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Welcome to The Farmhouse: The Finishing Touches!

I’m so excited to share yet another Farmhouse update with you! Episode Three is slightly different than the others simply for the fact that there was not as much drama as some of the previous farmhouse episodes. Which is great for us but probably not as exciting for you! πŸ˜‚ All jokes aside, I cannot WAIT to reveal the fourth and final episode soon!! And, spoiler alert (but not really surprising in the slightest), I completely blew through my budget! Who saw that coming!? LOL! That’s not only in the money that we spent, but in the end, we did decide to take on some partnerships, which wasn’t my intention at the beginning, but I’ll explain in the blog why we decided to team up each company! So, for full transparency before you read the blog, our partners at this stage of the renovation were; Haven Sleep Co, Elmira Stove Works, and Norelco Cabinets. Each one of these partners helped us take this farmhouse renovation to the next level, and in the final episode, I will make sure to include the total value on each of the items so you can see how over budget we went on this project! 😬

Before we dive in if you are just learning about this new adventure, make sure to check out our other farmhouse episodes, here! Alrighty, let’s get right to it, shall we?

I am SO proud of this entire project. For those of you who have followed me for many years, know that I LOVE to shop, I think the saying “shop till you drop” was meant for me! LOL! And despite my love for shopping, and with this project, I really tried to buy (and dumpster dive) for as many thrift and vintage items as I could. When Tori and I owned Charlie Ford Vintage, I would source thrift and vintage items all of the time, and somewhere along the way, I lost that. So, with this project, it felt like I was getting back to some of my old hobbies and reigniting that passion of mine, and let me tell you, did it ever feel good! With that being said, even though we did have a few partners on this farmhouse reno and I did buy a few things from Wayfair (a few lights and the bed frames!) I am so thrilled with how much we were able to thrift, which was a huge win! You’ll have to wait for the fourth and final episode to find out all of the items I thrifted, and which ones I caved on and purchased new! The only furniture that we did get brand new was our mattresses from Haven Sleep Co, we have partnered with them a few times over the last few years, they are a Canadian company, their mattresses are made right here in Canada and they are made with natural and renewable materials!! And let me tell you, their Plush Top Mattress is unbelievable. We don’t currently have a Haven Sleep Co. mattress in our primary bedroom at home, but every time we crawl into bed at the farm I am in love and sleep like a baby!!!! Good for your back and the planet, sign me up!

Jillian Harris and Justin Pasuttos Farmhouse Update

Initially, when we took possession of the farmhouse, I didn’t think that we would need new appliances, sure there were a few shelves missing in the fridge and the oven chose to work when it wanted to… but I never expected to use this little farmhouse as much as we have this past Spring and Summer. With so much hosting, I knew that we would likely need to buy some new appliances, but with everyone renovating, there weren’t any to be found. For this project, we decided to partner with Elmira Stove Works, now I definitely had not budgeted for these appliances, but I could not resist the 1950s inspired fridge and stove. The stove I chose was the 1954P All-Electric 30″ Range in Bisque and 1950 – 30” Bottom Mount Fridge in bisque as well. What I love about Elmira Stove Works is that they are a Canadian company and all of their appliances are made to order right here in Canada from Elmira, Ontario! Whether you have a mid-century, modern farmhouse, or contemporary design, there is most definitely an Elmira product to fit your aesthetics!  

Jillian Harris' Mom and Kids enjoying the farmhouse mid renovation

The other huge splurge was a huge custom cabinetry installation from Norelco. Our space is tiny and with so many visitors I felt like I needed more storage and seating and I could not figure out what to do in this space. That’s when we called in some help from the Norelco team. To be honest, the value of the custom built-in cabinet was more than I thought I would spend, but I knew that this is going to pull the entire space together and not only make it more practical but functional too! We did pay for the cabinets, but they did provide us with a designer discount. 

What was so fun about this project was that while we did partner with a few brands there is still lots of character and charm throughout the space. The wallpaper I found on Wayfair but reminds me of a vintage pattern you would find back in the day. I used the old kitchen cabinets that were in the original farmhouse and added a bit of spice and painted them yellow. Plus, my dad was in here too helping me paint the floors along with the front and back door.

Jillian Harris and Justin Pasutto's Farmhouse Refresh
Jillian Harris' Dad and Annie working on some farmhouse updates

Well, that’s a little bit more than I was hoping to reveal in this farmhouse update. But nevertheless, I am SO happy with how this project came together, I cannot wait for the big reveal in episode 4. Stay tuned!!



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  1. Can you share the name of the wallpaper brand? I’m always trying to find inexpensive wallpaper and everything I love is so pricey! Thank you!

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