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What We Got Up to During Our 2021 Holiday Vacation!

As many of you likely know, before the holidays we escaped to Maui for a much-needed family vacation. For the first half of the trip, my mom and dad joined us, and then for the second half of the trip, Justin’s mom and dad visited. It was so nice to be back in Maui after 2 years (more of this to come later!), and I’m so grateful that we were able to enjoy this vacation with our parents!

We arrived home just a few days before Christmas and needless to say, it was pure chaos around the house! LOL! Luckily, we had already decorated and we did all of our Christmas shopping before we left, but I was just having such a tough time getting into the holiday spirit because for me, it felt like Christmas was already over. So, I was on a mission to get our entire family feeling a little more festive. We watched Christmas movies, made hot chocolate, and even brought the elves out a few days before the big day. Each year Justin and I try to balance the celebration with both of our families, however, this year, we celebrated with mine. I honestly feel so lucky that a majority of my family members are within walking distance from our house.

Christmas morning was SO special!! Every year, as Leo and Annie get a little bit older, they start to truly understand what Christmas is all about which makes it so fun to watch as parents. For those of you who may have been unable to see or be with your loved ones this holiday season, my heart goes out to you. I’m blown away that this is the second COVID Christmas. Not only does it restrict us from who we can and can’t see, but it seems there is also some extra heaviness looming in the air.

After the Christmas madness was over, just like every other parent on Boxing Day, I was exhausted. But by the 27th I found some energy and Melissa, Thalia, and I were tearing down the Christmas decor, packing it away, and cleaning the house top to bottom.

Then on the 28th, we packed up the kids and the dogs and drove to Jasper for a little family getaway. We planned to spend the entire getaway outdoors, but it was so cold that we actually ended up staying indoors for a majority of the time. However, even though it was around -20, Leo and Annie decided to brave the weather one day and hit the slopes for an hour! Annie had a bit of a meltdown after her first run, but Leo went down the hill a few times and I was so impressed with his snowboarding skills! He absolutely loved it! We spent my birthday at The Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge and it was absolutely magical.

Jillian Harris' 2021 holiday vacation

Then on the 31st, we packed up and drove to Emerald Lake Lodge to celebrate New Year’s with the Pasuttos! We had such a blast playing in the snow, hiking, and enjoying a few glasses of champagne to ring in the New Year. Since we were already traveling around, we decided to head to Calgary for 48 hours to spend a little bit more time with Justin’s family and headed home on the 4th.

Even though we had such a wonderful extended Winter holiday, I can’t say I am going into the New Year clear-headed and full of energy. I’m definitely someone who thrives on routine (like many of us!) and as soon as I went on vacation that went out the door. I was enjoying wine, eating lots of carbs, and sleeping in until 9:30/10 nearing the end of our vacation 🤪

Well, that’s pretty much everything we got up to this holiday season! I hope you had a wonderful break and are heading into the New Year more refreshed than I am 😂



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