Workout Wear from Day to Night

Have you ever gone to a yoga class with your girlfriends that turned into lunch that turned into an evening out!?!?! Well even if you haven’t … this outfit will have you ready for when that time comes (it will). I’ve been trying this new thing where instead of going out for dinner and drinks for girls night I go out for a workout and dinner!! It can be a tough adjustment when you’re used to laughing over bottles of wine and suffering a severe hangover the next day. But once you try doing the complete opposite and add a fun workout in there … you will never turn back!!! Ok ok … maybe a FEW glasses of wine can be involved.

As you know, I love clothing that’s versatile. These leggings from Carbon 38 in particular are easy for me to dress up or down simply from runners to heels. I wore them this week when I was running from a walk with Nacho to an event for work. I love the idea of day to night wear and wanted to share them with you!!!

Photo 2015-10-29, 5 02 12 AM Photo 2015-10-29, 5 02 43 AM Photo 2015-10-29, 5 03 21 AM Photo 2015-10-29, 5 07 16 AM Photo 2015-10-29, 5 09 33 AM (1) Photo 2015-10-29, 5 09 33 AM

Leggings | T-Shirt | Running Shoes | Booties | Jacket


I’d love to hear your thoughts on this … are you willing to try wearing workout wear from day to night?!




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  1. I’m in love with the coat, if you could let us know where you got it from, that would be amazing! Keep up the great work ๐Ÿ™‚

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