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Who is Justin Pasutto?

Hi everyone!! Today is the VERY first day where Justin is taking over my blog!! The plan is to test this out to see if you guys are interested in what he has to say … LOL … pressure is on babe!! Just kidding!! We thought it would be a fun twist here, many of you have questions for Justin’s and ask for his point of view so we thought we would give it a go!! Alright, without further ado, here is the man of the hour!!

Hey everyone! Justin here! I wasn’t sure where to start with these blogs so Jillian asked her following on Facebook and Twitter what they wanted to hear from me, the questions rolled in and they ranged from how I felt about Fatherhood to Overlanding. But one question stuck out to me and it was, “Who is Justin?” Haha!!! I think this is a good place to start.

Jillian Harris - Who is Justin Pasutto

I’m going to throw it way back for you here! I grew up in Calgary, born and raised. I went to the Nation Sport School in high school! I was playing national level rugby and racing boardercross during this time (I was actually on Team Canada until I was 16!), in the summer I was travelling for rugby and in the winter I was travelling for snowboarding, it didn’t take long before things got hectic and I had to ditch one of them. I chose to pursue snowboarding because it was my dream to make it to the Olympics. To be honest now that I look back on it I wish I had gone with rugby but either way, I have no regrets.

Jillian Harris - Who is Justin Pasutto

When I started competing on a professional level I moved out to Canmore from September to April. I then made it to the National program and I moved out to Whistler which is where I finished up my career. I travelled the world snowboarding, Europe, Argentina, all over Chile, North and South America … I made my rounds.

Actually, it was shortly after my trip to Argentina when I retired from snowboarding! I couldn’t put up with the countless injuries anymore, in Argentina, I was creamed by a skier, his ski actually cut right throw my gear and my skin. I took a little trip down the hill in a sled to a little cabin where about 5 Doctors worked to stitch me up. I had one guy holding a flashlight, one guy stitching me up and the others handing bandages over, and none of them spoke a word of English. I don’t know if I should admit to this right now but I ended up trading a pack of Canadian cigarettes in exchange for the stitching. They were pumped. Haha.

Jillian Harris - Who is Justin Pasutto

After that fun experience, I went home and two months after that I hit Austria, cracked and broke 3 ribs, in January I took another slam and ruined my shoulder and dislocated my index finger, then the month after that I got my 6th concussion in 5 years … this was the year leading up to the Olympics and I was over these injuries. I knew that if I hit my head one more time that it could be bad news. So I finished off the year in Whistler, retired from snowboarding, met JILL and started up Scrub Captain. Scrub Captain was supposed to be a little job that helped with my transition from snowboarding and the start of school (I was taking Urban Land Economics at Sauder School of Business in Van) and it ended up taking off. Kelowna was the perfect market for a boat detailing company so I ended up going back to school at the same time and kept Scrub Captain running. In the fall of that same year, I moved in with Jill. I fired up Scrub Captain again in the Spring for a couple more years then started working for my dad. What started in 2016 as part time with my dad at Innocept Real Estate and Development (our family run and owned business) ended up turning full time.

So between all of those changes, we also had a baby, bought a house, started a “fixer upper”, got engaged and filmed for Jillian and Justin in between. In the chaos of everything, I realized that I was missing adventure. I used to call the chair lift “My office”, now I sit behind a desk in an air conditioned room. Pretty different. I needed to be outside again, in the fresh air, adventuring and exploring, and that’s when I took up Overlanding. Okay, you guys are getting the full story so sorry if I’m babbling, but you asked for it! Haha! My fingers hurt. I don’t write blogs. So give me 5. I’ll be back.

Jillian Harris - Who is Justin Pasutto

Okay, that was more like a 50-minute break. But who’s counting  Okay, so, Overlanding. I love heading out and checking out places I’ve never been plus it gives me an awesome excuse to work on my Toyota truck. Now there is this, the blog. The reason why I wanted to take this on is that I get so many questions about how I balance a kid, a dog, and a crazy fiance. Just kidding Jill. Love ya. People also ask about what equipment I use for my truck, how I bring Nacho along and what brands and products I like. To be honest, I hate men’s hair products and fashion, people can sit here and tell me my nose is dry and cracked and I’ll refuse to put shit on it UNTIL I find a product that I love. Then I’ll go to the store and buy that shit in bulk for fear that I’ll go there next time to get it and it’s sold out. All of us guys are the same. We hate stuff until we love it. Haha. Deodorant, for example, I’ll only use deodorant and I only use Old Spice. I love it and I hate antiperspirant, it leaves this white ring around your armpits and I would rather have a big sweat stain on my pits than a big ass white spot. Okay, I’m thinking out loud again. I’ll wrap this up.

Jillian Harris - Who is Justin Pasutto

I hope that answers some of your questions about me. I know a few of you were asking about my snowboarding career and Overlanding over on Jill’s Facebook page. I’m going to write one blog a month over on Jill’s website so stay tuned for the next one but in the meantime, let me know below if you have any post suggestions or questions for me.

Thanks for reading!



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  1. Great to get to know some more background on you, Justin! Looking forward to you sharing more in the future! Best of luck in your personal and professional endeavors! You and Jill make an outstanding team!

  2. This is awesome Justin!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!
    Question…does the amount of social media and or the J&J show drive you crazy, like, sometimes you seem like a waaaay more private person than Jill, so just curious how you adapt and if it’s gotten easier through the years!!


  3. Hey! LOVE the blog and basic everything you put out to social media! Just a quick mention on this post… (Grammar) The only one I found was “Throw” it should be “Through” when he was referring to a ski going “through” his gear… I’m not usually picky about these things but I think you should have someone mention it politely rather than the “haters” mention it rudely! AND it could just be a silly mistake but still! 🙂
    Hey Justin…. Keep the blogs coming!!

  4. My husband definitely enjoyed hearing more about you and not me constantly just talking about jill and her husband haha ! Keep it up Justin !

  5. Great blog love how real it is and how real you guys are?…how does it feel to be with such a busy lady?? And how do you manage to spend time together ?

  6. How come Justin is never in Jillians insta stories? I loved watching Justin and Jillian.. everything was so real and it was nice to see them bicker with each other.. made me laugh ! My husband and I watched it together every week and he loved to compare himself to Justin.. even stating that he wanted to dress more like Justin and buy some plaid shirts LOL

    Looking forward to the next post!!

  7. I found this very interesting and hilarious at the same time. Keeping it real , gotta love it. Justin should write a post about how he keeps calm amongst the craziness of people always in the house.

  8. Loved this ! Justin you remind me of my husband…..up for anything your love asks you to do ! And you do it with a smile. I can tell through your words and writing you were smiling whole blogging 🙂 I’ll be watching for the next one. Great job!

  9. Love the blog. Good work Justin! Tell us more about your relationship with Jill from your perscpective. How you love her. How you handle her craziness. How you you guys parent together. Pet peeves. Etc.

  10. Hi Justin you did a great job on the blog. My son took off to Whistler five years ago and never returned got a job with the Whistler sliding centre . I’m curious where your life might’ve gotten if you hadn’t met beautiful Jill and had that handsome son Leo interesting how our lives twist and turn. Good luck in your future. I hope you still snowboard for pleasure my son does !, loves it 🙂

  11. It’s nice to hear Justin’s side of things! And i love that he lived in Canmore for a bit. It’s my home town 🙂

  12. You two are awesome couple ! I love Jill and u are perfect for her.

    Love Nacho and Leo is a such a blessing ! U guys should start thinking in having another baby and u guys start shooting another season of Justin & Jill ! Love u guys . You guys are so much fun !

  13. I love that you two are so great and do things together….so fun that Jill had you write your own blog! Lots of laughs throughout you blog! thanks for sharing and kust being real!

  14. Loved this Justin ! Awesome read . I thought my husband was the only guy in the world that wears deodorant!

  15. Didn’t know you played rugby. I’m from New Zealand, and of course rugby is HUGE there. Go the All Blacks! ?

  16. Great first blog, Justin. I really enjoyed getting to know you on Jillian and Justin. BTW, are you two going to be doing another season of your show?

  17. I enjoyed your blog!! You have given me, as a reader, an incite into the true you…,a down to earth Canadian! Jillian and you are very fortunate to have each other and compliment each other both as a couple and great parents. I enjoyed watching your series this past summer and your expressions were priceless. The episode of you looking after Leo was great. Hope you continue with blogging.

  18. Love how down to earth you and Jilly seem. Shit talkers and good hearts. Curious your thoughts on the whole bachelor nation. What do you hope to teach your son about life? Haha two totally different subjects. All the best.

  19. Please do a blog on Nacho – how old is he and how did he come into your lives and where he fits now Leo is here. Does he travel around with you Justin? Thanks.

  20. What a fun read! Love the deodorant note. Sounds just like my husband, lol.

    For future posts I’d like to read about:

    1) What you make of Jill’s fame, what it’s been like to deal with (pros and cons)

    2) How you carry on the spirit of adventure, first cultivated in your snowboarding days, now as a dad?

  21. Hey Justin! That was fabulous!! THANKYOU and I’ll definitely stay tuned!! Loved it!!❤️❤️????

  22. This is a great intro! I totally needed to read this today as my son has suffered a lot of injuries from being a boy with little fear including a severe concussion and whiplash last year and it turned our whole life upside down. His dreams of playing sports in high school have been crushed. No more four wheelers, dirt bikes or tubing. He keeps saying he wasted his life as he can’t do the things he loves anymore. I just showed him this post and said see you can still live a great life after getting hurt. Your dreams change!!! He was like yeah I guess which in teenage language means awesome! He wants to know why you chose a Toyota? We are from Ontario and he will be 16 in 1.5 years and he would like his first vehicle to be a truck!!

  23. Just googled what overlanding is. Justin would you ever do a television show on your
    Overlanding experiences and journeys?

  24. I love this post!! We want to hear more from Justin!! He should do a vlog like Jillian did – “Ask Justin anything” 🙂

  25. Great job Justin! Very interesting. Love your little family. It was fun watching Leo during the past year. He is adorable!!

  26. I would love to know if you like that your life is always on the go or do you wish you had more family quiet time? Especially with your beautiful son! Love you guys!

  27. My husband pretends he’s not into reality TV or Jillian and Justin however he secretly watched all 4 episodes of your TV show. While I was watching it (bawling because I’m 30 weeks pregnant) he would pretend he’s reading something on his phone but peeking up the entire time. I caught him the other day googling what Justin Pasutto did for a living. LOL. So I’ll fill him in on this post and he’ll secretly (or not so secretly) love it. Can you say Man Crush??

  28. Great Intro! Great read…thanks for giving us insight into who you are and where you came from . Easy to see why you two have so much fun together! Definitely a dynamic duo…
    PS: I love all things Nacho!!!

  29. Enjoyed reading this Justin- I would like to hear more about when you and Jillian met. Did you know of her from the Bachelorette? Who made the ‘first move’? Thanks for sharing!

  30. who does more chores around the house.. you or jill? who does what?
    – sweeping/ mopping
    – dishes
    -mow grass
    -diaper changing
    – cooking

  31. Great idea Jillian & Justin!! Look forward to more. Life stories are very interesting to read. I have no questions to ask yet!

  32. Awesome post! Fun to hear from you. Can you tell us how you and Jill met? Maybe relationship advice from a guys perspective. Thanks for the writeup. Good job!

  33. More Justin for sure!!!!!!! I can just hear his voice in this!! Wish they made you by the dozen and you could send a few out here to Van! Keep writing and maybe tell us what it was like to be a bachelor before you met Jillian and what made you commit to Jillian for the long haul. We girls love our sap stories and we single girls love to hear what made a great dude stay and forget the easy pleasures of bachelorhood. A maj fan- T

  34. Great overview ~~ I really enjoyed that.
    Excited about your next blog
    Enjoy the rest of this smokey hot summer.

  35. Thanks for sharing your story, Justin. What is Overlanding? And you referenced it as an ‘answer’ to sitting at a desk all day, your current job. So is Overlanding a new job? Curious. And how did you and Jill meet? Does she snowboard or ski…was it her ski that went through your equipment and caused the stitches? he he…. 🙂 JK.

  36. Hi Justin, I turned on the tv one night and your show was on. I had to look twice at your last name. Pasutto was my maiden name! We didn’t even know there were other Pasutto’s in Canada. Our family is from Valvasone, PN in Friuli, Italy. We live in Toronto. I wonder if we’re related.

  37. Thanks for sharing Justin. Will be looking forward to future posts. Greetings from Fremantle, Western Australia. Cheers Bev ?

  38. Hi Justin you sure made your trail but memories are fun also later on in your life you’ll laugh at those I watch Jillian program fixer every time is on really enjoy her personality and attitude very remarkable also her partner I was sure they married but now I know whose the lucky guy or maybe she is the lucky girl happy things turn out good for both of you enjoy your life together as a family time is precious and unpredictable by the way I’m from PROVINCE OF NEW-BRUNSWICK CANADA .BEST TO BOTH AND CHILD.
    yours truly Gerald Allard

  39. I really enjoyed reading your blog about your life! Keep it up! I wondered what kind of man Jill would settle down with & I think she picked a good one!,

  40. That was super interesting to read Justin. You’ve had quite the adventurous life but your greatest adventure will always be Jill and the kids. I’m sure you agree ❤

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