you for inspiring others and using your voice for the greater good. No one is perfect and I don’t think anyone should expect that of others. I am proud of myself for making the changes I did and becoming more informed about animal welfare and the environment….. and you should be proud too, imperfections and all 😉

  9. Jillian, I don’t normally comment, but I had to let you know, this was so very well stated! I’ve been following you for a long time, and I love how honest you are and your willingness to show that you’re a real person in this world of fakeness. You are going to make mistakes, we all do, and shame on the holier than thou people. Just because they might not be making food mistakes, who knows what their mistakes are (besides judging), because they aren’t putting their lives out there for people!! I think you’re doing a heck of a job, because I know it’s hard, I’ve been trying to make changes myself! It’s hard to change everything at once, and even easier to slip up even when you have different intentions. I’m sure it’s hard not to take those people’s nastiness to heart, but you keep doing you!! There are way more people that love you for that!

  10. While I’m not vegan or vegetarian youve made me think about what I’m putting in my body. Thank-you. Also, you don’t owe it to anyone to try to give yourself a label- just be you. Its more than good enough. ❤️

  11. Jilly, you’re the best! Do whatever makes you feel good. We can’t all be perfect but instead of giving up altogether, we just need to do what we can.
    On another note, can’t wait to see some more maternity fashion choices!

  12. I think you are SO great! I’m sorry that being in the public eye has you feeling like you need to label yourself. I recently (thanks to your original post, actually!) have cut out eating meat. At first I thought I was going to be a vegan, but if I want to even start THINKING about that, I think I need to take baby steps- and the first is to cut out meat and poultry. I’ve had to tell myself, and I think you should tell yourself, we don’t need to label ourselves! Because what comes with that is vegans will criticize if slip up and eat meat, and meat eaters will judge you for being a crazy vegan! You will never make everyone happy, and that’s OK! Just do what’s best for YOU!! 🙂

  13. I LOVE this post. It’s up to us to make the best decisions for ourselves given the information and the resources we have on hand at the time. People who try to push their agendas using judgment without celebrating the little victories are completely missing the point! Thank you for sharing your inspiring point of view!

  14. Not typically a “commenter” but this was so eloquent! NOTHING in this world is black and white and it’s so healthy and heartwarming to hear about your journey. Kudos from a fellow animal loving, plant (and occasional meat) eater. 🙂

  15. Man, there must be something in the water lately! I had a similar problem with a post I did recently about struggling to write to a mostly anonymous audience – mostly positive, but the negatives were REALLY negative!

    Hang in there, and do what’s best for you – especially because you’re eating not only to sustain yourself, but to grow a healthy and beautiful baby!

    The path to a more plant-based lifestyle is just that…a path. I’ve never understood people who think hardcore veganism can just happen overnight for everyone – as I understand it, it’s a journey of educating oneself and making decisions that you feel comfortable with. Being vegan isn’t right for everyone, and eating meat isn’t right for everyone – hopefully people can calm down and see that you’re doing your best, and find ways to be more supportive than critical.

  16. I always feel so sad for bloggers when they open up about their personal choices and get such ridicule and hate thrown at them. I hope you try not to take those nasty comments to heart because you’re such a warm, caring and kind person who doesn’t deserve any kind of negativity! Thank you for always being such a sincere, honest person – don’t ever change! xoxo

  17. Try and do away with the haters. Personally, I could never go without my meat. Does that piss a lot of people off. Yes…too bad! 🙂 You have to do what is right for you and your baby! I do my best and that is all any of us can do. You seem to be such a “real” person and I love that. You say it like it is…me too! Hahaha This has gotten me into a lot of trouble growing up as I did not take others feelings into mind. I’m MUCH better now with that but still say it like I feel it! Happy for you and your happiness!

    PS – my now husband sat beside your mom on a flight to YVR the year after the Bachelorette! She was going on and on about you and he had no clue! He called me that night and said… who the hell is Jillian Harris!?! He has since watched many an episode of both the Bachelor and Bachelorette so he’s up to speed these days! LOL

    Stay true to yourself! xo

  18. Thank you. Just, thank you. I struggle with this. What happens when we’re not perfect??! What is wrong with me for “failing at something yet again!?” Thank you for sharing that progress is not perfection. And that imperfection does not equal failure. This post is about so much more than food to me.

  19. Well done! Don’t be worried about labeling what you are. You are you and you’re educating yourself to be better and do better.

  20. It is always mind-blowing to me when people react negatively to ANOTHER person’s dietary choices. Why on earth do they care if you are not eating something. I think the hardest part about switching to a more “plant-based” diet is dealing with people who are somehow offended by the fact that you want to eat more apples and less chicken. I am sorry to hear this has been your experience! But, I can say for myself, I was thrilled to see that you have been trying to eat less animal products. I am a huge supporter of a “vegan-ish” diet. At the end of the day, just being conscious of your food choices and trying to eat less animal products is totally praise-worthy! Go Jillian!

  21. Jill, you rock <3 I appreciate your raw honesty and willingness to just 'be you and bare all' no matter the topic. I think that in itself is an accomplishment, regardless of what it's about. Thank you for being a positive impact, influence, and icon for kind change. Love you lady <3 xxx

  22. Well said. I went vegetarian 3 years ago and full vegan (diet) 6 months ago. It works for me. Do I still wear leather shoes? Yup. Do I eat honey? Absolutely. Do these two “flaws” make me a bad person? I sure hope not. My motto for most things in life is “just do you” – and it works. Keep doing what you are doing, what makes you (and your baby) feel good.

  23. I really respect you and your openness about trying to cut down on animal products.
    Over a year ago, I made the decision to cut out most meat from my diet. I slowly cut back from eating meat every single day – sometimes several times a day – to maybe once a month. I felt great about this, but I never wanted to put a label on myself and say I am “vegetarian.” I know that this all-or-nothing lifestyle is not for me, but I feel proud of the changes I have made. I struggled with people asking me “are you allowed to eat that” if I tried a piece of my boyfriend’s steak at dinner, as if I had signed a binding contract when I decided to eat less meat. When people ask if I’m vegetarian, I just say I usually don’t eat meat, and leave it at that. If I eat one chicken wing at a football game or eat my parent’s home cooking that’s made with chicken broth, I honestly think that’s far better than how much meat I ate before.
    I really commend you on trying to cut down on animal products and realizing it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. I hate that you feel you need to apologize for not strictly adhering to one label. You should feel proud of the changes you’ve made – keep it up!

  24. YAY JILL! You’re doing something good! 🙂
    I loved the post and think its so applicable to so many areas of our life – not just what we eat. You’ve certainly made me stop and think – what areas of my life could I work on improving a little bit too! Thank you for that! Its so important to recognize that NONE of us are perfect. And having the expectation of perfection for both ourselves and others around us..its exhausting and leads to disappointment. I work and a Nurse and I educate people with all kinds of Chronic Diseases on lifestyle and management daily – one of the first things I inform them one is perfect. You’re not going to always eat perfectly -you’re not always going to exercise 5 days/week – and life continues on around us whether we’ve made the decision to change or not. There are always birthday parties, road trips, and much needed R&R weekends 🙂 I so love this post. Lets all just be the best we can and recognize that that is what everyone else is trying to do too 🙂 I think you’re so wonderful and I love you’re thoughts!

  25. Your change to a more compassionate diet – HUGE! Your subsequent changes in the areas of clothing and cosmetics – ALSO HUGE! Rome wasn’t built in a day and these kinds of lifestyle choices take time too. Knowledge is power and we get more of each every day that we live consciously.
    Keep paying attention to your intention and what brought you here Jillian, you’re a great voice for animals who, if they were able to type, would thank you for thinking of them, being their voice and never being silent on their behalf – no matter how scary it can be.

  26. Oh my gosh… YOU’RE A NORMAL PERSON??! 🙂 It seems like it’s hard for people to remember that sometimes. I think your efforts are pretty impressive and inspiring and even though I’m not planning on becoming vegan or vegetarian anytime soon, I respect your journey and hope I can continue to learn from it. You just have to make the best choices for yourself and the fact that you’re trying to do that and consider animals and the environment at the same time just shows what a good person you are. You’re going to be an awesome mom, Jillian!

  27. Do you girl!! So happy to read this post and hear your positive reaction to such criticism. Your honesty and willingness to be vulnerable is admirable! Even though they are passionate and have good intentions, still know for every not so happy comment there are also that many people, and probably more, smiling back at you from the other side of the screen! 🙂

  28. It’s not that serious….you’re an omnivore (an animal or person that eats food of both plant and animal origin). Believe it or not, the definition of the word does not include that the consumption of Plant Based and non plant based foods needs to occur everyday. I do understand that the transition is difficult and at some point everyone has to draw a line on how far you will go (for instance if you cut yourself and you are somewhere where they only have Band-Aid brand bandages are you going to just bleed out because they are not cruelty free? are you going to not eat California almonds because they import bees for pollination? Do you have to stop eating grains because a farm kills the rats that steal their crops? I think everyone can agree that the goal should always be to do the least harm, but not at the risk of having to live with constant anxiety. The truth of the matter is no one is able to live up to the term “Vegan”. Especially if you also want to be an organic vegan (I don’t know where the sanctimonious vegans think natural fertilizer comes from…but it often rhymes with actory arms). Bottom line…there is no need to join the hipster herd and define your lifestyle when the dictionary already has it covered.

  29. Thanks for sharing, Jillian! I do think dropping the vegani-ish term is probably for the best because it is kind of confusing. I like to interpret your choices as that you are trying your best to be a conscious consumer, and I totally respect that and you! Keep on doing you, lady!

  30. Don’t normally comment on this kind of thing ! But I’m super proud of you for speaking up — you don’t deserve to be criticized for doing what is right ! Keep on keeping on, Jill! You’re killing it (no pun intended lol)

  31. It’s amazing that when you make a decision that’s intended to be good for you and maybe give a bit of insight to others, how the trolls seem to come at you. I decided to take on a healthy lifestyle by purchasing a workout program and deciding to go full force and becoming a coach with that company to keep myself accountable. If I even eat something that’s not “good” for me (even though a portioned amount of carbs are part of the program) or if I don’t live up to someone else’s “standards” of how I should be, I am completely hounded. It actually makes you want to throw up your hands and say “F-it”. I think everyone needs to focus on themselves and worry about their own lives. It blows my mind that some people would send you such hateful comments. Cheers to just being you and not letting people run/control your life.

  32. This whole post (and series of posts, along with their negative comments) makes me sad. No matter who we are, we are doing our best. Sticking to one set of rules and having to justifying them to everyone is exactly what’s stressing people out beyond their ability to cope and keep up! Jillian wrote this beautifully, but it’s sad that it even had to be done. We are not experts in everything, or anything for that matter. Our lives are full, there is so much to “know” that really is irrelevant, as we each are doing our best. Depending on your upbringing, education, family and work responsibilities, passions, we all are trying our best. Rarely is a person not. Keep learning, keep trying, keep loving, and you are doing exactly what you “should” be doing.

  33. CHEERS to being a real human with such a big heart! You inspire me to make positive, healthy changes. Hooray! Thank you, Jill! xo

  34. Don’t let anyone’s rude and judgemental comments ruin your day. Thank so much for your transparency and thoughtfulness for your readers. You’re human!

    I was vegan for years and started hating what other vegans I was encountering did & said to others that weren’t like them. Isn’t veganism all about compassion? Why do most vegans always judge & make others feel horrible about their choices? That’s not how you inspire people. Do what’s best for you & your body. I didn’t thrive on a fully vegan diet so I stopped trying to put myself in a box and feeling guilty every time I looked at fish. It’s hard to be in that “ish” place but there’s nothing wrong with it.

  35. Jillian, it’s amazing how you handle all this!! The thought you put into your posts and how you word things is amazing! Keep being the easy going, fun loving, inspirational woman you are!! And take care of yourself and that sooo loved baby!! ❤️

  36. Wow! Very well said! It’s very easy for people to push their opinions on others choices, but a whole other ball game to be in the hot seat. All anyone can do in life is to try and do their best and always be open to change. Keep on doing what you do and know that your real fans like you for you. They appreciate when you open up and try to encourage others to try to change and better themselves in some way…..vegan, plant based or meat eater!!

  37. YES! YES! YES!! How authentic! So happy for you. What a great way to show people how to be themselves. We need thousands of public figures who can own and share truth. Don’t pick up and hold other people’s garbage and issues. But DO keep sharing your true self 🙂 I’m sure this was a learning curve but do not let it lessen your voice!

  38. Dearest Jill, I have been reading (and following your snaps) for quite some time now. I am going to try and keep this short but sweet- The other day when you posted your rant snaps, i wanted to reach out tell you that all the way from Cleveland, OH, USA, YOU HAVE MADE A DIFFERENCE IN MY LIFE. You introduced me to Erin Ireland who has also taught me so much! I have watched and read things i never have would before! Now I am doing my best to reduce my animal consumption and also have become extremely conscious of where my food comes from. While I am not vegan, or vegetarian- I am trying my hardest to do what I think is best for the animals (and the produce?-hello I don’t want Gmo!), the planet, and myself.THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. Please allow us to continue joining you on this journey! xo Pam Buss

  39. Good for you Jill!! Your awareness regardless of what stage your in is the best step!! If we all had more awareness go these things it would go a long way!

  40. Kudos, Jillian. Your first post made me more interested and I have in
    turn started to eat more plant -based and research how my
    food is made and where it is coming from. YOU INSPIRED CHANGE. Please don’t be discouraged by others opinions. Small changes create huge impact. Keep on keepin’ on, girl. <3

  41. Jillian, I usually don’t comment but I’ve been following your journey for quite some time now and find you to be so real and down to earth. I have particularly enjoyed your journey into eating a more plant based diet. My son became a vegetarian a year ago and It prompted the rest of our family to step back and take a look at what we are eating. It’s been fun to see how creative we can be with new recipes that don’t include meat. So I find your snaps and posts very helpful along with your friend Erin Ireland’s. Please keep being you and showing the rest of us how each of our journey’s are unique and that’s perfectly ok!

  42. You are so honest – I LOVE IT!! I’m also prego and have been very “off” meat and most fish…just makes me sick thinking about it! I’m mostly “plant-based” as well but realize after seeing my midwife that I’m quite low in iron so went out and spent a fortune on Pemberton beef (I refuse to buy gross commercial meat) to make into a spag sauce…delish! You come to realize when you’re spending that much money for “ethical” meat, that you don’t need very much, haha! Add more vegetables to your sauces, make your burgers with beef AND beans and don’t eat cheese every minute of the day (this is a personal note to self, lol)! You can and ARE making a difference and guess what? People need to learn there are OTHER CHOICES out there – and you as a fabulous public figure, can help guide them along your journey. That is ALL you can ever hope to do sweetie!! Sending you love and strength, don’t listen to the trolls, you are wonderful x

  43. Jillian, great post. Even though you are a public figure how you choose to live your life and the choices you make are yours. One thing I have learned with age is to not judge. My 27 year old daughter lives in new west and has been a lacto/ovo vegetarian since she was 10. Boy did I take flack for that. Sooo many people got on my case about my ‘allowing’ her to become vegetarian. One nurse friend even stopped speaking to me. I didn’t take complying with her wishes lightly, she and I did go speak with our family doctor and I learned to cook differently to meet her needs. She is now married and raising a son, allowing him to eat meat and make his own choice when and if he wants to. I’ll never forget her at about 4 years old, I told her were having chicken for dinner and she said “mommy please don’t make me eat a chicken”

  44. You encouraged my own journey on a plant based diet and learning more about the food I purchase and consume. Any step in the right direction, no matter how small, is progress! So don’t let negative people bring you down!
    You go girl!!
    Thank you for inspiring me.

  45. I think your approach is absolutely perfect – I am nowhere close to Vegan or Veganish but seeing your posts has made me rethink how I LOOK at and THINK about the things I eat, I never even thought about sustainable and humane meat options until I saw you open up about them. How anyone can condemn “your voice” on this subject is beyond me. People just like to have someone to bitch and moan at…. you ARE making a difference, and you’re doing it in a honest way, which is pretty damn amazing, unique and inspirational.

  46. Beautiful post! <3 Keep spreading your truth and heart. I loved what Oprah said, "the only way to live a brave life is to disappoint people." We can't make everyone happy and we are bound to upset people with our decisions but that doesn't matter when we keep our intentions in check and follow our own hearts. You are doing what is best for you and your family (even the world) and that's what matters. xo

  47. It makes me sad when people feel the need to judge others decisions. We are all different that’s what makes us unique! You’re not hurting anyone (and actually quite the opposite!) so live and let be!

  48. I love everything about this post. My fiancé is 100% vegetarian. I, however, am more like 90-95% vegetarian. I was raised as a “country, meat & potatoes” girl. My poor grandparents do not understand ? And as I started learning more about a plant based diet and cutting out meat I was loving the way I felt. There are still meats that I crave and will treat myself to and that IS OKAY!!! I feel good about my vegetarian lifestyle and assume that when my body is craving meat that it is telling me it needs something. ❤️

    1. That is awesome! It’s all about exploring and learning new things, so cool that you have come so far. I think the cravings for meat are just a matter of habit and will eventually fade, especially as you find more vegan sausage/beef etc. options. I find that often the vegan versions are just as satisfying if not tastier than the dead animal versions. Same with cheese–I used to think I could never give it up, now I want nothing to do with it (unless we’re talking some Follow Your Heart or cashew cheese ;)). But we each have our own journeys, best of luck!!

  49. Whoop whoop!! GOOO Jillian! You’ve inspired me to make changes where I can too. Not 100 percent but better than where I was! Thank you. 🙂

  50. As a farmer and long time follower, thank you for the mention! There are
    lots of us out sharing our positive stories about agriculture, actually
    devoting a lot of time to doing that, and backing it up with our on farm
    practices. We’re fighters. We love what we do and we’ve recognized this
    disconnect you’re talking about, but we’re just not all that sensational. I’m
    struggling to find a way to make the material I share interesting and relevant
    to non farmers, without being unrepresentative of my life on the farm. My main
    platform is Instagram, and I’ve slowly built to almost 300 followers
    (@dairysecretary) but most of them are farmers! I’ve spent what’s getting to be
    years trying to decide what to call myself or what to post about to keep my
    material relevant to those who want to know a BC dairy farmer. I try to be a
    good example and to share an authentic view of my life, and hope to expand to
    blogging or other mediums in future, but still haven’t solved how I’m going to
    really make that connection with a different audience, aside from the support
    of influencers such as you. So thanks again, we’ll keep at it, and like I’ve
    said before, if you ever fancy a visit to the farm, just let me know.

  51. Your post made me explore the plant based way of eating! You introduced me to Erin Ireland who I now follow and love( and turns out live in the same neighborhood ) So please know your post did have the disired impact you were hoping for!!!
    Xoxo Marta

  52. Well said! You are doing what is right for you and healthy for your body and the community around you. Shame on those that are safe behind the boundaries of tech and are too judgemental to see the strength in your choice and celebrate all that you are trying to do. Bullying, harshness and belittling has never gotten anyone to do anything but withdrawal.

  53. As a dietitian I love this message!! It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. There are some people who need the hard yes and no but the majority of people are turned off by the idea of all or nothing. Any attempt to increase your plant based intake is a good decision and should be praised not condemned for not being good enough. Keep being an advocate and shining a light on the reality so others can see it is a spectrum. Everyone who makes an effort to reduce their animal product intake is contributing to the movement!

  54. Absolutely love this!! It is incredibly well written. Nobody is perfect and the efforts you are making is what matters. Great Read 🙂

  55. Well said, seriously well done! There is a growing number of people open to change,,,you are speaking for so many of us. Life is a journey and growth along the way is one of its many rewards. Continued success to you.

  56. I understood and found your message to be very clear from your first post on the topic. I thought you went out of your way to make sure nobody would categorize you as one thing or another and very clearly emphasized that this is a process and learning experience for you and that everyone should do what works for them but to become as educated as possible about these choices.
    Some people are always looking for a fight. Especially if it’s something they’re passionate about. Some can do it with more logic and mindfulness than others. Don’t let this set of people get you down.
    That is their issue though and not yours. You were abundantly clear and thoughtful in the way you explained your strategy and goals and the people who are on the same wave in life will see that. Those who aren’t won’t, but it’s not your problem. Ignore their flack and don’t change!!! You’re doing something really special and great and just do you! You’re authentic and real which is what keeps me coming back. Trying to please the masses dilutes your message, a little controversy means you’re making people think which is never a bad thing!
    Keep up the awesome work and remember that your true supporters are always behind you and rooting for you. Xox

    1. PS I also thought your method of a slow and steady change was refreshing and a great example to others. Real chAnge happens with time. It’s not often someone can co pletely overhaul their life overnight and have any long term success. All the best to you !

  57. Keep up the positive work Jillian! Although I don’t eat meat, at all, I cut it out gradually and some day (trust me) there will be no craving. Or maybe there will? Who knows but most people I know who cut it out completely did so gradually. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Take the good and try to block out the bad. This is just my .2 cents but it may be confusing when you wear something leather and then promote it? Maybe people’s issue is in the promotion? I am only guessing. Anyway keep fighting the good fight, you are a good soul with a giant heart. xo

  58. Thanks for the great post Jilly! I love that you’re so honest about your journey, because we’re not all perfect, and that’s okay! I’ve also been trying to eat a more plant-based diet and be more aware of where my food comes from, and it’s not always easy. But like you said, it’s worth trying your best and making changes in your life 🙂 Thanks for being such an inspiring role model! XO

  59. Great post Jillian! Everything was so well said 🙂 Gotta say I don’t really understand the term ‘good farmers’ though. Sure their animals may not be mistreated, but at the end of the day they’re still killing innocent animals. That’s the unethical part, whether it’s for food or not!

  60. Yes Jillian! You do you, love yourself, love your life and keep learning and growing. Life is too beautiful to feel anxious. xo

  61. YES!! I LOVE THIS POST. Jillian, the fact is, not everyone will interpret things the same way. Not everyone will agree but I give you so much credit for TRYING. I mentioned this in my last comment on your ‘part 1’ post. I think it’s amazing you are just trying to make changes and I find it inspiring. I have been wanting to do this as well and I know it’s not an easy process or journey to take. Getting educated is the key. I look forward to following along and seeing your journey and will begin making some changes in mine as well. I want to do it for health reasons and for the animals. My problem has always been the expense and I hate for that to be an excuse! 🙁 You are an amazing lady. Keep being you and please try hard not to let the negative comments get you down too much. That might get exhausting. God Bless.

  62. Los cambios son una lucha diaria con uno mismo, complicados a veces, pero no por ello hay que abandonarlos si crees realmente en ellos. Nunca estará contento todo el mundo con tus decisiones, quédate sólo con las de las personas cercanas que te quieren. Escuchar el resto es bueno, siempre se puede aprender de ellos, pero no dejes que te condicionen porqué lo que hagas líbremente contigo misma sólo debes decidirlo tu, y mientras no afecte a tu salud ni le hagas daño a nadie no dejes que los comentarios malintencionados te afecten. Eres muy valiente por lo que estás haciendo y desde España te animo a que sigas, a que no te sientas culpable si alguna vez aflojas (todos somos humanos) y si no lo consigues al 100% no pasa nada, porqué con todo lo que sí que has conseguido, seguro que ya has contribuído a un mundo mucho mejor. Siéntete bién contigo misma, con los tuyos y sé feliz.

  63. Thanks for sharing your story Jillian, it’s great to see how your journey has unfolded. Every change we make matter, and you have made some huge changes, which is inspirational for everyone listening. I think cravings are just a matter of habit, like most of our tastes are. There are so many awesome vegan products out there (as I’m sure you are aware!) that I’ve developed new cravings (tempeh bacon all day!!). Thanks for trying, and for opening your mind to be a more compassionate person!

  64. I commend you for your bravery making these changes in your life. Its it inspiring and so encouraging! Do not give up!
    “The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all” ~ Mulan

  65. Jilly I just want to hug you so hard! Your snap stories have made me so sad because it’s so obvious how much these comments are upsetting you.

    You’re making changes that feel right to you and that is what is most important at the end of the day. Thank you so much for sharing your story and your struggle with us. For most people making a jump to a vegan lifestyle cannot happen over night. I know personally I try to be as plant-based as possible but like you I have to listen to my body and go to my local butcher and pick up a steak once in a while. Not only does it make my body feel better, but it makes me happy.

    I know it’s not always easy to put the negative comments aside but try and remember that there are many of us here to want nothing more than for you to live a happy life. Sending you so much love <3

  66. I personally LOVE and ADMIRE your honesty and transparency. Like you, I am struggling with this food thing and with the labels. I want to eat less animal products but I haven’t been able to make the transition fully and seeing your journey has helped me realize that I am not the only one who is trying and that trying is a great first step! The majority of vegans I know decided one day to become vegan and haven’t eaten meat for years since that day, but unfortunately I am not like that and so I never thought I could be vegan but witnessing your transition helped me realize that it doesn’t have to be cold turkey.
    I am so sorry for all the backlash you are receiving but I want to encourage you to continue to post because you made a difference in me, my life and my decisions. I don’t often comment and maybe I should comment more to help outweigh all the negative stuff, but honestly – THANK YOU! Please keep going.
    Sending lots of love from #thesix 😉

  67. Great post Jill, as a farmer myself I agree that there are steps that need to be taken in order to strengthen our image across the community. But, a lot of these farms face issues with not knowing these cruel events are happening they are often happening behind our backs because to be honest, it’s hard to hire good honest labor and pay them the wages they desire. Farming doesn’t make a ton of money (some industries are certainly better off than others as their markets are less volatile) but people have to be willing to either pay the extra cost that goes into the quality of care it takes to raise these animals or change lifestyles which I’ll happily support.

    Also, these animal rights activists that come in and just film also have a responsibility to report these things to managers and there is programs in place to report these actions anonymously (such as farm and foodcare) rather than shaming farmers on W5 etc. Their equipment is also a major bio-security risk as it moves from farm to farm and carry disease.

    Again, loved your post and look forward to bringing it up with other farmers and talking about what consumers and community members are looking for and want from us. Happy Friday!

  68. Hi Jillian,

    I rarely comment but really felt I needed to after all the snaps, facebook posts and now this blog post. I really admire the dedication you have taken to learn more about your food choices and the fact that you have done something towards lessening your impact on animal agriculture. I think it’s phenomenal that you have used your platform and large following to bring awareness to this topic.

    I admit that I struggle with the language in your posts knowing that you are learning so much and sharing that with a platform where people may not do their own research. But that is my issue. I read some people’s comments saying “thank you for educating me” when you wrote about humane slaughter and I want to speak through my computer screen and ask them if they understand what an oxymoron that is. You also say your body craves meat and it would be great if our bodies were that smart but it’s most likely craving fat and salt. I think language is so important with topics like these so I hope you don’t take this negatively.

    I truly applaud you for the effort you have taken. I follow a woman named Colleen Patrick Goudreau and if you haven’t checked her out, I urge you to. She has a wonderful quote that goes, “Don’t do nothing because you can’t do everything. Do something. Anything.” Thank you so much for doing something and bringing awareness to such an important topic. I wish you well on your journey!

  69. I love you. Thank you for doing what you can. Thank you for being a voice for change. Thank you for caring about the planet and the animals. Thank you for encouraging thousands and thousands of others to do the same. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I know you’re not perfect. Neither am I or anybody else. It took me a long time to become a full, committed vegan. I didn’t start telling people I was vegan until I was emotionally and mentally ready to be committed, and I think it’s brave of you to start speaking up even if you aren’t ready to be 100%. ??

  70. I admire you so much Jill! Don’t let the haters get you down. People are always so worried about what other people are doing and not concerned enough about what THEY are saying and how IT affects people. Words can be cruel. I don’t have anything against vegans or vegetarians but when they bully and pick apart what other people do-especially when they’re trying to live greener/cruelty free/vegan/vegetarian or whatever I DO have a problem. We need to learn to be more understanding and compassionate towards other people or the hate is going to continue.

  71. You are doing an amazing job Jillian! It’s too bad that people turn their passion for something into berating and negative comments towards others, especially considering that you are making changes that are exactly in line with their passions in the first place! I personally really appreciate that you have shared your journey. Because of your snapchats and posts, I have also began to reduce my meat intake and I LOVE watching Erin Irelands snaps too (which I found thanks to you). Between the two of you, I have gone out to educate myself on these matters so much more and am trying to be more conscious about my decisions. I am in no way going to become fully vegan, but when I am cooking for myself I try to be more plant based. So you are making a difference that goes beyond your own lifestyle changes. It’s unfortunate that some people miss that point and go straight to the preaching. But please know that your message is being received by people who are so open to hearing it!! And know that you have nothing to apologize for. As much as you recognize that those people with the negative comments are coming from a good place, for some reason all I keep singing in my head is “haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate!”

  72. Jillian,

    The most honored aspect of -life-, is to simply be honest, and you nailed it!

    Be proud.

    You ARE so deserving.


  73. I admire your honesty and you are such an inspiration!
    Be proud of the changes you’ve made thus far!

  74. Thanks for your honesty, Jillian. None of us have the right to sit in harsh judgement of others. None of us are perfect. We are all complex and filled with contradictions. The best path is the open and mindfully travelled one. I am a long time ‘vegetarian’ who occasionally eats fish and has leather shoes. I have no more right to look down on my meat eating friends than strict vegans have to look down on me. We all need to be mindful of where our food comes from, how it is grown and what suffering its production makes. We all have the chance to make better choices and to be respectful and supportive of others. All the best in your journey to wellness. Cheers carol Mh

  75. Thank you for your honesty, Jillian. And thank you for sharing your struggles. Grappling with choices about food isn’t easy and it’s very personal. I am vegan now but it took me about 6 years to come to that decision. And it was made a lot easier by the fact that I met my, now husband, who has been vegan for 20 years. It’s so much easier to transition when your family’s on board or already there. For him, the switch happened immediately. But everyone is different and that’s a beautiful thing!

    And I firmly believe that any choice made to reduce the amount of animal products you can consume is a positive thing. It makes a difference. Do I believe there is such a thing as “humane meat?” No, I don’t. But that doesn’t mean that eating less meat, of any kind, doesn’t make a difference. If fewer animals are being killed, how can that be a bad thing?!

    As a vegan, I don’t believe in shutting down anyone who chooses to make compassionate choices, just because they don’t “go all the way.” That does nothing to help the cause. Being vegan to me means being compassionate to animals and people.

    Thank you for making compassionate choices or for being willing to share your journey. ????

  76. Jill! Thank you for sharing this journey and your life with all of us (your snap stories make my day brighter). I admire your honesty and transparency with your food journey. You have an incredible platform and I feel like you are using it for good. Your first post encouraged me to begin my own research on lowering myself and my family’s animal product intake/use. This is an extremely personal journey and everyone’s journey will be different. Please keep sharing the products you come across and the information you have learned. You are making the world a better place! I adore you and Nacho and Kaitlin!

  77. You are such a true reflection of so many of us right now! Trying to figure this whole thing out! I for one, thought “Vegan-ish” was spot-on… And never once questioned your integrity! Keep doing what you’re doing… We love you!

  78. You are doing a fabulous job in any and every way you think is best for you, your body, your life and now your baby. No one out there should be judging you for the choices you make, as only you know what you are going through.

  79. You’re amazing! Thanks for the last post and for this post. I’ve switched from regular milk to almond and coconut milk; One change and I’m proud of myself. Think of the change you have made and feel nothing but pride 🙂

    PS-please come to Ottawa 🙂

  80. Hello,

    I also rarely comment but after seeing a couple of your posts on social media, I also feel I would love to share my feelings on this. I have to be 100% honest in saying that I was so excited and profoundly proud of you when you first made the post about adopting a plant based compassionate diet (1) because you come of as a very approachable, kind person and 2) because you ARE an influencer on social media, bringing great attention to this cause. I am a joyful vegan, and I was a little bit confused (ok, I admit, a little dissapointed) at your posts that included eggs, cheese, leather and meat. I then checked myself, it’s not my journey, it’s yours. I learned this while in yoga school – my words, thoughts, actions are my own, your words, thoughts, and actions are your own. Having said that, I wish you luck on your journey and please keep up the research, education on this matter is key, for our animal friends and ourselves. Love, Light and Liberation.

  81. Thank you for your honesty Jillian! I love how honest you are with your struggles… I’ve also cute out most meat and would prolly refer to myself as pescatarian now but it’s definitely been difficult and have family members that think it’s hilliarious to post bacon posts etc to me but it just makes me prouder of the changes I’ve made! Do you! and be proud of the changes you have made for your self and others!!!
    Hope ❤️

  82. I feel your pain!! After watching certain documentaries I also wanted to go vegan, but quickly realized it was harder than I thought it would be (and that I would have a hard time making sure I had all of my nutrients on a daily basis). Not to mention it’s hard to find cute vegan footwear! It is really hard to make these changes when people are SO judgemental, and do criticize if you’re not 100% one way or the other. I realized that a compromise would be best for me- much like you, to be MOSTLY vegetarian/plant based but allowing myself some flexibility (People laugh when I tell them I’m a ‘flexetarian’ but it’s true). I still feel like making SOME change (ex. being 90-95% vegetarian) will always be much better than NO change. I will always applaud those (including you) who are willing to do something rather than nothing, and not worry about the haters that will condemn you for not being all the way in or out! Screw that. Keep doing you!!!

  83. Sorry you faced so much back lash for sharing your honest thoughts about the journey you are on. It is too bad that people have to be harsh, negative and judgemental when I am sure there have been times in their lives their journey in life hasn’t always been cut and dry. Please keep sharing, being vulnerable and honest with your journey. You are a light. Keep shining!

  84. You go girl. It’s so courageous to share your life with everyone in the first place – your certainly don’t need to be perfect!! Good for you for trying to make changes that make you feel’s not for any of us to judge what is best for one another – everyone’s story is different..and that’s a good thing :).

  85. You are a lovely individual. Don’t let the haters get you down. I’m a vegetarian, who occasionally eats seafood. I know the struggle! God bless you & your baby!

  86. There is a lot of power in the food/restaurant industry. I am a manager for Earls and we are starting on Wednesday to only serve Consciously Sourced beef from Creekstone Farms. I am a vegetarian but this step in the more humane/sustainable direction for such a large chain in North America makes me excited for the future of our food industry. We would love to have you in Jillian, for a consciously sourced steak or for a vegetarian/plant-based meal. Love your blog and love your vulnerability/honesty! xo

  87. Hey Jill,

    I really appreciate you posting an update here (as well as on your other channels.) When I read your initial post, I thought it was so great that you were being conscious of where your food comes from. I am trying, and similarly not always succeeding, at being more critical about food sources and I have made more concerted buy local and humane food. But it can be so challenging! That said, I am not – and have no intention of becoming – vegan. For some reason, that is just something I am not prepared to do. So I have really appreciated getting more information from you about different issues that pertain to finding and consuming quality meat and dairy and you have inspired me to renew my own efforts.

    So long story short: from my perspective, you are not failing at all. In fact, you are doing a wonderful job of promoting a conversation that is so important but gets so little airtime. So thank you for being honest and taking the bullets that come with being transparent. I am planning to continue checking in with you for more good ideas and quality brand information!


  88. Hi Jill, I rarely comment on blog posts but felt compelled to write to you here. I think changing your diet for the better is an amazing thing. Perfection is a myth. And doing something – rather than nothing – is always a victory, especially when it comes to the well-being and treatment of other living creatures. I applaud you for changing your diet to lean more toward veganism. Don’t let other people discourage you. If this is what makes YOU feel better, inside and out, then good for you. If people don’t like you or your lifestyle or your message, they don’t have to come here and read your blog or comment on your diet. I’m so happy that you have cut back animal products in your diet… personal change leads to collective change and that’s when we start to see this world moving in a better direction… bravo and feel well! xo Lauren

  89. I’m sorry that some people are so cruel. I think you’re a wonderful, beautiful person! Continue being yourself and don’t worry what others may think about you. Also, farts are funny 😉

  90. Jillian I think it’s safe to say you just summed up mines (and all my friends) daily dilemma. There is so much info out there, I love your honesty, intention and passion and it’s so good to know that we aren’t the only ones trying to navigate through this. It’s really refreshing actually to hear someone being “real” in this day of social media. Also I hope I’m still killing myself laughing over farts till the day I die lol! Lots of love.

  91. Like all your posts, I love this post. Addressing a modern, public divide on a personal issue. I love what you say about people wanting to convince others their way is the right way. Such an interesting observation, all wrapped up in your fresh, honest, fun delivery style.
    My 13 year old daughter and I, too, focus on eating an organic, plant based diet, and my make-up and our home care products are all animal friendly, and non-toxic. By living this way, she and I both feel great, emotionally and physically….like we’re doing our best to live our core beliefs of fueling our bodies in ahealthy way, being kind to animals, and not using an excess of water by ‘watering plants to feed animals to feed humans’. If at friends’ for a meal we will happily and gratefully eat fish or chicken. (We eat fish or chicken at home very occasionally. ) When people ask us ‘how we eat’ we say we’re “Flexitarian”. Seems to be a good label to make us feel ‘categorized’, and not bring on questions about where we get our protein etc. I’m thinking that at this point, you may be Flexitarian, too?

  92. Amazing post! I have struggled with this issue myself and finally settled on “plant based, not perfect” which seems to shut up the haters. If you tell someone you are having bipass surgery they dont blink an eye, tell them you went vegan and everyone is up in arms. It can make others feel uncomfortable with their own choices and everything they know, so labels can make it complicated. I appreciate your honesty and applaud you for caring and taking steps towards change, if more people just did meatless mondays we would make a huge difference in the world! xx, Beth

  93. You inspired me to change with your first post. I was already on the cusp of vegetarianism but you helped me take the plunge. I have been mostly vegetarian for 9 months and I absolutely love the way I feel. I feel healthy, I feel like I am a voice to the animals and the environment. It is hard sometimes not to try and get everyone else on board lol

  94. I just found this post after seeing your vegan efforts on your Instagram stories. I have been vegetarian since August 2015. I made the choice based on my love for animals after educating myself about the rampant inhumane practices in the factory farming industry. But, I am human and struggle with cravings and not feeling like I am doing enough. I try to be kind to myself and remind myself to just do my best and what works for me. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your journey- struggles and all! It means a lot and I hope you will keep sharing!

  95. Well said, Jillian!! Thank you so much for this post and your vegan-ish post!! It has encouraged me to be vegan-ish too!! What started with meatless Monday’s will just expand from there!! I pray to god factory farming ends and the torture of these beautiful animals end! Xoxo let your voice be heard! We need people like you!! ♥️♥️

  96. This is exactly how I’ve been feeling! Ever since my husband and I started trying to go vegan, I feel like everyone is watching my every move and waiting for me to ‘mess up.’ It’s not always possible to eat vegan (especially at catered events or family gatherings) but we are doing our best to stick with a plant based diet whenever possible. Additionally, I’m not going to throw out all of my leather shoes and non animal friendly beauty products just because we are trying to go vegan, though it probably will cause me to look at purchasing vegan options for these items in the future.
    My husband reads a lot of Reddit posts for vegans and there is unfortunately a lot of shaming out there for not being the perfect vegan. I like how you have used your voice to encourage people to make changes without shaming them into thinking they need to be perfect with it.

  97. As Albert Einstein said, “Those who have the privilege to know have the duty to act.’ There is a reason mothers take their kids to the orchid to pick apples, and not to the slaughter house. I am happy to see you are considering becoming vegan. I can see there is presure and hate from both sides. I was a “free range, grass fed” vegetarian for years before I educated myself and then the choice became crystal clear. You either support animal cruelty (not vegan) or you don’t (vegan.) There is no in between or ish. People are commenting it’s a personal choice but that couldn’t be further than the truth. The world is in a very scary place because of the animal agriculture industry so it’s no wonder people get crazy about. Learning about it is an intense ride!! How about we take our privilege and strive to live a life full of compassion, empathy, and love instead of exploitation and cruelty (even if our family, staff members and trolls on the internet give us grief!!) Reach for almond milk instead of cows milk (every time!). Once those leather boots wear out, buy pleather ones. Buy Kat Von D instead of Mac….. I make peanuts but I make it work. In fact, I thrive. Just like the innocent animals who’s lives were spared because of my simple and conscious choices. If this doesn’t make sense to whoever is reading this, watch 10 minutes of “humane” slaughter house footage and see what you are paying people to do. Peace and love. xoxo

  98. This is awesome, and inspiring. The thought of going full on vegan is overwhelming for me at the moment although for many reasons I’d like to live this way. Having someone say it’s okay and it doesn’t mean you’re a failure if you don’t do it cold turkey and live this lifestyle 100% of the time is great to hear. Thank you for this post!

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