A Week In My Closet – Week 31

HAPPY LONG WEEKEND MY LOVES!!! Ok, ok … I feel like every week I say … “WOW!! What a crazy or special week it has been” but this week seriously tops them all!! Apart from an intense work schedule, there was also a lot of celebrating going on!! We had a couple new additions to my family this past week including my cousin Sammy tying the knot and the arrival of Tori’s sweet baby boy, Max!!! My heart is SO full right now and I am beyond excited for our little bundle to grow this family even bigger!!!

Between work and celebrating, my closet has seen it all! From bathing suits, to maxi dresses find all the details below!!!


JHforPRIV collection


JHxMA Moonstone Teardrop Necklace


Floral Dress


Necklace | Earrings


Dress | Sandals  | Necklace


Dress | Necklace


Necklaces | Earrings | Bracelets | Off-shoulder Maxi Dress | Thin-strap Maxi Dress | Thick-strap Maxi Dress


Bikini | Sunglasses


Dress | Sandals | Watch



Hope you all are enjoying the long weekend with your friends and family!!! Let me know what you got up to!




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  1. Hey Jillian! I’m loving all of the new baby things you’ve been adding to your Shop my home page. <3 I was wondering how you were able to add affiliate links to your shop page when they aren't found on rewardstyle or Shopstyle? I see that you were able to link some etsy prints and I wanted to be able to add the same to my page.

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